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What Déjà Vu Actually Is

Why Déjà Vu Is a Psychic Experience

Déjà vu is a French word that infiltrated the English language with the meaning, “I have been here before.” It means that you are remembering something you had a vision, or a dream about. If something feels overly familiar, or someone, you are having a psychic feeling, which proves you have psychic abilities. I have visions of future events sometimes but it really depends on whether or not they actually happen. Just “knowing” things before they happen means that you are sensing what may happen or what is about to happen. Déjà vu happens to me in the shower, or the car. I get it randomly, a lot.

I guessed what time I was arranging getting a phone call with somebody because she had 3 PM in her head, so I heard it and said it out loud. I can call people before they call me often enough. It creeps some people out but sometimes I do answer the phone if I know who it is. My big rule is to only answer either house phone or home phone only if I know who is calling me, and if they have caller I.D. It is why I demand employers leave a message on my voicemail, so that I can see if they are serious about interviewing me or not.

I often get premonitions on a global level sometimes which leads to the feeling of déjà vu. I have just discovered that psychometry not only involves impressions from objects, but getting input from handshakes. I cannot shake people’s hands often. I can barely stand being touched. Touching me has consequences. I sense your real intentions. This is when things get ugly if the person truly wants to make a fool of themselves by being mean to me. Intentions matter a lot to me. I can sense people who aren’t good for me very quickly.

Déjà vu implies I have seen a person, imagined an event before it happened, or somehow knew about it as a claircognizant. With 9/11, I had dreams of the plane hitting the tower, then I got up and my parents had the TV on. What I saw in my head, in the dream, was coming true in the real world. This was terrifying. 9/11 was not a false flag. Many psychics had premonitions prior. Don’t tell me about 9/11 not being real because that’s ridiculous.

Déjà vu helps me sense when somebody is in trouble. I.e., case in point, I once saw somebody step in front of a car. She was suicidal apparently. All I could do was call this unstable person and complain to her about why she was doing this. I can’t be around unstable mentally ill people because they pull this stuff a lot. They get suicide in their heads and they can’t stop themselves if their medication isn’t working well or they skip doses. Nothing unsettles me more than being around somebody untreated; this really bothers me, so I have to stay away from them.

Telling the future is something I put into my writing at large. As a writer, I have the imagination and the responsibility to use my power so that I can prevent large-scale bad things from happening on this planet. My power is a huge responsibility to manage wisely. Déjà vu happens when psychic talent is coming out. Crowds, to this day, overwhelm me however. I can’t be in one for long. I start getting spaced, and déjà vu creeps up on me. Déjà vu means you have experienced a moment before in a day dream vision. Day dream visions are visions that feel like day dreams but are not necessarily daydreams since they are visions. Daydreams are made up but when it flows freely, not being coerced, the daydream is a vision or gets turned into a vision.

Déjà vu is tricky business. It confuses me sometimes. I wonder where it is coming from. Is it a communication with God thing? Is God permeating all of existence? I don’t know. Daydreams are weird like this. Night dreams can give you déjà vu if the night-dream is about something that will happen or already happened during the day. Déjà vu is kind of like mental time travel. It happens frequently to gifted people.

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What Déjà Vu Actually Is
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