Zoe Clarke-Singh
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Warning Shot Part 1

What Happens When You Dabble with the Supernatural

“Kyle, Kyle c’mon you got to wake up.” I slowly opened my eyes as the light pierced in stopping me from opening them fully. It was Tasia; even when she looked terrified she was still beautiful: her brown hair fallen perfectly across her shoulders and the scar on her forehead that I secretly thought was adorable. Her green eyes stared straight into mine. I propped myself up on the bed and groaned; it was still dark outside. “Tasia what’s wrong?” I was trying to be concerned but the truth of the matter was I was exhausted from last night. “Kyle they’re coming for us now, we have to leave right now.” I paused and looked at her harder this time and a lot more concerned. “Okay, get your stuff together and let’s go.”

 I went to the bathroom and started to get dressed. I looked in the mirror at myself. My greasy black hair was starting to fall over my eyes screaming for a haircut. I wish I wasn’t so slim. Then I started to think about the look on Tasia’s face and it started to instill fear into me. Are they really coming for us so soon? I thought to myself. The light in the room started to flicker. “Damn, let’s get out of here Tasia.” All of the sudden the window shattered as if someone just threw a rock through it but there was nothing there. “They’re here!” I looked over at Tasia; she was holding her neck as if she got shot but there was no gun and no blood. It was a territorial demon; it shot an invisible arrow directly at her neck stopping her from being able to breath. She was trying to speak but the words wouldn’t come out. I looked harder at her mouth; she was telling me to run. I paused and considered taking her with me but there was no time.

 I grabbed my bag and jumped through the window that was shattered. I ran down the roof and jumped onto the hood of the car and I started to run down the street. I didn’t think it would be this bad. At the end of the street there was a sword half-sunk into the pavement. I went to pull it out but it was stuck. Then all of the sudden a voice started counting down in my head. “10, 9, 8, 7.” I knew that couldn’t be good so I frantically tried to pull the sword out. “6, 5, 4, 3, 2.” I was out of time but I didn’t know what for. 

Then out of the shadows, I saw a big black dog running straight towards me. I thought about running but the dog would outrun me and kill me. The only way to survive was to use the sword. The dog got really close and then sat and looked straight at me. The hair on its back was standing and it was growling at me. It started to speak, “You crossed the line Kyle, and you took something that belongs to us.” “I didn’t take anything from you, I’m just doing my job.” The dog started to laugh; I was creeped out enough when he started to talk but now he started to laugh at me. I closed my eyes then opened them again in an attempt to focus more. 

When I opened my eyes it started to lunge at me. I quickly grabbed the sword and this time it came out from the pavement. I swung it at the dog slashing it across its face and it cried out and ran away. However, his claws were still able to pierce my arm leaving it all bloody. I sighed in relief but I knew the fight wasn’t done yet; I had to go back for Tasia.

 I looked down at my sword and it was on fire; I was amazed with the power that came along with it. I ran back to the house into my room where I left Tasia. I slowly opened the door scared of the outcome that I might see. On the floor was Tasia; she was alive but in a lot of pain. I put my sword down to aid her, she was trying to say something again. “Be-behind you,” she said with the strength she had left in her. I looked at her and her eyes started to widen in terror. I quickly turned around but it was too late. The territorial demon was in front of me. “Let this be your warning, if you ever do this again we will kill you.” Kill me? I thought to myself. I thought I was dead right there and then. He held up a gun in front of me to execute me and then shot me. The impact of the gun was instantaneous. Then I opened my eyes. I was lying in my bed. It was a dream. I looked over at my arm. There was no blood, but there was a scar. 

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Warning Shot Part 1
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