Danielle Murray14 hours ago
Top 10 'Doctor Who' Episodes: The Twelfth Doctor's Era
This list was a slightly different experience for me because I was watching two of the Twelfth Doctor's seasons for the first time whereas all the other season before now were re-watches. I think Pete...
Paul Levinson15 hours ago
Review of 'Counterpart' 2.4
The best part of the excellent Counterpart 2.4, I thought, were the two Emilys. Actually, three Emilys, which is what made this hour different and so revealing. The third Emily is Emily as a little a ...
Gavin Spoors18 hours ago
The Retrospective Series—'Looper'
When it comes to films deemed 'unloved,' there are worse cases than Looper. It was universally praised by critics and it did surprisingly well at the box office, especially considering the film's mode...
Lena Bailey18 hours ago
This is a part of my 31 posts of creepy. To me, anything cult or cult-like is very creepy. Scientology has been around for years, but has gained popularity and press with all the famous people who are...
Paul Levinson19 hours ago
Review of 'Counterpart' 2.3
Another sharp episode of Counterpart, 2.3—actually, they've all been sharp this season, more clear and precise than last season, which works for me. Among the most instructive developments: Our Howard...
Abigail Wadsworth20 hours ago
Library of Souls
I had just finished reading yet another book. As I closed it, the pages now witness to all the emotions I had felt while reading, I looked up. Staring at the wall trying to wrap my head around the rea...
Explore Neuroscience with the Backyard Brains SpikerBox
I'm a 62-year-old man, yet I still struggle to fully understand what exactly neuroscience is. This could be attributed to the fact that I'm, well, not a neurosurgeon. I'm a shift supervisor at Bob's D...
Rod Faulkner14 days ago
Why We Need More Science Fiction Set in the 'Other' Final Frontier
Most of us know water covers the majority of Earth's surface. Here is another staggering statistic, according to the Schmidt Ocean Institute, ocean exploration has only mapped five percent of the seaf...
Justin Runyon23 days ago
Jobs of the Future
Let's look at jobs that may be created 25 years from now:
Riley Raul Reesea month ago
Best Christmas Gifts for Conspiracy Theorists
Reptilians are taking over the planet. Alien-human hybrids are being made in underground labs. The Illuminati is out to get us. Do these sentences remind you of a certain someone you know? If so, you'...
WatchMojo a month ago
Top 10 Amazing Scientific Discoveries Made Recently
What a fascinating time to be alive! Welcome to Watchmojo.com, and today we're counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Amazing Scientific Discoveries Made Recently." For this list, we’re looking at th...
Lewis Jefferies2 months ago
Amazon Prime Blunder Releases New ‘Doctor Who’ Episode Days Before Its Premiere
Doctor Who Series 11 has taken off on a high start with the viewing figures for the opening episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” now exceeding 11 million viewers. The series penned by new showrunner,...
Kuri Robot Story
Where did Kuri, the adorable home robot, come from? Submit your Kuri Origin Stories Today! Sponsored by Mayfield Robotics.
Star Wars Universe
The ultimate collection of movies, books, series, reviews, and more from the galaxy far, far away. May the Force be with you.
Interplanetary spaceflight, astronauts, and beyond. NASA is leading the exploration into space.
Pouria Nazemi10 days ago
The Far Side of the Moon
For people who are interested in space exploration, 2019 is already becoming a historic year. Just a few hours after the new year, the New Horizons probe did a fly by near a far far object named, Ulti...
Danna Molina14 days ago
Recreation of the Rain Phenomenon
The planet Earth presents diverse types of ecosystems that are the result of the combination of the geographical conditions with the specific wildlife conditions for that habitat, this means that each...
Danna Molina14 days ago
Dielle Ciesco10 days ago
Meme Busting: It's All Relative
What does it mean that something is relative? "It's all relative" is something we say when the truth of something depends upon the context to which it is applied. For example, while one person might l...
Michael Thielmann2 months ago
Blueprints for a New Society
This will be a rather ambitious 600 words, but I am definitely up for the challenge. I want to briefly outline some of the key factors that I feel are an essential part of moving ahead in a sustainabl...
r. nuñez2 months ago
La Lengua del Diablo
When I was very young, a neighbor lady told me a Mexican fable, which asserted that a gossip can do what the devil cannot. The pointed significance of the story was that in a time and place of more si...
