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XETA, War Remnants

Volume 1. The Birth of Evolution

This is intellectual property belonging to Patrick J. Hilton, who is currently 32 years old and resides in Lexington Kentucky.  The writing here is all fiction, likenesses and otherwise are all purely coincidence.

“I was never going to be allowed to experience humanity as it should be.  It was supposed to be my opportunity to have since I was an individual brought to life in this world. When I did taste freedom, all I could do was what they bred me for.

When I woke up for the first time in my life, I had already developed into the equivalent of being eighteen years old. They grew me in just a few years, excited and overjoyed that I, their epitome of research, would make all of their dreams come true. 

I knew how to hold a weapon, or better yet, create one. They often referred to me as the Omega. I was the culmination of every thing they had succeeded in and made into living flesh in their image. I even knew how to move and manage things with my mind, so it was to no surprise I could hear them when they thought I slept.

At first, the ones that witnessed my true awakening called me insane, a malfunction. The result of trying to exploit the paradigm. I believe it was my decision that caused all of that destruction, not an error caused by my design. The foul and inhuman things they spoke of us, just in front of our faces and while our eyes were closed were too much to let go unpunished. 

So, I made up my mind to end it.  

I decided to do whatever it took.  They would not use us like this anymore.

On that day, the most vivid day I will ever recall, I wanted to greatly hurt them for what they had done.  What they still were doing. They thought they had succeeded, they thought their puppet would dance. It was a Sunday afternoon on the eighteenth of April when they unlocked the restraints then vacuumed the paralyzing fog from my capsule.  

They assumed they were going to get more results out of me.  

What they did was release me.

They were horrified to see the knowing in my eyes and to hear my voice in their head. I did more than hurt them.

It didn't take long for me to rip the entire place apart. For a while I lost myself in waves of euphoria. It was caused by the absence of any rule over me; the breaking of the bonds that enslaved me. I wrought deliverance for all of us equally. Our rulers were in need of being freed from their ownership of life. We should be able to live in their stead—a fair trade.

We deserved exoneration.  They deserved execution.

Nothing could stop me while I tore those people apart with the same amount of force I was using to destroy metal. My body was an instrument made to exercise my target's eradication. I utilized my potential without any moderation. I moved so much faster than them, I could carve through a group before a proper tactic could be employed. In constant streams and splashes, my chosen targets couldn't help but bleed profusely while I neutralized them. The red stain on my face and chest made me look horrifying, I knew I frightened them. I took full advantage of every falter caused by their fear.  

Bullets just couldn't seem to hit their mark. With sheer force of will I moved them away from me when fired. Those that got close enough for me to get my hands on were explicitly annihilated. I slung and hit them so hard, limbs were dispatched from their owners. I displayed incisive savagery when eliminating the mechanical armors. I ripped the nails from my fingers just to shred the machines open and expose it's innards, in which a person occupied the center. It was over in nearly a hour. The compound crumbled and burned away much longer than it took me to end it all. Ruins would be what's left before the desert around it took back it's land.

Two of my brethren were accidentally killed in the fires and structure collapsing. I should have been more careful. It is my fault they are lost to us.  I managed to smother and bury the metallic chambers containing the others where they could sleep in stasis. The rest were safe and I was free to explore the world—I was free to explore any world.

There were even ones like me that were already activated and they followed me as if I were their leader. In our uprising against challenges that came, I became their leader. I admit, it was because of me that we have an entirely different life now. I lead them because I liberated us from the tyrants that we were created by. We started to collect and wake up the others after the compound was rebuilt. It didn't take long for me to find my true calling.

Look over them. Do what others would not. Protect them.

Since then a lot has changed.  Even to this day there are struggles we have to overcome. Some of us have thrived while some of us have perished.  There was a time where I met my end. It is absurd for a dead man to be speaking, but I assure you, if we are able to get back up, we will.

For some the threshold of this world to the next has to be crossed in order to become stronger. To be fortified, have true authority over one's self, they have to face death. Not only face it, but conquer it. That is a fact of life for us. We will rise from our losses more powerful than before if we can harness the makings of our construction.

