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Ways of Worship: Hypnos

Hellenic Witch/Wiccan Worship of Hypnos

If you ever need a God that’s soothing and super chill, Hypnos is your guy. Hypnos is the God of sleep and sometimes dreams. He’s a minor God and the son of Nyx, the Goddess of night, and Erebus, the God/personification of darkness, as well as the twin brother to Thanatos. His Roman form is Somnus. Even though he’s considered a minor deity and “lazy,” he’s actually very powerful. Along with the “standard” things a God can do, Hypnos could also levitate or fly and has complete control over sleep.

Hypnos married one of the Graces or Charities named Pasithea the personification of relaxation, meditation, hallucinations, and all other altered states of consciousness. They had three sons named Morpheus, Phobetor, and Phantasos called Oneiroi, or "The Dreams." Hypnos and Pasithea live in the Underworld in Erebos. In case you're wondering, yes, Erebos and Erebus are thought to be the same. It wouldn't be the weirdest thing to happen in Greek lore.

Hypnos isn't the most involved in lore outside of The Iliad and an alternate version of Endymion. His major involvement in The Iliad is helping Hera trick Zeus so she could help the Danaans win the Trojan War. This could only be done if Hypnos puts Zeus to sleep. Hypnos had done this once before for Hera, and Hypnos had barely escaped Zeus's wrath. This time, however, Hera offered Hypnos Pasithea as a bride. Hypnos had always loved Pasithea and agreed, forcing Hera to swear on the River Styx with all the Gods of the Underworld as witness. So, as Hera went to Zeus to distract him with her beauty (with help of a charm from Aphrodite), Hypnos put the God to sleep. While Zeus was asleep with Hera, Hypnos went to the sea and told Poseidon he could now help the Danaans.

Altar, Offerings, and Symbols

General: Horn of opium, branch (usually poplar), dripping water, inverted torch, and wings.

Plants: Poppies, poplar tree, and lavender.

Colors: Black and blue.

Gemstones/Metal: Amethyst, hematite, and labradorite.

Scents: Lavender, chamomile, and other soothing scents you fall asleep to.

Note: I personally found that offering him chocolates was met with very positive and fast results.


The most obvious thing to pray for is good sleep. Other things you may want to consider are asking what the best sleeping conditions for you may be or asking for good dreams.

Restful Sleep

Hypnos, bright-winged bringer of blessed sleep,
son of misty-eyed Nyx of the sooty night,
I call to you to grant me your favor.
In sunless Erebos you make your home,

O Hypnos; each eventide you follow
in Night’s wake, fleet of foot, garlanded
in blood-red poppies, their sweet scent a balm
to those who seek your gift. Hypnos, granter
of the peace of a night’s oblivion,
soft-spoken god in whose gentle
arms men lie in repose, I pray to you,
deliver me into soothing slumber.

Prayer of Hypnos

Gentle Hypnos, child of night-dwelling Nyx,
master of far-flung Erebos, far beyond
the path of the sun, I honor you, I thank you
for your blessings. Dark is your hall, O Hypnos,
dark and deep; red are the poppies that grow
at your gate. Young and fair you are, O Hypnos,
so beautiful in repose. Kind and good you are,
O brother of death, O granter of rest
to the weary, of respite to those whose need
for your comfort is desperate and dire. Hypnos,

fair-browed one whose gift of sleep restores us
to ourselves each day anew, I praise you.

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Ways of Worship: Hypnos
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