Home? (Chapter 13)
When I wake up, I find myself in the same room, dark and cold. Lonely. Nausea hits me almost instantly, so I remain tucked in bed for a longer while, wondering, thinking. My head cannot think too clea...
SKYLERIZED 6 days ago
The Power of Their Minds
Night fell on the Balm Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware. Three black men in their mid-30s, Dr. Matt Kingsbury, Dr. Derrick Tining, and Dr. Wendell Saxby, all confronted a gang once they walked outside...
SKYLERIZED 9 days ago
He looked at the big board again. Millions of faces of mostly men with grimaces, some oddly smirking, flashed across the digital display. Bert Jaunt looked over to his associate Kanika Haverford. Only...
Daisy Rowley23 days ago
The Best Alternative Technological Sources for Future Energy Needs
Clearly the current methods of running industry, heating homes and transporting goods and people around the world are posing a serious threat on the ecosystem and now must be replaced by something els...
Shane Cook2 months ago
What Is Global Warming?
In this paper we will be doing a critique on National Geography’s article "What Is Global Warming?" National Geographic has been around for many years. There is not one author that wrote this article,...
Shane Cook2 months ago
Will Pollution End Us?
With the way we are going with carbon dioxide pollution saturating the air, will the world begin to expel us to cleans itself? Will we, as people, learn to respect the earth in time to reverse what we...
Toni Velagic3 months ago
10 Fantasy Authors You Need in Your Library
My first loves in life were books. Specifically fantasy novels. I would read them every day before school, after school, and before bed. You could always find a book in my hand. Fantasy as a genre has...
Skylar Abdeljalil7 months ago
Going Punk: A Writer's Guide to the Punk Side of Sci-Fi
When you hear the word "punk," what do you think of? Hoodlums on skateboards? Or maybe a kid wearing black eyeliner and their bangs all swept over one eye? Punk means different things to different peo...
Kelsey Langea year ago
Coolest Observatories and Planetariums in the US
When is the last time you learned something about the universe? Observatories and planetariums are often overlooked compared to museums, aquariums, zoos, and galleries — and that's a shame! The cooles...
Abigail Wadsworth20 hours ago
Library of Souls
I had just finished reading yet another book. As I closed it, the pages now witness to all the emotions I had felt while reading, I looked up. Staring at the wall trying to wrap my head around the rea...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Full Bird
Retired Marine Colonel Sebastian “Bastion” Hills stood on the tarmac in Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. The gleaming aircraft possessed wings that jutted out like fingers. The fuselage was an...
Elijah Taylora month ago
Leviathan (Pt. 4—Ending)
CHAPTER 6: THE ECLIPSE Upon arrival, The Eclipse doesn’t scan the second escape pod doubling up. HANGER-BAY SEVEN CLAYTON “Welcome back home, brother.” ALEX “You have no right to call me that.” Alex c...
Lindsi Werner2 months ago
The Two Mysteries of Our World
This drawing I started was one of a kind for me. I had a friend come up to me and ask if I can make a tattoo design for her, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I truly love the experience tha...
Courtney Ford2 months ago
Jump into Animation
A computer-generated image is an image taken from one format and is put through different software to create a realistic image. You can also combine CGI images with other images to make them look even...
Edward Germana year ago
The Art of William Black
William Black is a professional digital artist specializing in science fiction, space travel, and the future. He has done commission artwork for unspecified clients. However he profiles and sells pers...
Brynne Nelson5 days ago
Hope Amidst (Prologue)
The room was spinning, the light sparking in the tears stuck in Clara’s eyes. She felt her body collapse to the floor, but it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered in that moment. Breathing was an afterthou...
Bruce Arnold12 days ago
The Two Eyed Girl
She stood amongst her friends, just chatting away. I heard something about how she swallowed her own eyes to clean them when they got dirty. She had to be talking about a story. Maybe. I shifted in my...
