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We Earth Humans Are Polymorphic

We Share the Same Blood

By polymorphic, this means that we can all look different from one another. We even look different from our parents or like a combination of both parents. Unless we are twins, we all have genetic variations that make each other look different. Each person’s genome has 3 million differences but humans are also 99.9% the same. This gives white supremacists pause, no doubt. Genome variations are small, which leaves a few base pairs substituted for. If we are all truly based on similar genetic material despite our individual differences in appearance, then we are all more similar than many racists stop to think about.

The entire human genome was sequenced in June 2000, based on a random sampling of a few individuals involved in the project. This paper was published February 16th, 2001 in Science. Scientists will study DNA from many different people to identify where and how different humans are from each other due to genetic structure. Each person’s genes are found in the same place without much change with every person’s genomic structure being unique in form. Mutations are really mistakes in the replication of DNA and RNA when an embryo is formed, first encountered in the sperm or egg cell.

This mutation can then be passed onto the offspring that results from a sperm and egg cell joining. The human genome is made up of 46 chromosomes. The human genome has variation but is also similar to another person’s structure. Extra DNA or “junk” DNA doesn’t affect a person’s characteristics. Mutations only occur within the framework of specific human disease. Many polymorphisms affect a person’s characteristics, however. Single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNP, “snips”, are what involves just one nucleotide also called a base, and the genome itself has 2 million SNPs.

Many kinds of genetic illness comes from mutations or genetic deletions altogether such as mental illness. Mental illness is hereditary. There is a risk that the child will have the mental illness of the parent, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen. With sheer luck, some kids avoid the parental curse while others have a diagnosis. Having a mental health diagnosis is all luck. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. But in the future, when the genome can be fixed at the genetic level while in the womb, disability will be a thing of the past. Some of it can be avoided, but cancer is also genetic in origin.

There is a way to fix disability before birth, in the earliest stages of pregnancy. This would involve an injection that would fix DNA at the genetic level, although it would also make certain that as DNA is replicating during division, that those genes are not causing genetic birth defects, it only makes sense that being able to fix genetic disability from the womb is something that can eventually be done. Polymorphism only means that while we humans look different from each other, our basic DNA structure is all the same no matter what ethnicity you ar. This makes racism completely null.

It makes no sense to hate somebody that looks different from you. None. We are all made of the same type of DNA. People have a lot of genetic variation with looks. There are many disabilities out there. It all comes from the luck of the genetic lottery. However, animals on earth all look the same. Polymorphism means that there are many different possibilities of genetic variation. Each human has minor differences in anatomical structure because of polymorphism but the point is we all share the same basic DNA sequences. A specific genetic protein can have a different number of sequences available, but the bottom-line is that we are all the same species, sharing similar DNA-level characteristics regardless of outward racial phenotype. 

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We Earth Humans Are Polymorphic
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