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Unreal: Book 1 (Ch. 3)

The Fallen Earth

Chapter 3

She walked toward him. Aware that she was there he yelled at her. Yet it didn’t seem like she could hear him. He said it again. Still no reaction.

“What am I?” he final heard himself yell.

“You are a genetic research experiment,” she finally began, “the first of your kind.”

“As that might be,” he started, “but what am I?”

“As soon as you are able,” she replied, “I will let you take a look at yourself.”

“That will be when?” He continued, “I fear things and the dreams I have been having.”

“Here, take a look for yourself at yourself.” She was handing him a mirror. “Maybe you will stop asking.”

As she was handing the mirror to him she paused, took a deep breath, and continued, “You are a perfected species.”

“How did this happen?” he screamed.

“Genetic splicing,” she said. “A few years back, my kind was able to unlock the keys to combine the genetics too two or more types of species.”

“So,” he continued, “What am I?”

She began by starting, “Well, we call you Raven Heart!”

“What?” he said, “what for?”

“It's because of your human body, Raven heart, and your clorfex armor.” she was saying.

“Two of the three I understood,” he pressed the issue, “the third clorfex?”

“A hard scaled reptile like creature found on my home planet, skin as hard as armor.”

“Bull crap!” Raven said.

She walked over to a table and picked up a handgun. Loading it, she turned around and leveled it.

“You do not believe me then?” she stated.

“No, no I really do!” he said. “Please I believe you!”

“No you don’t!” she replied.

“I promise I do,” he said, “honestly!”

“Bull shit!” she said. “Not so funny now is it? You think I would lie. What do I look like, a liar?”

With the loaded leveled handgun she shot him, repeatedly. He sat there with every bullet hitting him. He jerked, nine out of nine shells hit him. She walked over to where he sat, looking him over. There wasn’t a single drop of blood.

“Do I look like I would lie to you?” she said to Raven. He was coming out a shocked driven state. His face was intent, but solemn. His thoughts were misplaced. He was even thinking, I will kill you. But even then he was a captive chained where he sat.

“I asked you a question,” she restated. “Do I look like a liar to you?”

“No,” Raven yelled, “what do you want from me?”

“For you to agree with me that's all,” Karen said.

“Lady,” Raven said, “you are one fucked up homicidal bitch!”

“Is that a fact or a statement?” Karen requestioned.

“Negative!” Raven said, “what do they call you?”

“You went from I don’t believe you, to negative. This has been interesting,” she snickered her comments to follow. “Now you want to be nice?”

He followed her with his eyes. For the first time he sat wondering if she would in fact tell him her name. After a few moments of looking at her watching, she turned to him and said, “My name is Karen.”

He sat there for a few moments longer. Still thinking about what she just said. He felt good knowing that he was still alive. He was reaching out to ask her one more question.

But she was not there. The dreams he was having. He wondered if they were in fact his. He felt tired, and started to slowly fall back to sleep.

He couldn’t imagine a world outside. He couldn’t even picture more on the other side of this wall. He had never seen daylight. He was after all her prisoner. He woke up suddenly in a panic.

With Sweat pouring out of his pores. He finally asked her about his dreams. She said they will come and go. But the main focus is that he was starting to gain strength. The rest would come in due time.

He wondered if her statement was really the answer to solve this idea. How many nights did she stay beside him watching him? How long would it be before he leaves this table he felt like a captive to? She didn’t want to push the issue, so she let him take the lead.

She was watching him grow and develop. She needed him to accept what he could. She knew the rest would come later. She knew that along the way things would only get harder.

He continued to push for progress. This may have won him the day. It was the first thing she was counting on.

“Can you count?” Karen asked him.

“Yes,” Raven said, “1.”

“Well that’s good,” she replied back. “Can you tell me why you are here?”

“No,” Raven started to say. “From what I gather you created me to be a war machine of some sort.”

