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Why Are UFOs Called Volutes?

Eccentric Light Energy VolutEN - ELEVEN

Notice the three Volutes in the three-ship Tactical Vee formation above? To most EA (EArthlings) the picture is of three UFOs. A few people might pick up on them being in a Vee formation but not a Tactical Vee.

Why is this? It all stems from a lack of understanding of ETI. EA simply apply EAI (EArthling Intelligence) to each situation and EAI cannot understand ETI, only ETI can understand EAI.

So EA just go back to the default positions of the ET and UFO phenomenon and ET History, and employ concepts since Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT. Then they wonder why they can't figure out what is going on. They never stop to think of the possibility of Hetlau who are performing misdirection, subliminal dissemination, and war as part of an ET architecture. Though EA hope for disclosure they don't see the hidden architecture behind it all.

We have seen how the vehicles are referred to as CTV's or Celestial Tach one Vehicles rather than UFOs.

Did you know Tach One is the term for the speed of light similar to how mach one is the term for the speed of sound? Do you see how the term Celestial Tach one Vehicle (CTV) better represents what they are than UFO? Celestial as in they are from other star systems. Tach One as in they travel faster than Tach One at Tach numbers. They are vehicles, not objects.

Notice how advanced Earthing jets travel at mach numbers? Even commercial airliners measure their cruising speed as a percentage of mach one. So it's not to difficult to see that Volutes (UFOs) could employ the same concept just using light instead of sound to measure speed.

So where does this word Volute, which is the technical name for a UFO, get derived from? Note we are using the term UFO in the classical sense of an Extra Terrestrial spacecraft. It is interesting how UFO experts are quick to point out that a UFO could be any object, not just extra terrestrial spacecraft. They can not figure out though, the possibility that the classic extra terrestrial spacecraft they seek to understand is not flying.

So what a volutologist or one who studies volutology realizes is these vehicles require an understanding of ETI in order to comprehend what they are and what they are doing. Clearly, new terminology and technology will need to be put in place to elevate the understanding of these vehicles above that of flying.

So if you take the word ExiT, note the bracketing of the letters ET, leaving you with XI you get the word ELEVEN in roman numerals. So if you want to exit Earth in an ET method, you can hypothesize the possibility of Hetlau having placed clues down here on Earth as to their presence and interaction with the EA in all the different societies throughout history. So the term ELEVEN would be one you would want to investigate.

If you break ELEVEN down as an ecronym (eT acronym) you get
Eccentric Light Energy VolutEN.
Notice how the ecronym uses the concept of acronym slightly differently than an acronym they way it uses EN at the end of volutEN. Similar to the way FLY is Forward Levitation using energY. As well as in each case there is an ETI context taking place in the meaning of the word.

The term eccentric is used because the vehicles in their most common configuration are thought to be round. Thus an EA would think its a circle but what the EA doesn't realize is an ET using ETI can come along and show them how with ET Technology their apparently perfect circle is actually slightly off and thus an eccentric shape. Slightly off may mean measuring it with tools that currently don't even exist on earth and use concepts EA aren't aware of. The easiest way to think about it is ET just use the term eccentric instead of circular.

Next, Light is a form used to for celestial navigation. The vehicles measure the locations of the star systems to chart their positions using moving map displays in their cockpits in order to plan their routes.

Energy is a word used to describe their propulsion system as they basically use the stored energy of star systems as a means of vectoring themselves to and from stars. This enables the incredibly high rates of speed achieved via RATIO maneuvering (Right Angle Turns and Instantaneous Omnidirectional acceleration) as well as reducing the amount of fuel they need to maintain on board.

It would be the equivalent of a TESLA ( note ALSo ET) electric car only needing to carry enough electrical power onboard to initiate a wifi connection. Then as the Tesla electric car goes down the road it initiates wifi connections to charging stations along the way drawing the electricity from them instead of having to keep it all in its battery and doing major charges at beginning and end points of the trip. It's much more efficient.

Lastly, the term Volute comes from its similarity in shape to how volute spirals are used in architecture here Earth:

Volute Spirals Used in Ancient Architecture

Volutes in architecture

Volute as a Centrifugal Pump

Volute Pumps

So not only does a Volute as an extra terrestrial spacecraft look like a volute as a type of architecture here on Earth, it also represents a process.

The volute pumps on Earth convert kinetic energy into pressure by reducing speed while increasing pressure, helping to balance the hydraulic pressure on the shaft of the pump.

It is this repeating process that is fluid in nature, requires few moving parts, and is continuously being repeated over and over. Thus a Volute as an extra terrestrial spacecraft is repeating a process that is fluid in nature requires few moving parts and is continuously being repeated over and over. Thus the term Voluten in the plural because the process of propulsion, navigation, vectation, etc... is continuously being repeated over and over. So it is Voluten, not voluting.

From that, you get the term Eccentric Light Energy Voluten and the ecronym ELEVEN. The residual porpheme is Volute which becomes the technical name for extra terrestrial spacecraft vehicles.

So when you say you are going to go to another planet, you do not say you are going to fly there, you say you are going eleven there. Note you can not fly without wings and you can not fly in outer space because you need an atmospheric medium to fly in.

Volute is also a term like aircraft. As in all jets are aircraft but not all aircraft are jets. All extra terrestrial spacecraft are volutes but not all volutes are extra terrestrial spacecraft.

You can break down the types of extra terrestrial spacecraft into

TRITES - TRIangular voluTES
GEOMITES - GEOmetrically shaped voluTES

Thus the standard most common circular or disk-shaped ones are volutes. The triangular shaped ones are trites.  They cylindrically shaped ones are cylindrites. If the shape does not fall into those three categories then it is a geomite or just some other geometric shape.