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Venus and Her 12 Personas

What does your Venus placement say about you?

Many have heard the expression, "Women are from Venus, men are from Mars." In a similar sense, astrology divides the two into feminine energy and masculine energy. Regardless of how the native identifies, everyone has a Venus in their natal chart. Being the second from the sun, Venus is a personal planet, and understanding your own specific Venus placement can tell a lot about a big portion of your personality. 

In a natal chart, Venus (along with Mars) is often associated with love and romance. Keeping the "Women are from Venus" phrase in mind, Venus represents the soft and sweet elements of love. What is our own idea of beauty and what do we do with that? What do we find desirable for a partnership? How do we express our love and adoring affection? In what way do we flirt and seduce a potential love interest? Questions like these can all be answered by our Venus placement. As this planet rules the relationship-oriented air sign of Libra, we naturally can gain an understanding of the way we go about romance. However, this planet's meaning goes way beyond just lovey-dovey approaches.

Venus also is the ruling planet for the sensual earth sign Taurus. Taurean energy is often associated with material belongings and valuables. Therefore, Venus also describes what we indulge in. What are objects of our value? What do we choose to spend our money on? What pleasures our senses? This planet dictates both beauty in the material sense as well as our romantic ideals.

Venus in Aries

Rihanna and John Cena—Venus in Aries Natives

If you are a Venus in Aries native, you are the definition of a go-getter. Attraction is a huge component to your relationship style. You see your prize and you go get your prize.When you seduce someone, you don't hesitate to put your 110 percent into trying to get the girl/guy. Always the aggressor, you're never afraid of rejection or falling flat because that, to you, is not an option. Being told "no" is just a part of the overall chase. You know you're the absolute top-dog, and you get what you want by proving that. Seduction by a firey Venus in Aries is full with passion, excitement and primal energy. Because of this intense flirting style of yours, you come across very upfront and straight forward, sometimes to a fault.

Aries is a conqueror, and love is seen as a conquest. You love a good challenge. This quench you have for anything competitive may lead to a preference for those that are unattainable. Those that play hard-to-get feed into your desires. You are attracted to those that reflect that same need for speed, that fighter spirit you so bring out upon. Love is most definitely a battlefield in your eyes, and in order to have a battle, you must have someone to go against. Your desired lover is your most worthy opponent.

Venus in Taurus

Marlon Brando and Iggy Azalea—Venus in Taurus Natives

If you have your Venus in Taurus, you have one of what is considered to be the most natural-flowing placements, as the sign of Taurus is actually ruled by Venus. Taurus Venusians love to be in love. They love being able to say that they have a partner that they are committed to and passionate with. They have a tendency to be a bit slower than most, if not all of the other, Venus placements. Practicality and stability are two key words associated with Taurean energy. Slow and steady wins the race in a Venus in Taurus' eyes. Therefore, you might see a Taurus in Venus love as uninterested or hard to budge at first. This isn't because they don't like you; in fact, it is the exact opposite. Because of their practicality and need for a stable dynamic, they WANT to be slow at first because you are going to be the type of partner they can depend on for that stable relationship they so aim for. However, slowness also plays out when the relationship is established. A Taurus Venus is such a loyal lover. This strong loyalty that Taurus Venus possesses can even play against them. Loyalty can quickly turn into stubbornness, as they have a tendency to stay in relationships that would be better for them to be out of, just because Taurean energy does not do well with changes. If you break up with a Venus in Taurus or do something that gets them to take away that stable love, it is hard to get them to change their fixed ways.

As a Venus in Taurus, you are attracted to beauty. You love to be in love, but you need to have a REASON why you are in love. That reason is usually based on you finding something beautiful. Venus in Taurus is extremely sensual, and one with this placement is highly appealed to whatever satisfies the senses. They are huge cuddlers, VERY affectionate, nurturing, and super sweet. But they don't give that to just anybody; not only are they very slow and cautious, but they also are attracted to those that really care about beauty as well. Those that have a natural beauty to them but also know how to clean up themselves, the one that have a clear idea of what they want, etc. If you find yourself a Taurus Venus, you can expect patience, affection, sensuality, and devotion.

Venus in Gemini

Jennifer Lopez and Harrison Ford—Venus in Gemini Natives

If you have a Venus in Gemini, you are a curious cat. If you are familiar with Gemini's bad reputation without common zodiac knowledge, you'll hear people say things like, "Geminis are so two faced!" However, the spite in which this is said is coming from a false understanding. Venus in Geminis are a huge example of this. As a Gemini Venus, you desire diversity and variety. You want a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Therefore, you actually do not aim for a common, strictly committed, and serious relationship. You want to learn about too much and want to experience way too many things to right away say, "I'm going to be with this person and in love and we will be together forever!" Venus in Gemini provides the native with a very childlike and energetic way of going about love. You're the type of person who would be up for a random spontaneous trip to a Denny's at 1 AM over a planned slumber party. You love adventure and excitement in your life. The unknown is your playground.

