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Why They Haven't Blown Us up Yet?

And How to Prevent This from Happening

Some people who call themselves "starseed" are a touch brainwashed. Don’t live in the glow of your specialness, do something. I plan on running for office. I also want to actually go to city council meetings at some point. We are here to do something about the way the world is, to prepare it for the future, and for first contact. We are not here to be lazy, lay-about do nothings. I will start by getting myself onto the work 2 future board and eventually into becoming a district 10 representative. I have to start going to those meetings so I learn about the position, and get trained by the current guy. I’m currently looking at a website that features opportunities on how to get involved with your community. Getting involved is exactly what I plan on doing this year.

I can volunteer in many instances, such as graffiti and litter cleanups. In between my job situation, I can find a way to volunteer my time at NAMI for example, since I got done with that introductory class anyway. So, while a job is not forthcoming, I will be volunteering my time elsewhere including perhaps at the Santa Theresa Library. And now, my original topic was why they haven’t blown up the planet yet. The short answer is the 'starseed' population is doing well. But see, we also have to make good on our desire to have an impact and change the world. We have to make actual contributions toward making social change happen.

Besides, they are waiting for us to impeach our government and re-elect sane people to congress in both the house and the senate. I implore the concept of re-electing sane people. As in, people who do not want to do harm to reproductive rights laws, people who uphold the constitution in general, people who actually respect the rule of law, as well as our Constitution itself. We have not done ourselves a favor by letting people steal the electoral process. There are three people we need to impeach outright. We know who they are, I do not have to mention them directly. These individuals need to be called upon to leave office.

This is why the E.T. races have not given up on us just yet. They are watching us with intensity right now, especially the “My nuke button is bigger than yours” debacle. I refuse to do anything for this current administration, but anybody else, I’d be happy to be the ambassador to North Korea. We need to use diplomatic solutions to resolve this crisis. We do not know what will happen with the current, and frustrating administration as it is now. All I want to say to those people are cool with the threats of nuclear war, the galaxy will be in an uproar if somebody does drop the bomb. This is a test to see if we will crack or not. California is a prime target for nuclear war because of all our technological installations. Area 51, which really does exist, is also a huge target for nuclear war.

The E.T. races would outright leave, at least some of them, if we were to drop the bomb on anybody. So my message is to not drop the bomb. Period. Quit doing that. Nobody is bigger or better than the other. A psychiatric evaluation is not quite on the list with this administration. We would be set back hundreds of years if somebody did drop the bomb on anybody. As far as the question goes, if there is life on other planets, we have to look at it this way. Our sun is one star amongst trillions of stars in the universe. The number of galaxies is also quite high, a googol in fact, if you must attach a number to it. It is infinite. Our science has yet to establish just how infinite. Including other dimensions, well then, that is mind-boggling and hard to conceive of for average humans. We are made of the chemicals that make up a star in the heavens. That is where life began, above. So yes, make no mistake, there are many planets similar to ours out there. Let’s not get too crazy and blow us up. 

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Why They Haven't Blown Us up Yet?
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