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Are Extra Terrestrials Emotionally Indifferent?

Emotionally indifferenT versus Apathy


One of the most difficult things EA have to overcome in understanding ESH is the possibility that they are not like us at all. They may appear to look like us if they are in a humanoid body but that is where the similarity stops.

Most people don't pay any attention to the ET & UFO phenomenon and a small subset of people believe they exist and search for them without any success to date. The possibility exists an even smaller subset know they exist but are unable to elevate the conscious awareness at a societal level.

One reason for this is when you try to discuss the possibility of a being from another planetary system existing and interacting with EA two things happen:

  1. EA want the being to be good or benevolent (HNFS)
  2. EA want them to be similar thus making it easier understand them
EA fail to consider the possibility points 1 and 2 may be wrong and they avoid what a point 3 would infer that it may be a worst case scenario involving a being that goes to war (why?) against them and enslaves (EMSR) them.

So until an outside influence such as disclosure occurs there is little chance anything is going to change. The reason for this is the possibility exists for most EA:

  1. The thought of a worst case scenario is too awful to consider
  2. They are simply to busy with the day to day reality of life
  3. They are to distracted by misdirection
If all that isn't enough to make it seem like the problem will never end, the possibility of the concept of being Emotionally indiffernT will. EA love the possibility of projecting traits that are inherent to themselves on to others in order to compare how they act in regards to those traits in order to understand them better.

What EA are not aware of is the possibility ESH have a completely different set of traits or lack of traits than EA do. Though a HET may appear physically identical to an EA the possibility exists they are far from it. Rather than try to inventory all the qualities and try to compare them the first thing to do is realize the possibility of the disparity between the two beings.

The best way to see it is to use the Human (EA) to Animal comparison. So when you say the possibility exists an ESH is Emotionally indifferenT you can compare how a human feels when they kill a fly. They basically don't care at all about the fly. Killing the fly serves a vital purpose in that the fly spreads germs and killing it benefits humans and no concern need be given to the fly's death.

Basically, the possibility exists ESH feel the same way about EA. In other words, just like you can compare a Human (EA) to an Animal the possibility exists you can make an analogous comparison of ESH to EA.

So just like an EA killing a fly, the possibility exists of an analogous comparison of an ESH killing an EA serves a vital purpose in allowing the EA to be moved to another planet where they can be placed in a new body and continue to be used as a slave there. This allows for a more efficient use of resources and provides an example of how their thinking allows them to be Emotionally indifferenT.

Do EA care about a dog when they remove the puppy from the litter and it is going to spend the rest of its life without its family? NO, well maybe for a few minutes, but certainly not enough to stop the process of removing dogs from litters. So why should ESH care if they remove an EA from it family?

Immediately the possibility exists the EA apply their own traits to the situation and think how could any being be so inhuman to do something like that? Easy, ESH aren't human. Even when they are in human bodies on Earth they still aren't human so projecting human traits onto them is just going to make them harder to understand.

Humans have emotions and when they lack certain emphasis of those emotions they are said to be apathetic or indifferent. The difference with ESH is the possibility exists they don't even have emotions to begin with. So they are not apathetic they are Emotionally indifferenT.

The possibility of this concept is so foreign to an EA they are at a loss trying to comprehend it. Combine that with the possibility if they ever met a HET the being would tell them, of course, they have emotions and feelings and care about EA. Little does the EA know the very moment they are being told this the possibility exists the HET is performing mental telepathy with a cohort ordering the death and enslavement of another EA.

So aside from just waiting for disclosure, the possibility exists the EA has a lot of theorizing left to do in order to understand a being that may occasionally appear to look similar to them but as far as how they are designed to function is drastically different.

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Are Extra Terrestrials Emotionally Indifferent?
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