However, given the features described above, having a Venus in Gemini does not necessarily mean that you will never marry or find yourself in a committed relationship. You can dedicate yourself to somebody, but you have to be the one to decide that. As intrigue and curiosity is a basis of Gemini energy, the Gemini Venus has to be the one to be so curious about you to dedicate their time and affectionate. It is near impossible to pin one down, and they will be nothing but turned off if you do. If you have your Venus in Gemini, you are a very exciting and curious partner who needs someone who is clever, intelligent, non-clingy, and can add on to that need for spontaneity and adventure.

Venus in Cancer

Keanu Reeves and Angelina Jolie—Venus in Cancer Natives

If your Venus is in Cancer, you are the caring nurturer. Home is truly where the heart is and there is no better way of describing these specific Venusians. People with this placement are very sweet, sensitive, and nurturing. When they are in a relationship, they are in it deeply. Their love is absolutely devoted and they don't just see you as their current lover. Instead, they see you as the future parent of their child and the person they will grow old with. Most people feel that the honeymoon phase of a relationship is the most romantic and as it gets serious, the romantic levels lessen. However, it is the complete opposite for a Venus in Cancer. When you become a part of their foundation, someone they can consider a part of their own personal version of home, that is when a Venus in Cancer really gets going. Being a sign ruled by the moon, they are very emotional and sensitive. They can be up and down, moody, and somewhat volatile with the way the express their emotions. But this emotional trait of them also allows them to be very intuitive. A Venus in Cancer may surprise you with how easy they can pick up on your emotions. 

Because they love so deeply and can be so committed in relationships, they need someone who can give them that sense of security and dependability. They give out a lot of love, affection, nurturing, and care, and they expect to get the very same back. People with this Venus placement may have a tendency to be attracted to the ones that they feel they can take care of and nurse back to normal. However, choosing to be with these kind of people may backfire on them. Venus in Cancer natives are VERY protective over their home, and to a Venus in Cancer specifically, home is not necessarily a physical household. They consider the ones they love as their home, because those are the ones that they can feel free to be vulnerable around. Having this Cancerian energy placed in Venus leads to a person that is not only looking for a loving partner, but one whom they can bring a child and build a foundation with in this world.

Venus in Leo

Pamela Anderson and Tom Cruise—Venus in Leo Natives

If you have a Venus in Leo, you are looking for that exciting, romantic story. You crave the coming together that can be retold in a romcom. You need this kind of fantasy romance because you are no ordinary lover. Leo is a sign that loves to be in the spotlight, and naturally is found in that very spotlight because they are very outgoing and attention-grabbing people. As much as they love to show themselves off, they are attracted to the ones that they can show off as well. Their attraction toward the attractive can make them come off as superficial, and then their love and need to be the center of attention can make them appear to be aloof and disloyal. However, it is important to note that Leo is a fixed sign. So in love, they are actually the opposite. In addition to being one as an individual, they want their love relationship to be a figure for others to marvel at. They often shower their loves with the most extravagant praise and gifts to not only serve their partner's ego, but also to create that exciting romantic background they so very much yearn for. 

These Leo Venus natives want to boast and brag about their relationship. This not only causes them to go after those that have a sense of attractiveness themselves, but also once they do have that, they will go to the ends of the Earth to declare their love. They share stories with others and post all over social media about the way they feel about you. They want to be in the spotlight, but they have no problem in moving that light toward you as well.

Venus in Virgo

Mick Jagger and Charlize Theron—Venus in Virgo Natives

If you have your Venus in Virgo, you are hard-working and absolutely dedicated to your partner. In a relationship, you become this server in love. You want the absolute best for your partner and for your relationship. Your analytical nature can cause you to be slightly nit-picky at times. You truly want the best for your partner, so you tend to remind them constantly of the flaws within themselves in hopes that they can work on improving them. Of course, this is never with the intent of hurting their feelings or bringing them down. It comes from a genuine want to see your lover be the best they can be. However, not everyone is inclined to hear this type of analysis of every flaw. Virgo is the sign of service, and having this sign placed in Venus results in a very giving and caring lover. As much as you try to help others by giving them advice on what to work on about themselves, you do the same to yourself as well. You also analyze yourself as a partner, constantly thinking,"How can I do myself as well as them better?"

Venus in Virgo give so much of themselves to their partner. That is the core of what appeals them in a relationship. They do not necessarily need the extravagance of red roses, passionate declarations of love, or fantasy-like situations in order to feel in love. You are attracted to the common day to day routines of love, as it is during that routine that you can really give yourself to your partner. However, being such a servant toward those that you love can take a lot away from you. This can lead to finding yourself in relationships with those that are very of themselves and focused on solely fulfilling their own desires and wants. A Venus in Virgo needs someone that wants to be giving toward you as well, and is willing to open their heart to you. As you have a very analytical nature, you need people that are open-minded and curious.

