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Watch ET Control an EA Event

Is eXtraordinary eXtraterrestrial?

The Minnesota Vikings 29 to 24 point victory over the New Orlean Saints on January 14, 2018, had one of those epic moments in football history. Before we immediately jump into describing what happened thought let's look at something for a moment.

Have you ever considered the possibility ET exist? Could the ET live among us as Hetlau? Could they possibly even control the events of the planet down to the smallest detail? It is difficult enough to get your mind around the possibility they may live among us but scripting the events of the planet and controlling the outcomes right in front of us, no way. Then add to it they are leaving clues so we can go back and see it once they provide disclosure. It's just too much to believe. 

Certainly, if it were possible the place to look would be at the story or clues they would be leaving behind. These very same clues they would be revealing in the future would be here today you would just need to know what to look for.

So the best way to approach it is to set up a hypothesis or theory that we can test. This way there will be some structure that can act as a repeating pattern when you try to solve these possibly bizarre paranormal events. So were are looking for the ability to "See ET" control events and leave clues with ETI that reveal extraordinary coincidences or coordinated incidents.

Let's look at the names of the quarterbacks for the two teams and read their names in alien:

First, Drew Brees

BREES = SEERB (backwards)
SEE R=18 B=2 (alphanumeric)
SEE 18+2 = 20 = T (alphanumeric)
SEET = SEE ET (ecronym)

So we can see how his name says See ET, which is the first thing we were trying to see in our hypothesis.

Next, Case Keenum

KEEP NUMBER (porpheme)
PEEK NUMBER  (backwards)

So if we peek at the number or look at the date it was 14. The date is always a key piece of information. The stored energy present in it allows events to be linked to it and can be retraced at a later time and still possess the same amount of power.

This can be seen as well in the word answer. When resolved as a porpheme it says sans power. In other words, you are without power when you are without the answer.

So back to looking at the number 14 from the date. Let's peek further at the number 14 and see if it holds any clues to important events that took place in determining the outcome of the game. This would provide further evidence of the possibility of extraordinary coincidences or coordinated incidents.

Also, note how the word extra from eXtraordinary is porpheme of eXtra terrestrial. You can also position the "X" as an ecronym. You want to pay attention when you see that word being used in public as it may be providing clues to ET events when the event is described as "eXtraordinary".

Back to the use of the number 14 in the game. On the last play of the game when it was almost a foregone conclusion the Vikings were going to lose, mysteriously number 14 caught a pass and the defensive player inexplicably failed to tackle him. It is one of those plays you have to see to believe (here).

Diggs’ (#14) completion marked the first time in NFL history that a team won a postseason game with a touchdown as time expired. Minnesota’s miracle quickly became reality.

Remember, a miracle is a porpheme from mirar the Spanish verb to see and "cle" from the word clearly as in when you can see clearly what is going on you will see a miracle is just an ET magic act.

You obviously cannot say with certainty this was an ET controlled event but you can see the large amount of circumstantial evidence that supports the hypothesis. 

Once you continue to analyze events you see a repeating pattern of how information can be revealed as answers left as clues. After enough of them, it becomes obvious the events on Earth are not happening for the reasons they appear to be happening.

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Watch ET Control an EA Event
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