Felecia Burgetta month ago
The Fire Stone Curse
A dragon ran loudly through the forest, crashing helplessly through brush and logs and trailing her ripped wing behind her. Her scales were red and dark with blood where the dead skin's arrows pierced...
Where Are the Aliens?
In 1950, Enrico Fermi went to lunch with his friends. It was a good time to be a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Science was cracking the shell of an entirely new discipline, one with ter...
Rowan Marley2 months ago
People Recall Their Experiences With the Real Men in Black
In the fall of 2018, news finally broke out about the latest addition to the Men in Black franchise, and I couldn't be more excited. Men in Black 4 has already reached production and that means that u...
Simon Mcbride2 months ago
First Contact
When it comes to thinking about first contact scenarios we tend to default to imagining humanity versus a more advanced alien race. Typically this comes in the form of massive spaceships orbiting the ...
Matthew Evans21 hours ago
The Interstellar Visitor
New analyses of the different observations made show that his behavior is closer to that of a comet. Eight months ago, astronomers detected an object in space with a very strange shape and path. Resem...
Shandi Pace18 days ago
1968: The Successful Journey of Apollo 8
Apollo 8 was a specifically memorable journey. It was the first time a spacecraft had orbited the moon and more extraordinary, it was the first time we were provided with a glimpse of our very own planet.
Ven essa19 days ago
To What Extent Should Space Agencies Prioritize Sending a Manned Mission to Mars?
Space is the current, unexplored frontier. People have been really fascinated by the new idea of the actual ability to colonize another planet such as Mars. There are even some trips planned to go to ...
Audrey Waltersa month ago
The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Human Race
I do believe that AI can lead to a positive future for humanity—and not necessarily end up like a cliché horror movie from Hollywood. There are many benefits and marketing ideas for AI that can help m...
Johann Hollar2 months ago
Flesh to Metal
I am well aware of the Cyber Initiative based on the Mortal Kombat game seen above. I am also aware that in the series it was taken down by Sub-Zero. But I am not here to discuss the fictitious world ...
Sophie Ross2 months ago
What Happens if AI Doesn’t Live Up to the Hype?
Popular opinion has it that artificial intelligence is the future—machine learning has delivered some groundbreaking technologies in the hands of the human race that will change the way people live, w...
Jonathan Sim24 days ago
'Men In Black: International' Official Trailer Breakdown!
2019 is gonna be a year filled to the top with great movies. While I fully intend to watch movies such as Avengers: Endgame and John Wick 3: Parabellum, another movie that I'm excited to watch has just had a new trailer. The new trailer for Men In Black: International has just come out. This film is a spin-off of the original Men In Black trilogy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as secret agents who keep the Earth safe from alien invasions.
WatchMojo a month ago
Terminator: Explained!
When people think about time travel, robot uprisings, and judgment day, the Terminator films immediately come to mind. Welcome to WatchMojo.com and today we'll be going back in time to take a look at ...
Blake O'Connora month ago
10 Reasons Why ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Is the Best Sci-Fi Movie Ever Made
Like Homer's Odyssey, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a parable that will live on for generations and unearths many philosophical questions. Released in 1968, director Stanley Kubrick, writer Arthur C. Clark...
Tiffany Harper25 days ago
Three Ways We Are Already Using Machine Learning
You’ve probably heard all of the hype about how AI is here with us already, giving us things like instant machine translation and self-driving cars. However, as a regular person, it can be difficult f...
LC Douglassa month ago
How Many Saints Are There in Outer Space?
According to physicist Michio Kaku, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) began with Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) in the 16th century. From Wikipedia: "[Bruno] is known for his cosmologica...
Marshall Barnes2 months ago
What to Get Those 2 Silicon Valley Billionaires Who'll Be Stuck Here Because the Simulated Universe Doesn't Exist?
"Imagine, being back in the late 70s, in the days where the home computer revolution was just starting to take off, except for one thing - Instead of Jobs and Gates starting it all in those home garages, it's you!" That's the way I imagine a sales pitch to the still, unidentified, two Silicon Valley billionaires who are allegedly funding (or want to fund) research that will break them out of what they believe to be the simulated universe that we all exist in. As I reported in my original article...