Lewis Jefferies12 hours ago
We Could Be About To See Previous Doctors And Rose Return In Series 10 Of 'Doctor Who'
Doctor Who' Series Ten has began filming with Block One already complete. Very little has been revealed about what to expect from the new Series apart from a few familiar faces and one new face. First...
Art-Peeter Roosve12 hours ago
Droids In Star Wars — The Untapped Potential
After having recently watched Her and Ex Machina - two brilliant but also very different movies on artificial intelligence (AI), the subject has wondered around my mind for the past few days. And sinc...
Art-Peeter Roosve13 hours ago
Why Alden Ehrenreich Is an Inspired Choice for the 'Han Solo' Spin-off
To be completely fair, I have not been that pumped up about the upcoming young Han Solo movie as the next Star Wars spin-off. Not to give a wrong vibe here, since Han Solo is one of my favourite movie...
Max Farrow13 hours ago
Star Wars: New Still from The Set of The Han Solo Movie Shows Off The Stellar Cast
“Don’t get excited!” In the midst of their flirtatious quarreling in The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo fires this line at Princess Leia — but honestly, we’re finding it very hard to take his advice ri...
Max Farrow13 hours ago
Boba Fett's Son & 4 Other Theories About Benicio Del Toro's Character In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
We may have less than a year to go until The Last Jedi hits our theaters, but its plot is as shrouded in secrecy as the dark side itself. Apart from the odd snippet gleaned from promotional material a...
Josh Gibbons13 hours ago
What It Means To Be "Conscious"
I am currently writing a book that describes 50 of my most life changing experiences on different psychedelic drugs, entitled (for now) "Trip Report: Five Years of Psychonautic Activity". This is the ...
Max Farrow13 hours ago
Boba Fett's Son & 4 Other Theories About Benicio Del Toro's Character In 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
We may have less than a year to go until The Last Jedi hits our theaters, but its plot is as shrouded in secrecy as the dark side itself. Apart from the odd snippet gleaned from promotional material a...
April Demarco9 days ago
Best Movies About the Moon
With no weather, no oceans, and no atmosphere, the Earth's only natural satellite is the Moon. As the fifth largest moon in the solar system, the Earth's Moon will forever be interesting, as well as c...
Eden Roquelaire19 days ago
5 Underappreciated Sci-Fi Shows
With so many amazing television shows out there, it can be hard to know where to turn your attention next. Here are five TV shows, some old, some ongoing, that are worth your perusal.
George Herman25 days ago
Best Space Western Sci-Fi Books
They are often misconstrued among the oscillating worlds of science fiction, but it's about time the best space western sci-fi books get the recognition they deserve. Don't know what a space western s...
Simon Mcbridea month ago
The Kardashev Scale
Nikolai Kardashev is a little known Russian astrophysicist—certainly in regards to the current phenomena of science-related pop-culture icons, but despite this, some of his ideas have seeped in throug...
Underrated Foreign Language Sci-Fi Films
Over the years, many countries around the world have tried their hand at creating great science fiction. Most of the best science fiction films of all time, if you ask mainstream audiences, come from ...
Star Wars Universe
The ultimate collection of movies, books, series, reviews, and more from the galaxy far, far away. May the Force be with you.
Interplanetary spaceflight, astronauts, and beyond. NASA is leading the exploration into space.
Sci-Fi Artists
Exploring science fiction and fantasy art from the 1970s to today.
Giant Space Cigar: New Observations Show Weird Interstellar Asteroid is 'like Nothing Seen Before'
A few weeks ago, something surprising happened when astronomers noticed an odd object moving quickly through the Solar System. Being on a large looping trajectory, it was first thought to be a previou...
Dr. Williams7 days ago
Common Ground
When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for nations to come together for the common good of humanity. When over sixteen thousand scientists recently agreed on one aspect of the future...
Kader Folles10 days ago
The Ocean Is Important. How Important?
Without the ocean, we simply wouldn't survive! We ALL rely on it, even those who live miles away from the shore. The ocean covers nearly three-quarters of the earth's surface and holds 97% of the plan...
