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Was Natalie Wood Extra Terrestrial?

Was her death Misdirection or a Coincidence?

Natalie Wood

It's been almost 40 years since Natalie Wood died a mysterious death off Santa Catalina Island. This week news stories have once again brought it back into the headlines as new witnesses have supposedly come forward and the police have reclassified it as suspicious.

Let's face it, her death has always been mysterious and suspicious. Rather than go into the details you can read them in the hundreds of articles being written about it recently or even the new documentaries being produced on it. This is a great opportunity to look at it from a completely unique perspective.

In previous articles, we keep discussing the possibility of Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU). We strive to point out that trying to figure out who one of these HET would be should not be the main focus, rather keep focused on what the group is doing because it will be easier to understand what is happening when you can see the big picture.  By reviewing EARTH methodology and looking for ETA you will be far better served than trying to Visually IDentify (VID) a HET.

We also keep stressing that you need to focus on the possibility of misdirection and subliminal dissemination because they are at the core of what is happening. When the possibility exists you can reduce every event to either a case of misdirection or subliminal dissemination you will have attained a mastery of the concept of Hetlau and the ETA and be able to see what is going on.

Occasionally though an event occurs that makes it worth looking at whether the possibility exists that an individual involved in the event may have been a HET or complicit EA. Before we jump into the analysis though you need to remember the possibility exists HET don't die just their bodies die and they can disconnect their nerve endings so they can feign pain. Also, complicit EA who will take part in these events are granted the same privileges as well.

So before we dive into the event what we are looking for, is the event creating the possibility of misdirection or subliminal dissemination? Also what clues are there surrounding the event that reveals repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence?

When you look at the names of some of the people at the event using wormation you see some interesting coincidences:


ALIEN AT (enagram)
A = 1  (alphanumeric)
T = 20 (alphanumeric)
20 - 1 = 19 = S (alphanumeric)
S = YES (ecronym)
AT = S (substitution)
NSALIE = ALIEN YES (enagram ecronym)


So the possibility exists that if Natalie Wood was a HET who planned her life ahead of time before coming down to Earth she may have chosen the first name Natalie to reveal she was a HET. Also, she may have chosen the last name Wood to show she knew she was going to die prematurely. At the same time, Natalie Wood was not her birth name so the possibility could also exist she is an EA who was told what she was going to do and was given the name.

The point here isn't to do a scientific study trying to figure out what is for sure. The key is when you go back and start from scratch and look at the possibility of Hetlau and review concepts like the Two Way Mirror Theory, you can view events differently.

If you look all the press her death has received, clearly it would qualify as the possibility of misdirection. Then the way they are dragging it back out into the public almost 40 years later and performing a major review of it adds further credibility to that theory.

Next look at ROBERT WAGNER:


NW = Natalie Wood
AGE = Increase
R + Increase = S (Increase R by 1, R = 18, 18 + 1 = 19,  19 = S)
S = YES (ecronym)

So Robert Wagner's name says the possibility exists that he is robbing earth. Not in the traditional context of taking something material that would be criminal but in the context of misdirecting peoples attention so as to take time from them. In other words, if you knew 40 years ago the possibility existed that this event was misdirection you wouldn't waste any of your time paying attention to it.

His last name possibly says Natalie Wood Yes. There is another example of a bizarre coincidence that his last name would include the name and confirmation of bizarre events that would surround his wife's tragic death. Again more repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.


CH           RIST   OPHER
Check Wrist = look at your watch = TIME
Gopher = someone who performs errands

NW = Natalie Wood
AKEL = fAKE Lives

So Christopher Walken's name says the possibility exists that he was there to help perform a misdirection event by adding mystery as Natalie was possibly romantically linked to him. Essentially this would make the possibility exist that Christopher Walken is a Time Gopher or someone who hangs around at events adding salacious headlines to something that will increase the amount of time it will waste for the people who don't understand what is going on.

The next bizarre coincidence is when you view images of Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, and Christopher Walken the possibility exists they are performing steganography making the hand gesture for the letter "E" meaning "ET." We have seen lots of other people throughout history making this same gesture which currently is described on the internet as the Triad Claw. The people on the internet don't seem to realize yet the possibility exists of what the actual purpose of it is, whereas people who understand the possibility of Hetlau do.

Sometimes the possibility exists it is quite easy to distinguish such as the image of Christopher Colombus making the hand gesture with his left hand across his chest of the letter "E" for "ET":

Christopher Columbus Hand Gesture of "E" for "ET"

Christopher Columbus

Other times the possibility exists the gesture is much more obscure such as this picture of Bush 41. You can see it appears he is doing it with both hands though it is not as obvious as Columbus. After you see pictures of thousands of famous people doing it you start to notice a trend where although it appears in an infinite number of arrangements the most common arrangement seems to be with the left hand on the hip. The only thing I can think of is since this makes the letter "E" appear backwards it makes it harder to realize that is what they are doing so there is less probability anyone will figure it out. Most people who have never had it pointed out to them just write it off as it's just the natural placement of their hand and fingers on their hip, which would substantiate why that seems to be the most common arrangement. Also to understand their language a lot of times you find yourself reading "backwards" so it may be signifying that as in it's an "E backwards":

Bush 41 Hand Gesture of "E" for "ET"

Bush 41
Here is a photo that displays the possibility of Natalie Wood making the hand gesture:

Natalie Wood Hand Gesture "E" for "ET"

Natalie Wood

Here is a photo that displays the possibility of Robert Wagner making the hand gesture:

Robert Wagner Hand Gesture "E" for "ET"

Robert Wagner

Here is a photo that displays the possibility of Christopher Walken making the hand gesture:

Christopher Walken Hand Gesture "E" for "ET"

Christopher Walken

So the point is that even though the possibility exists that these people may be HET or complicit EA, or maybe even just unaware EA who were involved in a bizarre incident that had a lot of coincidences it really doesn't matter. It's all just clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

The key is to look at it from the big picture. If everyone on Earth was given two choices and they had to pick one: either watch or read a new documentary on an attractive famous movie star who was accompanied by two other movie stars when she died a mysterious suspicious death or read an article saying the possibility exists that they were HET or complicit EA which one do you think everyone would pick?

Even I have to admit I would rather watch a documentary on Natalie Wood. The point though is to look at the enormous power her death makes available to the possibility of misdirection. If the possibility exists that event is misdirection and you start to look at more of the events going on on Earth as misdirection you start to see repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

It may not be a coincidence the possibility may exist that there is actually a structured plan or ETA that has everyone focused on misdirection and subliminal dissemination to prevent premature disclosure while simultaneously making a partial disclosure that much more effective and simpler to accomplish.

Also if you do try to explain this to someone and they immediately go into Besser mode don't waste your time. Just remember the odds are in your favor with the Rule of One. You will just have to wait for them to run into some more of the mind traps the ESH have positioned all over the place and they will eventually come around.

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