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Ways of Worship: Ares

Hellenic Witch/Wiccan Worship of Ares

Ares is the God of war, courage, strength, and male virility who is often described as the physical, violent, untamed aspect of war. In a more modern twist to his legend Ares is seen as the God of fighting and war against everything, not just physical violence but also ones fight with their inner demons, mental illnesses, and social issues. He is also seen to be one of the Gods who helps and guards veterans and soldiers during and after war. He is one of the Twelve Olympians and son of Hera and Zeus. He's not married but instead, he's the lover of Aphrodite. This casts him in a bit of a negative light as Aphrodite is married to Hephaestus, the God of fire, metalworking, sculpting, forges, and stone masonry. His Roman for is Mars.

Ares is part of many different myths. Some of the best known may be the Amazons, where the Marvel character Wonder Woman is derived from. Just like the pop culture hit the Amazons where a race of warrior women who swore off men. They where some of the most badass fighters, however, Ares was one of their patrons and not their enemy. He is also seen depicted in the Trojan War where, after his son was killed, he almost broke Zeus's command that no God would enter the war. Luckily, Athena managed to stop him just in time. Despite all the lore he was apart of and being a crucial part of nature Ares was one of the most unpopular Gods in ancient Greece. His counterpart Mars, however, was beloved by all the Roman peoples.

Altars, Offerings, and Symbols

Image courtesy of Google Images

  • General Symbols: sword, shield, spear, helmet, chariot, flaming torch, armor, palace, four fire-breathing horses (often seen pulling his chariot)
  • Animals: dog, boar, vulture, snakes (poisonous), woodpeckers, bull, barn owl, eagle owl
  • Colors: red, black, purple
  • Plants: none known
  • Scents: frankincense, other strong smelling scents, some suggest whiskey
  • Gemstones/metals: garnet, steel, bloodstone, ruby


Prayer requests can include; strength, ability to fight and defeat enemies, courage, to keep a soldier safe, and help in battle.

Prayer to Ares
Great Ares I praise, bold one of the flashing eyes,

son of mighty Zeus and noble Hera you are,

beloved of golden sea-born Aphrodite.
You take joy in battle, the war-cry is your song.

Strength is yours, peerless warrior, and firm resolve,

and the pure, clear drive to defeat the enemy,
the battle rage that pushes us beyond our bounds
to achieve victory against a greater foe.

To the weak you lend strength; to the fearful, courage;

to those enslaved, the will to break the stoutest bonds.

Fierce Ares, you whose gifts ensure our survival,

O god of warriors, I praise and honor you.

Prayer to Ares for Safety for a Soldier
Bold-hearted Ares, bright-helmed son of thundering Zeus
and noble Hera, well-honored god of war,
any battle will you face, any foe will you fight,
without fear and without hesitation. Ares,
god of warriors, ally of those who risk their lives
on the field, to you do soldiers offer their prayers.
You know each one’s name, O Ares, you know their lives,
you know their worth. Great Ares, I pray to you,
watch over ____________ who heeded your call,
who practices your art, whose name you know well,
for s/he is one of your own who does you honor
with each day s/he serves. 

Ares, I pray to you.

Ares Invocation
To Ares I call,
Sceptered King of Strength
Who stands beside every soldier
Without distinction of nation
Patron of Noble War
Enemy of Cowardice
Most honorable of gods
Who anoints heroes among the glorious fallen
Stand beside me
Consecrate my rage for the good
Bless me that I may fight with honor
Guard me from shooting at my enemies from afar
From striking at the weak and defenseless
To Ares I call
Stand with me

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Ways of Worship: Ares
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