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Zodiac Signs

How Zodiacs Ruined My Life

Image via unosantafe.com

Zodiac Signs, the beauty of having the stars sum you up in so little words. It’s great to use for compatibility, for likeability, for a glimpse in time. Until it’s not.

Let me start off by saying I am in no way shape or form against or with zodiac signs. It has come to my attention that I do however have a huge addiction to finding out people's birthdays, then overthinking our compatibility as friends or more; hung up on how stars can predict the downfall of every human relationship out there and our day to day life.

So how did it all start? How did my obsession with Zodiac signs completely shift the way I look at the world around me?

It all started with the good o' Tumblr. There were cute little posts about which Zodiac signs you were & how you would be most likely to do whatever your Zodiac signs did in a situation like 'getting picked on'. I would always find it funny when there was something completely relatable to what I would do or if they got my favorite ice cream right. *reblog* Essentially Zodiac signs to me were like cute characters you and your friends could 'tag yourself' as.

At parties, people unironically would be asking "What's your zodiac sign?" Now, of course, there is the Chinese Zodiac where you have your birth YEAR but now the birth MONTH and DAY were in question. In my head, I only saw my zodiac sign as the 'cute, shy, artsy' one. Which I found similar to myself, so I took pride in it. People would throw shade at the Geminis in the group and shield themselves from the Scorpios, (which I’ve met awesome people of each, no shade) but all of it was just for FUN.

I had a best friend who, her and I, when we were watching Netflix shows would 'tag ourselves' but after a while, we found a new game of 'what's their zodiac signs'. So we would guess the characters' zodiac signs, look up what the world thinks their zodiac signs are, then look up the actors' zodiac signs. For fun. Eventually, we started playing that game at school with the people around us, whispering to each other what we think our friends' zodiac signs are. I think we really wanted to beat each other at this game because we would stay up late just watching videos on the zodiac signs.

When we had crushes we would immediately find out what their Zodiac sign was to see if we were compatible. We found out there is more to your regular sun sign, that there is actually a whole chart of planets that make up one person and you could actually have a dominant sign. Which was a great excuse to say you actually are another sign more compatible dominantly but when another situation arises you can switch to the other. A complicated mess indeed, any way you slice it; our minds began getting messed by the compatibility system of the Zodiac signs.

After a while, I started to look at the people around me and think:

"Maybe they secretly don't like me because we really aren't that compatible."

And all the negative connotations of my zodiac sign start to seep in. I apologize around me for the character I once was, just for fun, but am now living inside the shoes of. I am now thinking that this IS my image. I’ve had to block myself out of conversations and stop myself from looking up someone’s birthday...

Thank you all very much for listening to my story. No matter what the stars say, you are beautifully worthy. Happy Zodiac-ing.

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Zodiac Signs
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