Venus in Libra

Freddie Mercury and Jada Pinkett Smith—Venus in Libra Natives

If you have your Venus in Libra, you are focused on finding a balance in love, the Yin and Yang. Libra is an energy that is all about harmony and peace within one and another, so you have this strive to find the perfect equal. In a relationship, you need to have fairness, a balanced nature, and a sense of compromise. Instead of being overt and aiming to be this object of affection toward your love, you like teamwork within a relationship. Succeeding together is often a goal of yours in searching for that special someone. Libra Venuses are often very seductive (even when not trying to be), charming, and polite. People with this placement thrive when in relationships that they feel are strong, committed, and composed of an exchange between the two that are in it. Libra Venuses love to be in love, but that does not necessarily mean that they jump into a relationship every chance they get. They need to find a trait or quality in a partner that serves as that ying to the yang, the this to their that. They genuinely want a relationship to work out and be strong because they see it as a partnership that must work together to bring balance and harmony to one another. 

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra so with this sign being in place, it brings to the native all of the beautiful traits that the planet represents. They do find beauty important, and often are attracted to beautiful people. However, this is not limited to physical beauty. As this importance of balance and harmony is apparent in Venus in Libra, one aims to be with someone who is kind, fair, well-spoken, and willing to commit as a partnership. Beauty and grace in a relationship is also a big part of what the ideal relationship for a Venus in Libra would be composed of. As an air sign, they are very communicative and analytical, and will always be thinking about the pros and cons of a situation or instance, which is a strong basis of that balance that they aim for in everything that they do.

Venus in Scorpio

Kris Jenner and Ian Somerhalder—Venus in Scorpio Natives

If you have your Venus in Scorpio, you radiate this very intense and magnetic pull toward others. You give off this very erotic and intimidating demeanor naturally that can sometimes cause people to be very attached to you. As intense as you appear to others, your love toward others is also extremely intense. You become very devoted and dedicated in a relationship that you even sacrifice so much of yourself toward your partner. As Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation, when in a relationship, whether it is still going on or it has ended, a part of you dies and transforms through the love you have for someone. You can take in so much from ones that you love that it changes you. You learn from either their mistakes, their wounds, etc., that you take that toward your own being and use that as a way to transform. 

Scorpio is an energy associated with possession, and when placed in Venus, it leads to a strong need for love, as well as a very strong and intense commitment. In love, you become very encouraging and healing towards others, which can even sometimes be in ways that are not the easiest way to change. Your strong commitment causes you to want to consume the love you have for your partner. This may also lead to jealousy problems, especially with this possessive nature Scorpio energy is so associated with. You need partners who are willing to dive in and give themselves to you, even the darkest and scariest parts, someone with a sense of danger and strong passion, and truth-seeking.

Venus in Sagittarius

David Bowie and Katy Perry—Venus in Sagittarius Natives

If you have your Venus in Sagittarius, you are attracted to those that have nothing similar with you. You love to be surrounded by people you can learn from. You are the type to find yourself with people of a different race, culture, or background from you, which stems from your love of knowledge. Sagittarius is a sign about discovering and learning things that broaden their grasp of the world. So having it in your Venus leads to this curiosity that leads you into choosing those that fulfill your want for learning more. Venus in Sagittarius natives are very adventurous and courageous, and oftentimes loves to travel to different places just so they can get familiar with the unfamiliar. Sometimes, especially when your love life really starts out, you can come off as a player type, who moves on from one person to the next. However, this does not necessarily make you a cheater or unfaithful. Your want for knowledge leads to you wanting to spend time with this person, and then wanting to go with this other person because you take every relationship you're in as an opportunity to learn. Because of this point of view, each relationship you take in a bit of this and then a bit of that to hone in what you really want in a partner. The knowledge you gain goes into becoming a better you and a better partner. 

You are attracted to those that promote positivity and the same childlike approach to love that you have as well. You need those qualities, as you are not the type to settle down in a common domestic type of way. You would much rather travel across the world with your partner than buy a home in one of your hometowns and live their day-by-day. You want adventure, excitement, and for the fire to always be aflame once ignited. The ideal lover for you would need to not only be as knowledge-hungry and fearless as you, but also be willing to support you and your dreams whilst having their own.

