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View The Universe Anew In The Series 10 Teaser Trailer For 'Doctor Who'!

Introducing Pearl Mackie As Bill on Doctor Who...

Diving from Daleks, to battling intriguing looking emoji robots, the #DoctorWho 2016 Christmas special ended with a bang, as we were treated to s teaser trailer for the tenth series of the longest running Science Fiction television series. Believe me, it shows we're in for one wild ride! If you're yet to watch the trailer, be prepared to be kept on the edge of your seat as it moves real quick! Below is a break down of the trailer, so it gives you a breather and the chance to let it all sink in...

The New Companion, Bill, Is A Dinner Lady

Right at the start of the trailer Bill introduces herself and announces that she serves chips. This is shown by the audience witnessing her serving chips in the canteen of what appears to be a university. Last time we saw this was in series 2 with David Tennant and Billie Piper both working in a school, and Rose ending up being a dinner lady.

Baring in mind Bill being a dinner lady, it later on appears to be relevant. In the trailer Bill admits that she thinks the TARDIS looks like a kitchen. Bit unusual, but unique!

It's Not Doctor Who Without Alien Worlds!

Moving on quickly, a strange structure is located in the middle of what appears to be some kind of desert. The likelihood is that this is the episode that was filmed in Valencia, Spain. We also see a scene with alien type rocks forming on some kind of planet, which involves water. Are we about to see the return of The Flood return from the 2009 special 'The Waters of Mars'?

The Victorian Era Returns Once More?

Travelling back in time, the Doctor and Bill are about to encounter the Victorian period. Rumours have suggested that the Victorian based episode is episode 2 and involves a giant serpent living in the River Thames in London.

On the other hand, it is suggested in the trailer that the episode will be based on areal lie event that took place in that era of time. But what could it be? We see the Doctor standing on a bridge over a large stretch of ice with people walking over it. According to Radio Times, they reckon it is the River Thames frozen over, with the people of London attending the 'Frost Fairs' that took place on the Thames during the "Little Ice Age".

Another Adventure Underwater...

Last time we had a story underwater was back in series 9 in 2015. The two part story 'Under the Lake' and 'Before the Flood' took on a different dark side to Doctor Who. Whereas, in the series 10 trailer we get a little preview of some brand new and snazzy outfits that resemble deep sea divers suit and/or space suits. Later on in the trailer we see a character smashing through a large area of ice in one of these suits. So the chances are, they're underwater suits.

Rumours suggest that this is for the story 'The Haunted Hub' written by Mike Bartlett, which is episode 4 of the series. Who knows?

The Sonic Sunglasses Are Making A Comeback!

Now this is not going to please a lot of fans. The Sonic Sunglasses were introduced in series 9 of the show when the Doctor had no screwdriver for the entire series. But it seems we are yet to see the last of them. We get a glimpse of the Sonic Sunglasses in a clip of the Doctor in the TARDIS full of religious priests... Wonder why? It's Doctor Who so there's probably a good reason behind it all.

Doctor Who Is About To Introduce Brand New Monsters! One Of Them Is Rather Wacky...

Finally! A rumour confirmed! Be prepared to meet the emoji themed robots ready to storm the world! It's been made clear that they're going to be rather terrifying than we all anticipated. A bit like the Kandy Man in 1988... But believe me, the screaming woman drenched with water looks even more scarier! As previously mentioned, is this return of The Flood? It's beginning to look more likely now. Also spotted in the trailer is a tree like alien peering around a wall/door. Perhaps this is the same species that were witnessed in the 2011 Christmas special 'The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe'?

Putting the new monsters aside, the Daleks are making a return! It wouldn't be Doctor Who without them in the series. The trailer uses segments of clip that was used as an announcement trailer when the world found out who the new companion was. So we know for certain we will be getting an episode set in the future!

Numerous Special Guest Are Popping Up!

From David Suchet, to Matt Lucas, the thrilling series 10 is going to be a cracking one with the special guests lined up ready. Nicholas Burns will be making an appearance in the series. Burns is known best to comedy fans. Burns played the rather annoying/irritating proto-hipster Nathan Barley from a 2005 sitcom.

Poirot is popping up in Doctor Who too! Well not quite Poirot... But David Suchet was offered a role in the series and has excitedly accepted the offer. Suchet will be playing a mysterious Landlord character. Sadly there's no new information on who or what he is. So we're going to have to be patient...

t's been confirmed by the head writer of Doctor Who that Matt Lucas will be a full time TARDIS companion throughout series 10. Matt Lucas first appeared in the show in the 2015 Christmas special 'The Husband of River Song'. Lucas then reprises his role as Nardole in the 2016 special 'The Return of Doctor Mysterio'. Now he's a full-time companion, which has divided fans into two. Some like him, and some hate him. So he's a bit like Marmite.

With the teaser trailer storming the internet, fans have been left holding on to the closest thing to them! Mainly because we have about 4 months left of waiting until Doctor Who returns again. For now though, just keep the trailer on a loop!

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View The Universe Anew In The Series 10 Teaser Trailer For 'Doctor Who'!
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