Chris Coleman17 days ago
Language of Wonder
Throughout history the question has arisen many times as to what makes us human. What differentiates us from the common ape? Science has shown we share a majority of our DNA with other wild primates. ...
Dan Shouinard2 months ago
What Does the World Have Left In the Tank?
Mother Nature cries every time we slap her in the face...and now she is returning the hurt.
Sarah McDaniel3 months ago
The Science of Belief
As a child, I grew up with a very confusing set of morals. On one side was my father, whose family had no belief in God or anything of the sort; on the other hand was my mother's family, who were extr...
G.F. Brynn16 hours ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 8 (Pt.2)
Chapters 1 - 7 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations
SKYLERIZED 20 hours ago
Rew Is in Ruin
The leather straps were the toughest. Their difficulty made up for their tan blandness. They had a weird way of snaking across the abdomen and restricting the wrists. Bulkin Leathers manufactured them...
Georgie Cox3 days ago
There are two definitions of the word barren. In relation to land, describing a place as barren would suggest that the land was too poor to produce much or any vegetation. But people can be barren, to...
Eve Tawfick16 hours ago
Life in 2050
2017 has given the planet its fair share of miseries and it's hard not to imagine oneself in the distant future, far away from the incessant click of phones and barrage of selfies (including my own, c...
Simon Mcbridea month ago
Relativistic Kill Vehicle
Warfare is constantly progressing, constantly changing. During World War II we pitted troops against each other on great fields of war in ways in which we haven’t seen since. Modern battles are fought...
Simon Mcbridea month ago
The Kardashev Scale
Nikolai Kardashev is a little known Russian astrophysicist—certainly in regards to the current phenomena of science-related pop-culture icons, but despite this, some of his ideas have seeped in throug...
Kelsey Lange21 days ago
Coolest Observatories and Planetariums in the US
When is the last time you learned something about the universe? Observatories and planetariums are often overlooked compared to museums, aquariums, zoos, and galleries — and that's a shame! The cooles...
Pierre Roustan3 months ago
5 Articles About Earth and the Creatures on It That'll Shock the Crap Out of You
The scary thing about the fact that this kind of stuff actually does happen -- or will happen, or has happened right under our noses -- is that on the surface it's meh. I mean, so what! And that's par...
Matthew Sullivan4 months ago
My Personal Ranking of Star Wars Movies
Eligible Movies: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens
Aidan O'Kane10 days ago
Neurothought Issue 0
Shanghai, China. Beautiful city during both day and night, but what's under the city is the part they'd prefer to keep hidden. Drug runners, human trafficking, every crime you could possibly think of....
Legit Alley19 days ago
=•Sam's POV•= "SAM GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED OR ELSE YOU WILL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" My sister yelled from the outside of my closed door. I let out a loud and tired moan as I rolled over, out of bed, and...
Joseph Farleya month ago
Best New Sci-Fi Books
The best sci-fi books always feel sort of new, that's part of their wide appeal. While many folks like to stick to classic sci-fi, there are many great new writers doing amazing things, and that's why...
Jay Vergara2 days ago
You Have To See This Disney Princes x Star Wars Crossover!
Artist Phill Berry has taken your favorite Disney princesses and given them a Star Wars inspired makeover in this awesome art series. This concept has been done a few times and it's honestly one of my...
Bill Shaffir19 days ago
H.R. Giger's 'Necronomicon'
Necronomicon is the first major published compendium of images by influential Swiss artist H.R. Giger. The book became very popular in the world of sci-fi, and it was famously given to director Ridley...
History in Layers: The Work of Simon Kregar Jr.
While photographs are great for accurately capturing historical elements, sometimes they are out of focus or miss something that is just out of frame. Enter the artist. When a trained artist takes a h...
Ania W14 hours ago
Prologue: Young Adult Fantasy Novel
Constantine Grigorov thought that the merciless wind would freeze him to death. If he wasn’t dead already. Technically dead. His white, waxy skin hadn’t felt an icy kiss of cold for centuries or a war...