Venus in Capricorn

Miley Cyrus and The Weeknd—Venus in Capricorn Natives

If you have your Venus in Capricorn, you are very cautious and independent in love. As Saturn, the planet of restriction and hard lessons, rules Capricorn, your love has this restrictive force placed upon. You are very practical, usually waiting until you really get a feel for the person before getting into a relationship with them. You are looking someone who can stand their ground and has a bit of power to them. You don't want to deal with someone hasty or immature, clingy or pathetic. You know that you are a force to be reckoned with, and this often makes you a bit of a lone wolf in love. You don't feel like you need it, which can also be a trait of your appeal to others. You're indifferent to most when it comes to love, which serves as a breath of fresh air. Capricorn Venuses often aren't in many relationships, both because of the independence factor as well as the way you are when you are actually in a relationship. 

Though this isn't always apparent on the outside, Venus in Capricorn natives have a very strong love toward their partner. As the native, once you decide you are going to love somebody, you become extremely committed and loyal. Capricorn energy is also associated with hard work and dedication, so for this to be brought into Venus, the same essence of handwork becomes part of your love endeavors. You become this figure of reliability and motivation for your lover. However, sometimes this may come off as overly controlling. Power struggles may arise as you refuse to become a pushover. Many with this placement can struggle with finding a point between being supportive and being something similar to a parent toward your partner. As a Capricorn Venus, the most romantic and ideal pairing you could ever be in is the one where others refer to the two of you as a "power couple." Therefore, you need someone who is very work-oriented, rigorous, ambitious, and driven.

Venus in Aquarius

Harry Styles and Oprah Winfrey—Venus in Aquarius Natives

If you have your Venus in Aquarius, you are a very eccentric and unique lover. Your biggest value is on standing out. You are innovative, inventive, and intelligent in many ways. Out of all of the other 11 signs of the zodiac, your own personal love language stands out the most. Aquarius Venuses approach love in ways that break the mold. They dare to be different and bold in all that they do, especially in how they seduce. They have this trailblazing attitude toward them and the way that they put themselves out that people either freak out or fawn over. In others, you are very open-minded and attracted to the weirdos. You go against the social norms of beauty and what is deemed as attractive by loving the ones that have a hard time fitting in, which may even be a struggle you have in common. You are often attracted to the ones that look different, act different, and come from a different background than you.

Venus in Aquarius, as much as they have the ability to love, are very sincere and genuinely friendly toward those that they value. Intellectual conversations and talks that provoke thought are one of the biggest turn-ons for someone with this placement. Therefore, they will listen with full attention to their partner when engaging in talks with them, because they are so curious and intellectually-stimulated. Adding on to this, they may even provoke their partner to explain their thoughts and positions and really get down to the things they believe in because that shows what makes their partner them. Their individuality is put on display, and this is exactly what the Venus in Aquarius desires in a partner, because this individuality is what is important to them about themselves as well. Their views and approach to love is different from the rest, which is exciting, but also something the native has to be cautious of. Because it is so different, some with this placement may encounter trouble with feeling like their love and appreciation for their partners are apparent, but others may not be able to understand it because of it being so out there. Communication not only is so important for a Venus in Aquarius because it is an air sign, but also because of its individuality. Someone with this placements needs someone who is open-minded, unique, intelligent, and ambitious. They want to be make a statement and cause a change, and their lover must be ready to be a part of that rocky ride. 

Venus in Pisces

Drew Barrymore and Kurt Cobain—Venus in Pisces natives

If you have your Venus in Pisces, you love absolutely unconditionally. You have this dreamy and fairy tale-like way of going about love. You give yourself completely to those that fall target of your affection. Very soft, sweet, and comforting, you are a total hopeless romantic. Your want for this perfect, Disney fairytale in your love life can cause a tendency to creating that in your own little bubble. You live a life in your head that is separate from everything else. Like an author creates a world in their novel, you have this fictional world that you have imagined that you abide by as you go through your everyday life. Love for you doesn't have a concrete setting, it takes place up in the clouds, just like how you prefer all aspects of your life to be. This ethereal approach allows you to be such a beautiful and kind lover to your partner. Venus in Pisces give so much of them to the people they love which can lead to this attraction toward those that they feel need to be fixed. They go for the ones that have these voids that need to be filled so that they have the room and free space to take in all of the extensive amounts of love that a Venus in Pisces so openly gives. 

Your fascination with fantasy can oddly make you detached in relationships. Not in a way where your lover feels abandoned, your affection and nurturing traits are way too strong to result in that. You detach in a way that is maladaptive. Your world takes over everything that you have a hard time grasping on what the true reality that surrounds you. You detach from reality, and get stuck in what you perceive to be real, which ultimately is your own personal storybook. You have this imaginative view of what you want your love life to be like; so if you're Venus is in Pisces, you may struggle being satisfied with your partner that doesn't give you that exact children's storybook tale you dream of, an impossible task for anyone you are in a relationship. This can cause you to be flighty, while others can find themselves taken advantage of because of this generous and giving nature of yours. Therefore, those with this placements need someone who can ground them without interrupting their childlike and artistic spirit. One that appreciates your sweet and softness, while also helping you grasp a fair touch of reality.

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