“Yes, well technically,” she paused, “you are to hunt down one person.” She paused again, took a deep breath and then continued, “You are a new age assassin. Kill one to save the lives of many.”

“So then,” he said with hesitation in his voice, “who am I hunting?”

“You are to weak as of yet to start looking,” Karen said, “but the name you asked me of is an easy enough task.” She continued, “you will be hunting a man they call Miriole Vanlerent!”

“I thought you said that this was going to be an easy task?” Raven said.

“Nothing,” she started to say, “is ever easy!”

“So where do I find this man?” Raven asked.

“You don’t find him,” she continued to say, “you need to track him down.”

With that he sat and wondered. “how do I track someone I know nothing about?”

“You will find your answers where they sit,” she finally admitted, “he will lead you right to him.”

“Do you believe that?” Raven continued to say, “regardless how do you know so much about him?”

“I know of him,” she smiled, “he fought next to the horde before Saturn. Then after awhile he disappeared.”

“What?” where is what Raven wanted to know, “so what part of him is still alive, the person or the warrior?”

“Both,” she continued, “his is the leader of the son's of perdition.”

“Son’s?” Raven continued, “tell me more about the Son's?”

Karen continued, “the name of son’s is a direct term for the son's of perdition, they are what made this galaxy great. He was and is the best being ever created. On there own planet he was a modern day God, he could give life or destroy it.”

“So I am to hunt an Immortal then?” Raven paused only for a split second, “do you think I can defeat him?”

“Only one other creature in known deep space has almost succeeded.” She continued after a short pause, “he was called Ghost.”

“So this Ghost you speak of is he a special as well?” Raven asked.

“Well to the point that your half of him,” she started to say, “yes, he is as amazing as you will be!”

“Anything else you can tell me?” Raven pushed the issue, “I mean about Ghost that is?

“For the lack of a better term,” she was saying, “he is pretty much your father!”

“How?” Raven asked.

“He let me sample the clorfex to design you,” she shot off back to him rather quickly.

“So now what?” Raven asked, “I am to just sit here as the rest of the galaxy falls apart?”

“This is all in due time Raven,” she was saying to him, “you will have your chance I promise that!”

The day started out like any other day. First thing to start the day was weapons check, and then breakfast. He sat long and hard thinking about how this day looked. He had a cold but solemn stare that could throw any normal person off guard.

He wasn’t just a someone. Mike Edwin Rich was the kind of guy that most only dreamed of being. Most of the men in this camp wanted to be like him. He always had a way about him that was calm and collected. He was the perfect warrior even if most didn’t believe in facts.

He sat listening to the talk of the day and even though it was garbage, one single thought stuck. He had been hearing words of this game. Yet in which sense of are these games? How are they defined? He only thought about the realest for them and how to compete.

He was already a part of this world. But how would he actually compete if he wanted to? He wondered if he had to be chosen or if he could just sign on. He couldn’t picture a better time to join.

His motivation was to focus his energy to finding the answer. The secret that he is hiding may or may not change the fate of the known free world. Yet in the end it might cost him everything.

As he sat, he continued to think. While in the middle of pondering he was interrupted. This person walked up and asked him about his day. Then proceeded to sit down, “Boy, I reckoned,” he started to say, “the fate of the world is left in your hands, as it seems!”

His rough and tough mine worked skin was worn out. Like an old pair of clothes he wasn’t used to wearing. He was not only wore through but also wore out. The summer days were as long as they were hard.

He stood 6 foot 3 inches tall and weighed about 210 pounds. His hardened skin was the sign of an over worked slave. He never felt more alive. He was more man strength than half the men in this camp.

The sun was blistering hot, it showed on his skin. With this reddish brown hair shining in the sun. His goatee blazing radiant in the light. The heat was almost unbearable.

They will never shine as bright as his eyes. They were fueled with a fire of eternal rage. A slave that had been burned in the fires of damnation. He stood up to pace the area toward the mines. He was nervious to start his day’s work. He was so tired, yet he always had a smile.

