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Why Aliens Rule (WAR) Earth

War is a tool to control unaware Earthlings.

Who is really behind the War on Earh ?

If you mention to someone there is a possibility Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU), most have never even heard of it, much less given it any thought. Most will immediately discount it as delusional or schizophrenic thought. Of the few that will ponder the possibilities, it seems difficult to believe something of that magnitude could be kept secret. They will want to look to the powerful and seeming intellectual leaders of society for indications from them this might be true.

Few people have gone back and tried to understand the ET & UFO phenomenon or ET History. The stories about Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT are ones most are not familiar with. Some have at least heard of Area 51 and their Janet flights. More have heard of SETI and its search for ETI.

What is eluding everyone is that to understand ETI you need to use ETI. EA (EArthlings) want to comprehend what is going on using EAI (EArthling Intelligence) and that is where they come up short trying to comprehend ET and HET (Humanoid ET). Just look at the relationship between the animal kingdom and human kingdom on Earth. If an EA tried to tell an animal what life was like on Earth the animal could not comprehend what the human was telling him.

Now take that same analogy and compare the reality between a HET and a EA. By default, the EA will think they can easily understand what a HET would be like. What the EA doesn't understand is that it is going to be almost as difficult as it is for an animal to understand a EA as it is for a EA to understand a HET.

EA are shocked to hear that and are basically insulted. If ET/HET can communicate then surely it can't be that hard to comprehend them. This is where basic human nature is a weakness for the EA. EA want to believe in good and hope for resolutions for problems. What they don't want to do is look at the problem and evaluate it as a worst case scenario from which to comprehend reality.

All you have to do is think if ET exists why wouldn't the possibility exist where they create a slave race of humanoid beings and use them to their benefit, similar to the way EA use animals as slaves on earth. EA simply don't want to believe anyone would do that to them. They would never imagine the possibility that ET beings would live among them as HET and use them. If that concept was put forth in front of them they would rather turn to the HET in positions of power and be comforted by being told any EA who might propose a preposterous theory like that is delusional and schizophrenic.

The possibility they are being deceived is too unpleasant to fathom and its easier to discount the messenger than to try to comprehend the message. Now you can see the analogy between animal and human and EA and HET taking place. When even a glimpse of the possibility is present it is easier to look away than try to get your mind around it. It basically would require religion to solve the problem because nothing man made on earth could do it. Surely the possibility doesn't exist where ET wouldn't create religion as a tool to control mankind as well.

All you really have to do is look at the concept of the possibility of WAR as the ultimate tool to control a race of beings and you can see that the possibility of religion as nothing more that psyops like the military on earth uses to control enemy force through designed false information. If you elevate war to the highest level, it becomes the translation table around which all concepts can be comprehended.

For instance, if you take the possibility of the statement: 

why aliens rule earth

EA look at it and want to know the reasoning behind it, as in why would they do it? The key to the reason is written right in the statement. The word WHY when translated in alien says

W = WAR (acronym)
H = 8 (alphanumeric eighth letter of alphabet)
8 = EighT (bracketing letters are ET)
Y = Yes
so WHY says Yes ET War

So the reason for the possibility ET control Earth is because it is an ET war.

To an earthling, that doesn't make sense because it doesn't follow the language constructs of their native language English. Nor does it follow the logic reasoning they were taught to use growing up. Who do you think made sure you would think like that? The Hetlau of course.
EA would never think to break down the word ENGLISH which says

E = Earthling (acronym)
NG = speakiNG (ecronyms - ET acromyn)
L = Language (acronym)
H = ET (see above)
so English says Earthling is speaking ET language.

So all the clues are right here in front of us. We just don't comprehend it because of the disparity between being types and the default position human nature imposes upon us. Then add to that the possibility all the structure of society is designed to turn us back when we try to comprehend it, and if we look for support from fellow EA we run into the possibility of HET deceiving us.

We certainly are not going to want to investigate the possibility that the government is really a hextocracy and the military is a hextary. The possibility that all events are either misdirection or subliminal dissemination is just too much to grasp. It is simply easier to just sit back and watch the next segment on TV and ignore the possibility of something as awful as why aliens rule Earth is a war fought with concepts that would require an EA to stop using EAI and start using ETI.

So if the possibility of ET War is the ultimate tool to control a race of uniformed beings on a planet. Has this been going on the whole time man has been on Earth and are there clues being left behind the HET are performing this function and using it to speed up and control the way technology is being discovered and resources are being allocated on the planet?

The best examples are reading the dates of Pearl Harbor and the September 11 attacks. The key, before you read the dates, is to have a hypothesis that ET planned these events on purpose and left clues in the dates written in alien.

Pearl Harbor 12/7

12 -7 = 5 = E  (E is the 5th letter of the alphabet)

September 11th 9/11

9 + 11 = 20 = T (T is the 20th letter of the alphabet)

Some people think 9/11 was an inside job but you don't hear anyone saying it was an outside job. Outside, as in ET outside.

Next look at the word STEALTH. Stealth is key cutting-edge technology that is making the US Jet Fighter aircraft better than any other countries. If the possibility exists that Hetlau exist why do EA need militaries to fight other EA. Once the EA knew HET were here, the EA would realize, like it or not, they are all on the same team and the HET are deceiving them.

So have the HET left clues in the word


Sure enough, the possibility exists of the HET using the militaries of the world as construction battalions to destroy, rebuild, reallocate resources, and most importantly funnel wealth to themselves. All the while, the poor EA are being used and having to suffer so the HET can accomplish their plan and win the War over the EA.

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Why Aliens Rule (WAR) Earth
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