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Who Are You?

Does our DNA define us? Our souls? Our experiences? What makes us who we are?

Who are you? Not your name! Who is the real you? What makes you...you?

Have you ever heard of a doppelganger? This is someone who looks just like you, but is there someone exactly like you in every way; looks, personality and habits? It is curious how everyone in the world is truly unique. It is a perplexing fact taking into account the number of people on planet earth. Yet again no two snowflakes are ever the same and we know how much snow falls every year; in every country, in every city, in every street.

What happens if your body was to be destroyed and then reconstructed in the same place, would you be the same person? Technically…no.

Consciousness is just awareness. It is the awareness of being alive and experiencing our surroundings. However awareness is not what makes us unique because everyone has consciousness, everyone alive is aware of themselves being alive therefore it must be something else.

Our thought on the matter is that what makes us unique is our Essence. In our opinion, the Essence acts as a baseline for the kind of person one can become in the future. It acts as a filter to how we see things around us. By this we mean the lessons we take from experiences we come by. The Essence is the bare minimum of who we are, allowing us create character, personalities and habits.

Proof of this is the fact that even if two people have the exact same experience they will take away two different lessons and will value them differently. Why is this?...because of their Essence… Damn it! We just told you.

(Don’t worry, both subjects survived the experiments)

Let's​ take two twin babies for example; identical in looks. These babies have no experiences to create a personality nor do they have enough cognitive thinking to do anything about it, yet they are fundamentally different. Identical twins may have identical DNA, but their Essence is different. Once they grow up they will eventually have different personalities. It is logical to assume that there is a link between DNA and Essence, however if that is true then it could mean that our previous point of whether or not a person can be completely reconstructed after being destroyed is invalid, and the twins would essentially be the same person. But that is not the case since we do not believe that the Essence and DNA are the same thing because that would mean that if the technology to create a clone down to DNA level was created then it would mean that two of the same person will exist and we all know that’s not possible because of identical twins sharing DNA therefore, Essence must be something else.

I bet you’re wondering what Essence is then? We have come to the conclusion that it is a synonym of the traditional sense of the word….. Soul.

The soul is an abstract concept that existed for a while now but was never truly explained and many people do not believe it to be real. Our definition of Essence gives the soul more ground for existing because we linked it directly with who we are and our personalities therefore the effects of having a soul can be seen.

So in the end, who are you? You are your Essence.

Who you are is a painting that is being drawn inwardly from a framework... that framework being your Essence.

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Who Are You?
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