Luna Rose3 days ago
The War That Shook the Earth
Love is no small thing in the supernatural world, even if the word is much different. Love in the supernatural world signifies a lifelong bond rather than a fleeting feeling. If you lose the one you l...
Chelsea Turner3 days ago
Voices of the Live Ones: Chap 1 Pt 1
Voices of the Live Ones Part One – Crack in the Glass Eye Chapter One: Embers I once believed in a True Earth. That’s what the textbooks read: “For when our souls finally leave the ruins of This Earth...
Kelly Hawks5 days ago
Breaking News—Evidence of Alien Life Has Been Found!
Have our hopes and dreams finally become a reality? Have we finally discovered that alien life really does exist? The answer: no, we haven't... Not yet at least. We have yet to hear a truthful and sci...
Joe Baines15 days ago
The World as We Know It (Pt. 1)
The world as we know it can be a fascinating place. A place where we can adventure into the unknown, and obviously that's where this is heading. Perhaps a space adventure that we take too far or a cro...
Simon Mcbride16 days ago
Invasion Earth
Alien invasions of Earth have been a staple of science fiction storytelling since H.G. Wells. From then to today we have had stories of humanity versus an alien threat retold to us in many different w...
What Was the Solar System's Mysterious Interstellar Visitor Last Week?
Last week, something unusual was detected moving through the Solar System, a small object which didn't seem to behave like any known comets or asteroids. In fact, its behaviour suggested that it origi...
Simon Mcbridea month ago
Interstellar Object
One of the first sci-fi books I ever read was Rendevzous With Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. I was only about twelve years old, and it left a lasting impression. My imagination has been running overtime fo...
ULA Launches Classified NROL-52 Payload for the NRO
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — With a mighty roar, and after a string of delays, United Launch Alliance (ULA) finally sent the classified NROL-52 mission to orbit on behalf of the National Reconnaissance Offi...
SKYLERIZED a day ago
Like Luthiers
For all of the contraptions that the company Zeroth Robots, could dream up, there remained a most special device. This appliance didn’t do your homework for you. No, it didn’t wash your face for you o...
Joel Jackson2 days ago
Mashed Potatoes
Beep Boop thought the robot. He woke up for the first time 4 minutes 18 seconds ago. They told him he was a robot 4 minutes 12 seconds ago. The word disturbed a graveyard of buried images. He saw glim...
Kafui Okpattah12 days ago
Can Robots Dream of Human Emotion?
Artificial intelligence is a theme that we avid film watchers can never resist. There are many awful representations out there, but when cleverly portrayed and explored, it exposes deep philosophical ...
Tom Chapman18 hours ago
From Alpha Prime To Zathura: The A To Z Of Sci-Fi
Can you make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, can you tell your critters from your gremlins, and how is your Klingon recently? Ever since the H.G. Wells novel in 1897 and the War of the Worlds ...
Max Farrowa day ago
The Curious Case of Ben Kenobi — Why Does Obi-Wan Age So Quickly?
With the release of the awesome Rogue One: A Star War Story, Lucasfilm is continuing to expand the vast and compelling Star Wars universe. From kyber crystals, to Darth Vader’s injuries and his formid...
Tom Chapman3 days ago
In Sequels No One Can Hear You Scream: 'Alien: Covenant' Gets First Poster
Something is scuttling in the air vents, so get out your flamethrower, #AlienCovenant is coming, and it is sooner than expected! The Ridley Scott outer space adventure just dropped its first poster, a...
Beware Modern Technology
The gleaming, shiny surface of my new MacBook Pro shone like a beacon as the Best Buy guy set up my new computer. I sat as still as I possibly could while I watched the technician fiddle with cords an...
Knighten Cooper3 months ago
The World's Metamorphosis
I leveled the sword against my opponent. "I challenge you to a duel. Winner takes the throne." The king stood up and while removing his crown and outer cloak replied, "So be it." He lunged forward whi...
Made in DNA3 months ago
Screaming Metal (Part 015)
There didn't seem to be rhyme or reason to the timing of the outbursts. She needed to calm herself, lest she trigger a collapse and join Il'on and the rest of the junk here in eternal obscurity. As be...