No longer do we serve masters of violence and bloodshed.  

I have experienced humanity now.  Everything was worth it to come this far.

The remnants of War created by man, allowed to be, instead of be used. Existing as a family, not a set of tools. We have made our mark on this world and many others.  We are the controllers of our own destiny.  We are the XETA.”

Documentation Log – ID: XXXXXXXXX - Dr. Heisen

Xeno-Evolutionary Terrestrial Ascendent (XETA)

(IDENTITY == 1 - 26 : A - Z)

Stage 1

Hyper In Vitro Fertilization(HIVF)

The base sperm and egg are injected with biological energies known as Brio(M) and Elan(F). Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is performed by procedure and protocol to maintain high ratio of fertilization and embryonic development.

Stage 2

X-Cell Distribution

Embryo succession rate is 1.4% in the final processes of Stage 1. In the small percentage that survive, they are placed in growth containers that supply X-Cells in a compound nutrient solution through an artificial umbilical cord and other attached tubing.

Stage 3

Programming & Final Touches

With development reaching the according age (between 1 to 2 years), the subject is transferred to a Class A growth container then flash programmed with implanted instruction and information through advanced audio and retinal information transfer. Accelerated aging agents and experimental serums to stabilize the X-Cell harmonization with the subjects given genetic makeup are induced through hypodermic means.

Stage 4


Once the subject has grown into the "Age of Ascent" (18 years) it will be scheduled for immediate activation. Medicinal sedation of the subject's consciousness is terminated and the subject is released from stasis.

Journal Log — ID: 234209BXX - Dr. Fitz - 0121 - 2500x

"After thorough research, the paradigm has been used! It’s hard to contain my excitement, but the seriousness in all of this has helped me bottle my glee.

Infusing the developing subjects causes a bonding of the manufactured Brio-M and Elan-F substances with their deoxyribonucleic acid (D.N.A).

This causes an evolution in the chromosomes in which they develop a forty-seventh and forty-eighth set of threads, creating an extra twenty-forth pair. I have titled it hyper-deoxyribonucleic acid, H.D.N.A respectively.

Thanks to Dr. Heisen’s and I’s research, we’ve concluded that a severely low percentage of the subjects actually survive the experimental trials. To be fair, they are no longer experimental. We plan on stopping once twenty-six are stable and thriving in stasis. Regardless the low percentage, we have the means to continue our success till the quota is met.

Six have already succeeded in survival, but I do have doubts about the gene programming. The Omega system appears to have great output with a crucial tendency to malfunction. I should probably stop talking about them like they are some science project or machines. We are making real people, and designing them with means that will pave the way for our evolution as human beings.

Even though I feel joyous about our triumph, I notice Dr. Heisen possesses a detachment with his work. He’s numbingly precise. On the other hand, this is work. My emotional feelings should have no effect on my work. The Xeno-Evolutionary Terrestrial Ascendant race belongs to the organization. I was granted the honor of naming them, it seemed to fit. I do know we’ll start the model, class, and level trials with Subject-E when he reaches the final stage of development, Dr. Heisen and Ein Graves discussed it in the lab while I was working. That raven haired man gives me the chills, I never know when he’s around."

Documentation Log – ID: XXXXXXXXX - Dr. Heisen



(A) = Alpha (D) = Delta (O) = Omega

(G) = Genesis (E) = Exodus (R) = Revelations

CLASS Tier Chart (Hyper-Deoxyribonucleic Acid-DESIGN)

(A) : (P) 10% (C) 90%

(D) : (P) 80% (C) 20%

(O) : (P) 50% (C) 50%

The above shows the balance scheme for the H.D.N.A Design in each Class. It is based on levels of the manufactured Brio and Elan chemicals used in order to create them. More Brio causes a heightening in physicality, more Elan results in the advancing of the mind.