Standing neared the entrance to the mine he heard the old-timers talking. They talked of the old days before the Holocaust of alien invasion. But this time it was different. It was what they were saying that was different. About the aliens bringing in a game of formality.

“Yeah,” someone else was saying, “they have also said that for the one standing at the end for the grandstand, could earn there freedom.”

“Do the humans have a shot?” one of the men asked, “Did they say we would have a shot at winning our freedom?”

“How?” one of them asked.

“It’s by competing in the games,” the one replied back, “it’s like they think that humanity is an inferior race.”

“In which sentence are the games,” Wendol said back.

“It’s a tournament of some kind,” this old timer shot back, “they ain’t further discuss that information yet.”

“What about you,” this old-timer asked Mike, “are you going to join the fight and join the grandstand?”

“I don’t know, do you think I should?” Mike asked the old-timer standing near the gate waiting to start his day.

“I was thinking about it,” Wendol said to Mike.

“Honestly you can call me Mike Edwin Rich,” Edwin said, “but I like to be called Mike!”

“That’s crazy call me Wendol,” Wendol was saying, “not many of us have actual names.”

“Yeah but I ain’t just a somebody sir,” Mike said to Wendol.

“So you’re something special then!” Wendol continued.

“You might say that,” Mike begin, “yet I ain’t a hundred percent normal either you see I am a destroyer.”

“Then I believe if anyone has a shot, it’s you!” Wendol stated.

He stood there thinking about the time he fought side by side with Mir. He knew that to beat the competition he needed to think like his father. Act like his father and fight like him as well. But he knew he needed to use compassion. That was of giving life and not taking it away alone.

He knew that he could take on anything. Yet it was not just taking the challenge on, but meeting it face first in hand to hand combat. His mind wondered if in the end it was worth all they had said. He digressed to a day millions of miles away and a place he knew to well.

“Take lead charge,” Mir was yelling, “ hold off there retreat.”

He had been left in the center of this planets holocaust. It was and had been the few of many to recent they had destroyed. At the hand of a lie. The horde kept pushing there forces forward. An effort of cause that was the effect of looking and trying but to no avail. The device they sought out was no where too be found.

In the turn of events Mike knew that the son's had found it. But they would never turn it over to the horde. They fought to protect there planet. It to was destroyed like the rest of the smaller planets. In the end the device was lost and that was the end of them they called the horde.

He lost more than most that day. Saturn was in ruin and in flames. Then word was said that in speculation Earth was next. He also knew that it would suffer the same fate if they didn’t surrender the device. Yet, in the end Mir had said that he would never let it happen. But like before all was lost.

Mir was already too late landing on Earth. The horde had already invaded and wiped out all that was good. Even the tears of the evil refused to fall to this annihilation. This was stone cold murder. As it was Mir knew he was already too late. But in the end of it he refused to turn his back to there kind.

Then by some fate of chance a miracle happened. From the dead ashes of them that had in fact been murdered, another story was to be told. Then like the Phoenix of old from the ashes of the dead one day started to rise. Giving birth to life anew. They again lived, and the disease made them live eternally. Mir had watched the ground move for days.

Then he was forced to give into his captures will and surrender. His mind reflected on the thought of this, and wondered is this really what happened? My father taking time to ponder the realest idea to what happened to him. Second them? How did he just surrender, and is he still alive?

He had heard words from around the camp. Word that spiritual beings of strength mastery had escaped weeks before his own landing. In the weeks to follow, that had lead to him being captured. Who all had been captured on this planet they called Earth. He wondered if it was in fact his father that was being talked of.

He tipped his hat to accommodate the need of his work, he still pondered of the facts. Could it have even been this out post? Or was there another near by that he wasn’t fully aware of? So much to think about and yet he felt that there was so little time. He needed to find a way to his father and quick.

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