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Why You Can't Prove Extra Terrestrials and UFOs

PROVE = PROduce fiVE (FIVE = 5 = E = ET)

The first thing most people say when you tell them HETLAU is "prove it!"

The problem lies in what most people view as proof. In a subject matter that is complex and unfamiliar, they may be willing to accept an explanation simply because the subject matter doesn't warrant the need to have to do any research to confirm it. In other words, it is just not that important to them, so they'll take someone else's word for it.

The possibility exists the ET and UFO phenomenon resides at the other end of the spectrum in regards to the level of proof required to back up a statement like Hetlau. Even confirmation from an authority figure may be viewed as untrustworthy. In fact, if a UFO landed in plain view right in front of most people and Extra Terrestrials de-boarded the craft, they may not believe it and feel it is just some kind of elaborate hoax.

The possibility exists ET and UFOs are something that will literally have to become a commonplace everyday occurrence before most people will be willing to believe it. In other words, they can't just believe it they have to know it, essentially live it.

So when you use wormation and look at the most common words occurring when someone says prove it, or they want proof, etc... What you discover is:

AUTHORITY = AUTHOR + suffix ITY (meaning: of the author)

Does the possibility exist ESH have scripted the system before Earth existed and the Authority figures (HET) are the very ones who authored (scripted) the system from the beginning? So, people, we are looking to as authority figures are the very ones preventing us from having an authority figure resolve the situation for us because an authority figure is really a Hetlau.


CO = CODE (porpheme)
N = 14 (alphanumeric)
1 + 4 = 5
5 = E (alphanumeric)
E = ET (ecronym)
S = YES (ecronym)

PIRATE = ETARIP (enagram)
ETARIP = Extra Terrestrial Architechture Recognition Is Proof

So the possibility exists that Conspiracy says "Code ET Yes Extra Terrestrial Architecture Recognition Is Proof." So as soon an individual can recognize the way Earth has been being developed over history is ETA there is the recognition of the very proof they're looking for. When people say it's a conspiracy theory, could the whole concept of it being a conspiracy theory really be placed here on Earth by Hetlau? In other words, when people say it's a conspiracy theory, they're right it is, they just don't know what the true translation and thus the definition and meaning of a conspiracy is.

Rather than think it is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful a "conspiracy theory" is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes an unwarranted conspiracy. So the lack of understanding of the possibility of Hetlau as well as the ET meaning of the word conspiracy has the listener falling right into the psychological trap created by the ESH.

CORROBORATION = CORE ROB ORAL TION (tion is the suffix for a process)

So the possibility exists Corroboration means the core or key individuals in charge are robbing, stealing, and/or controlling the "oral" or narrative of what is being said on the planet. In other words, when we ask for corroboration we are asking for the process where the key individuals in charge who control what is being said on the planet tell us the narrative they are imposing on us. What we don't understand is we're getting exactly what we're asking for we just don't realize what the word means so we don't like the result.

The possibility exists the way they design the words we use has us essentially insulting ourselves by not liking what we're getting when it's exactly what we're asking for, just in alien context, not EA. In other words, when we ask for corroboration, what we don't realize is that it says we are asking for them to tell us nothing is going on because that is the narrative they are controlling.

EVIDENCE = EVent IDentification FENCE

The possibility exists that evidence says "event identification fence." Meaning when we get data, information, or some sort of content, we are going to analyze to try to confirm ET and UFO existence that what we are really getting is data, information or content which is simply designed to perform subliminal dissemination only and prevent premature disclosure.

In other words, similar to how SCIENCE says SCION FENCE and they control the root of knowledge with a fence around it to control how knowledge grows on the planet, they control the data, information, and content at events with a metaphorical fence around them to prevent premature disclosure while simultaneously performing subliminal dissemination.


In other words just because the fact appears to be TRUE are you sure what the Truth really is? Once it is revealed Hetlau all the current reasoning associated with all the facts on Earth will have to be reassessed. What you may think is a fact right now may just be a false act performed by Hetlau that you are not aware of. So your fact may really be a fict. 

FICT = FIB FACT or a fact that is a lie

So the possibility exists that a Fict or Fiction, or the process of ficting, is really just an act that is false thus making it a fact which is a fib or lie. It seems confusing at first, but the key is to realize fiction still exists, so for example, when you have a book of fiction, it still is a fact that it is a book, it is just a fib. Though most fiction content is not meant to be interpreted as a fib or lie, it is just a more loose interpretation of it not being the truth.


The possibility exists that factitious based on its definition or information that is supposed to be a fact is actually artificially created or developed. So this provides confluence to the concept that once Hetlau is revealed all the facts on Earth will need to be reevaluated and many may be seen as artificially created or developed.


The possibility exists that since the definition of fictitious is not real or true, being imaginary or having been fabricated that once Hetlau is revealed all factitious and fictitious information will be seen as basically the same. Until the EA can understand what is actually true and real everything will be suspect as to it's credibility.


The possibility exists that the word proof means "provide official meaning." The person asking for proof wants an official or authoritative context provided to them as to the credibility of the content being evaluated. As we have seen with all the previous words before, it simply is not possible to accomplish based on the hidden reality taking place due to the Hetlau.

OFF = ON (opposite)
I = I
C = SEE (homophone)
E = ET (ecronym)

You can see how the possibility exists, even the word office, which is the core of the words official and officer, shows that, when you turn the word on to gets its true meaning by converting the opposite of off to on and translating ICE into I SEE ET, you can understand the possibility of a lot of officials, officers etc... may have hidden Hetlau association.



FIVE = 5
5 = E
E = ET (ecronym)

You can see how the possibility exists for the word prove to mean "provide five" or "provide ET" as in provide the actual ET meaning behind the proof which, unfortunately for the individual who is not Hetlau aware, is not going to happen until they either become Hetlau aware and do not succumb to HNFS and Besser mode or wait for partial disclosure. Even then, they will still be very confused.

Even the word provide has the possibility it says "produce VID (Visual IDentification) ET" or "produce visual recognition," the content being evaluated is ET in nature.


Do you see how the possibility exists that if you think something is True, it means you are trusting ET. Once you know Hetlau, all the things thought of as true will have to be reevaluated.


You can see the possibility exists and, at this point, probably is no surprise False says it's a fict that is also ET. In other words, everything on Earth True or False, Fact or Fiction is questionable as to what it really is until the Hetlau situation is resolved.

In summary, you can see the possibility exists that the odds in trying to prove anything related to Hetlau prior to disclosure are almost non-existent. An individual who wants to understand what is going on needs to be willing to look for repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. Short of that, any of the conventional concepts and terminology associated with proving ET & UFO phenomenon short of disclosure will just result in frustration and even more confusion.

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