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Why Earthlings Are Called EA

ETI Versus EAI

Home of the EA

In order to solve the ET and UFO phenomenon, stricter measures need to be taken. When you go back and look at ET History you see a basic trend developing. Ever since Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT the terms ET and UFO have come into play.

The problem begins to arise that those terms become the possibility of the limitation of discovering what is really going on behind them. For instance, the term ET, possibly because of the work of SETI, keeps the focus on the search for radio signals from outer space. It also keeps everyone focusing on outer space thinking that is the only place where ET discovery can originate from. What it is preventing is everyone realizing the possibility Hetlau exist and starting to use the new ecronym HET.

From that same era originates the term UFO. Though a UFO can refer to any unidentified flying object in the sky when you ask most people the first thing they think of is the possibility of an ET spacecraft. The problem is the term UFO requires the vehicle to be flying and removes the possibility that ET spacecraft don't fly but actually vectate using vectored levitation.

We have seen how the vehicles are referred to as CTV's or Celestial Tach one Vehicles rather than UFOs.

Did you know Tach One is the term for the speed of light similar to how Mach One is the term for the speed of sound? Do you see how the term Celestial Tach One Vehicle (CTV) better represents what they are than UFO? Celestial as in they are from other star systems. Tach One as in they travel faster than Tach One at Tach numbers. They are vehicles, not objects.

Notice how advanced Earthing jets travel at mach numbers? Even commercial airliners measure their cruising speed as a percentage of mach one. So it's not to difficult to see that Volutes (UFOs) could employ the same concept just using light instead of sound to measure speed.

So new terminology needs to be developed to begin to explain the logic behind ETI. The problem is most people are content with the current terminology and they just want to wait for SETI to make a discovery and the government to provide disclosure. Essentially they are possibly holding back the progress.

In addition, the possibility that Hetlau exist opens up the possibility the government is really a Hextocracy and the military is really a Hextary. In order for the civilian portion of society to get out in front of the problem, they need to develop new terminology to explain the technology and phenomenon. Just look at the term UFO. The Air Force put the term in play and then for 75 years has rubber-stamped a denial on every sighting since. Clearly, we aren't going to get anywhere waiting for them.

So the first place to start is with the term EA for EArthling. Notice how EA uses an ecronym to create it. This is consistent with understanding and using ETI to solve the ET and UFO phenomenon. Most EA don't even refer to themselves as Earthlings. By the time they figure out that they need to start using the term Earthling years will have passed. Individuals who see the possibility of the presence of Hetlau and comprehend the need to understand ETI realize that using the term EA puts them ahead of that learning curve now rather than waiting years. It also separates the people who want full disclosure now versus the people who are willing to wait for only partial disclosure later.

The term EA can then have the word Intelligence appended to it to create EAI. Now EA can easily describe the differences between EAI and ETI with two TLAs instead of having write them out in long form. Also, this separates the people who want full disclosure now versus the people who are willing to wait for only partial disclosure later.

It may seem trivial at first. How could something as simple as starting to use the term EA to represent Earthling possibly solve the ET and UFO phenomenon? The key is by itself it won't. When used in conjunction with a combination of other strategy and tactics it is a foundation from which to start a new paradigm and shift the momentum away from ET and UFO towards HET and CTV. This will provide clear distinction as to the possibility of what is really going on instead sitting in a holding pattern for 75 years. From the apparent arrivals at Roswell to the departures at Area 51, it seems like Janet flights are getting more arrival clearance at this Alien Interstellar spaceport than the owners of the planet the EA are.

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Why Earthlings Are Called EA
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