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Worst Sci-Fi Couples of All Time

The worst sci-fi couples of all time are cringy, annoying, or just downright depressing to watch.

Science fiction has a lot of wonderful romances that fans love to see. Writers in the sci-fi genre generally end up being able to craft incredible stories about love in outer space, romancing while in a dystopian world, or other similar goodness. 

Unfortunately, there are some moments in sci-fi and fantasy that aren't really romantic as much as they are rage-inducing. Most of those moments are thanks to some really awful characters that fell in love and decided to be absolutely unlikable together. 

Wondering which couples are the worst sci-fi couples of all time? Here's our list of the worst of the worst. 

Anakin and Padme - Star Wars

Star Wars I through Star Wars III had an insane amount of character building for Anakin Skywalker—the boy who would eventually be known as Darth Vader. One attempt at character development is his relationship with Padme Amidala. 

Padme, being 14, first meets him as a nine-year-old boy. She tells Anakin that he'd always be a little boy to her. Anakin, not getting the hint, goes through much of Star Wars II trying to prove himself to her by being a creeper and using sand metaphors to express his feelings. They marry, and all seems well (sorta not really). 

Then Padme dies giving birth to his son, Luke Skywalker. Anakin, who had predicted this, slowly turns to the Dark Side and becomes a Sith Lord. But, before all this, he force-chokes Padme for talking back. This entire relationship was guided by his dark obsession with Padme. 

Frankly, there's a number of obvious reasons we're picking this unhealthy, hokey relationship as one of the worst sci-fi couples ever to hit movie screens. Take your pick. 

Cersei and Jaime - Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin manages to be the Jerry Springer of fantasy and sci-fi couplings. He just brings out some of the most screwed up elements in human relationships, and, in a weird way, most of us get too entranced to look away. As a result, a lot of the couples in his books make us thankful that we're in normal relationships—or that we're single. 

That being said, Cersei and Jaime from his book series, A Song of Ice and Fire (the basis of the television series Game of Thrones), might be one of the most catastrophic pairings of all time. First off, they're siblings. Secondly, they are twins. Third, one of them is murderously insane. Fourth, they are literally stuck in a lifetime relationship together. 

For all the times that you thought things couldn't get worse in your relationship, watching these two makes you realize things could get worse. It's really hard seeing them together without imagining them murdering one another. In terms of sheer chaos and unhealthy behavior, this might be one of the worst sci-fi couples ever made.

Troi and Worf - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Oh God, Troi and Worf might be one of the most annoying sci-fi couples ever. The concept of the two of them came when Worf accidentally slips into another reality, where he's actually married to Deanna Troi. Later on, he ends up courting her in his own native reality. 

Cute? Not really. 

The problem is that Worf is a fan favorite who's known for intelligence, intensity, and just being an overall badass. Deanna Troi? Well, she has her ability to see people as "potentially deceptive," but aside from that, she basically has the vibe of a Shojo Beat comic character. Most of what she does is add love-based issues to Star Trek: TNG plots. 

The two look and act really awkward and mismatched together. As a result of the writers and their epic fail on this front, they made our list of the worst sci-fi couples. 

Chief Tyrol and Cally - Battlestar Galactica

Ooh boy, this is not something that any Battlestar Galactica fan likes to see. Chief Tyrol is a man who beats up poor Cally until she gets landed in the sick bay. Cally is trigger-happy, and gets increasingly whiny the longer she stays with Tyrol. 

Men and women both find the ugliest sides of these characters when the two are together. Before that, both Cally and Tyrol were likable. They ruined two great characters with bad writing and a worse relationship. Fans were over them afterwards, and that makes them one of the worst sci-fi couples out there. 

The 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler - Doctor Who

When Rose was dating the 9th Doctor, it was easy to see why they were a couple. Her character gave that interesting suspense to the relationship, and there was a lot of compatibility. 

Rose Tyler played well with Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor and was actually one of that Doctor's saving graces at times. Unfortunately, that Doctor went out of the picture, and David Tennant's 10th Doctor took the helm of the Doctor Who franchise. 

The problem with this was that Tennant's Doctor was a great character—but wasn't really that great with Rose. Yes, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, even if Doctor Who writers never explicitly said so. 

But, unlike Rose's interactions with Eccleston, her interactions with David Tennant left a lot lacking. It was bland to watch her work with him. At times, he needed to be taken down a peg! 

To a point, their dynamic was overly sweet to the point of saccharine. Shippers be darned, but they were one of the worst sci-fi couples to hit TV screens. 

Valerie and Mac - Earth Girls Are Easy

Of all the sci-fi movies out there, Earth Girls Are Easy had to be one of the worst. In this one, a currently engaged Valley girl by the name of Valerie ends up falling for a fuzzy, long-tongued space alien named Mac after he has all his fur shaved off. 

The fact is, Valerie is really just an awfully annoying person with an equally annoying personality. She's engaged, which means she's cheating on her man. The aliens are, well, aliens, with personalities similar to that of a cardboard box. 

Do we really have to go on here? Campy, yes, but not in a good way, these two make one of the worst sci-fi couples to ever be main characters in an 80s movie. 

Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler - Howard the Duck

You know, there have been some interspecies couplings that were sexy before. There were some great Doctor Who pairings out there that involved Time Lords with sexy humans. There were a few Star Trek liaisons that were smoking hot. 

But, really, there's a certain point where a couple just looks so cringe-inducingly awkward that there's no saving it. Such is the case with the romance in the forefront of Howard the Duck in the movie series. 

Howard the Duck is a talking duck from the planet Duckworld. He lands on Earth, ends up meeting a band member by the name of Beverly Switzler, and they end up flirting. 

Yeah, no, it's incredibly awkward. It's so awkward that it actually wrecks the movie. Of all the worst sci-fi couples out there, this one is the one that makes us all collectively groan. 

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