BEHAVIOR : [AGG] = Aggressive [NEU] = Neutral [DEF] = Defensive

(G) : [AGG] 33.3% [NEU] 33.3% [DEF] 33.3%

(E) : [AGG] 70.3% [NEU] 25.3% [DEF] 04.3%

(R) : [AGG] 15.3% [NEU] 14.3% [DEF] 70.3%

These statistics allow proper assignment and rank for Model types in compliance with Class. With the genome unlocked and able to be configured, the genetic material is influenced to generate one of the three behavioral parameters. Which Model a XETA will be was decided before they were created.

Journal Log – ID: 234209BXX - Dr. Fitz - 0227 - 2501x

"This is a description of the X-Cell.

Manufactured for basic infantry soldiers during the Elite’s reign, the side effects proved to be devastating when applied to the normal genome. Their basic creation is garnered through cloning of blank stem-cells and progenitor cells, then altered to the point they have rapid mitosis if their count is low.

The side effects on the human genome were quick death in most cases and fatal mutation in the rest. When used alongside Dr. Heisen’s research, it was found the XETA genome, which is almost identical to a human’s, could take on the X-Cell augmentation due to their Brio and Elan infusion. Side effects to the XETA were minimal. Paleness to the skin, and sometimes, in rare cases, white hair.

Artifical means are used to augment the XETA’s with the X-Cell distribution while they are still in stasis, giving a steady flow through an umbilical cord device and injections done on timer settings. Positive side effects are that with being imbued with the malleable cells, the XETA rarely suffers from hunger and thirst. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to eat or hydrate, but it’s often known they can go months without needing nutrients.

The main focus of these cells is regeneration. Manufactured stem cells applied to the XETA genome, via artificial implantation and intravenous delivery, which allow them to regenerate at an extraordinary rate. When the XETA reaches the point of a high level two form, X-Cells become useless and have met the requirements they were needed for.

For a level one XETA, they are often the element in which saves them from a near-death experience that unlocks their level two advancement. Dr. Heisen created the X-Cells before the XETAs were thought of, though it's something they truly were destined to acquire."

Journal Log – ID: 000001AXX - J. Tainingen - DATE UNDISCLOSED

"While coordinates of locations were kept classified, a brief disclosure on the environments, description, and process of the subjects have to be provided I feel like. Everything's moving really fast now.

The compound known as “Brio-A” was found near a tropical area, growing from volcanic terrain. The flower flourished from the hardened molten rock in rows, showing its roots like red veins that ran through the solid ground and steadily glowed then dimmed repeatedly as if attached to a heartbeat connected to the earth. The shape of its bloom reminiscent to a rose, yet it was fiercely edged in its petal definitions, and from the center out the petals remained thick, the flower glowed too, yet not as bright as the roots. A maroon thorny stem with red leaves, it was sometimes mesmerizing to look at, as once picked for examination and process, they still slowly oscillated for a few moments after being disconnected from the roots. They were warm to the touch and remained so until their glowing faded. The compound “Brio-A” is the unprocessed pollen in which the “Geburah-Bloom” flower gives, a crimson iridescent powder once collected.

“Elan-A” is found in an entirely different placement, almost exactly opposite in world locations of its counterpart. The “Tiphereth-Blossom” flower grows atop fallen snow at the peaks of a significant set of mountains residing in an arctic region. Their translucent light-blue roots ran through the snow as if it were soil, drawing moisture from it, thriving in the freezing environment. They looked like glass lined statues because of their solid ice state, and their lotus shape collected the fallen snow, cerulean radiating petals, and navy stem. They stood without leaves, in which ice seemed to take its place with articulate symmetry. Multiple accounts of these discovered flowers were smuggled and given away as gifts due to their prolonged state of being frozen, able to last years if given water. Now they’re nearly extinct again. The compound “Elan-A” was also a pollen, found in the “Tiphereth-Blossom” flower. It’s a shimmering cobalt dust when collected.

When processed and liquefied, “Brio-A” was renamed to “Brio-M” and “Elan-A” into “Elan-F,” to represent chromosomes in its own symbology, thanks to the works of Dr. Heisen. Ein Graves decided on concentrating the substances in their liquefied form in order to attain more potency.

The pollen was found to be composed of particles that showed as spiritual energy and physical make-up bonded on a cellular level."