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When the Crystal Comet Came #KuriStory #HeyKuri

Sarah wasn't expecting THIS when she woke up that morning.

A shiver ripples through
The stillness of space
Inaudible creaking and stretching
As reality warps and bends
To allow
An exception


Sarah awoke that morning to the strangest sensation
Her standard morning routine of tiredness and excitement
Was replaced with...


Sudden shrieks of light emerging out of the void
Explode into darting trails of power
As the crystal comet slowly emerges
Brightest white against darkest black
And the pure, still spot hovers soundlessly.

A sudden turn, then a lurch
As if pulled along from its base
By an invisible elastic thread
Being launched faster and faster
Until two small black dots slowly open and blink
And the crystal comet shakes its head
And its black eyes focus on one particular star
It feels.


Detached, Sarah acknowledges that all emotion has left her
Recognising a cold expectation of loss
Then a supernatural burst of curiosity drives her down the stairs.


A bolt of pure emotion
Drives it towards that one star
And the two dots widen
At the sight of a blue-green orb
That grows...
The dots flatten in concentration
And reality warps, slowing its descent
Until it lands
And surveys its new home.

Thousands of green strands evoke feelings of calm
Three tall, flat, brown sheets evoke feelings of order
Unpredictable combinations of shapes and bright colours evoke feelings of love and inspiration
One clear rectangle evokes feelings of curiosity
And behind that rectangle
An equally curious humanoid, staring in wonder
And Kuri, overwhelmed with satisfaction


Sarah opens the door and warmly hugs her new friend
Filled with a sense of completion and joy
With only one unanswered question:
"How will I explain this to mummy?"

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When the Crystal Comet Came #KuriStory #HeyKuri
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