Peter P16 hours ago
'Occupation' (2018)
I got out of worse situations than this. Been married three times. This must be the stupidest movie ever made about aliens who want to use our planet as a replacement. We already saw it happening in W...
Donald Jefferson18 hours ago
Some Useful Tips for Novice Futurist Writers
Novice writers have a lot of creativity and potential in them. At first, though, this potential isn’t refined. The good news is that there are ways that it can be improved into something great. Here, ...
DJKay :)18 hours ago
The Blue Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 1 - Frost (Part 1) To the human eye, Ciara Frost was ordinary, except with an alternative sense of style. She had to admit as she walked down the street with people staring that her look didn'...
Riley Pearce19 hours ago
Why the Moon Is the Most Fascinating
Every night when you look up into the night sky, with the exception of the new moon, you see a bright, glowing ball of beauty. In the night sky we are reminded of how small and special we are. We exis...
William Valleau2 days ago
The World of Yunghnar: Ukir's Khanship
In the old times, Ukir the First was a notorious raider across the easternmost coast of the Orcish Khanlands and across the sea to Niho. His son, however, has come to peace with the Niho people and ha...
Megan Andresen3 days ago
Rethink: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Earth Day 2019 is a great day to start thinking about your everyday life. Every single day should be Earth Day. Cheers to the Earth! Unless it is affecting your everyday life, you’re most likely putti...
Pouria Nazemia month ago
'LDR:' Brave, Bold and Not Afraid of Technology
Love, Death and Robots (LDR) is now streaming on Netflix. LDR is a series of 18 episodes of short animations. Each episode is different in the graphics and animation style. Some episodes are using cla...
Ainsley Lawrence3 months ago
How Science Fiction Will Influence the Future of Interior Design
Science fiction has been a cultural phenomenon for decades now, impacting the landscape of our lives in numerous ways, from our terminology and the way we think to what we wear, what we drive, and whe...
Brett Tortorello4 months ago
Explore Neuroscience with the Backyard Brains SpikerBox
I'm a 62-year-old man, yet I still struggle to fully understand what exactly neuroscience is. This could be attributed to the fact that I'm, well, not a neurosurgeon. I'm a shift supervisor at Bob's D...
Rod Faulkner4 months ago
Why We Need More Science Fiction Set in the 'Other' Final Frontier
Most of us know water covers the majority of Earth's surface. Here is another staggering statistic, according to the Schmidt Ocean Institute, ocean exploration has only mapped five percent of the seaf...
Justin Runyon4 months ago
Jobs of the Future
Let's look at jobs that may be created 25 years from now:
Riley Raul Reese4 months ago
Best Christmas Gifts for Conspiracy Theorists
Reptilians are taking over the planet. Alien-human hybrids are being made in underground labs. The Illuminati is out to get us. Do these sentences remind you of a certain someone you know? If so, you'...
Kuri Robot Story
Where did Kuri, the adorable home robot, come from? Submit your Kuri Origin Stories Today! Sponsored by Mayfield Robotics.
Star Wars Universe
The ultimate collection of movies, books, series, reviews, and more from the galaxy far, far away. May the Force be with you.
Interplanetary spaceflight, astronauts, and beyond. NASA is leading the exploration into space.
Flora Mayera month ago
Will Humans Ever Be Able to Outrun a Car?
Will humans ever be able to outrun a car? Answering this question will definitely require more physics than logic. One needs to understand how velocity changes with time (acceleration), as well as how...
Wonk! Magazine2 months ago
Should You Trust Your Senses?
There’s a famous saying that "seeing is believing," as people will often not believe something until they have seen or experienced it for themselves. It’s almost like when someone says to you, "Don’t ...
Pouria Nazemi4 months ago
The Far Side of the Moon
For people who are interested in space exploration, 2019 is already becoming a historic year. Just a few hours after the new year, the New Horizons probe did a fly by near a far far object named, Ulti...
E.K. Sandoval4 days ago
Human Parts
Of course, I was punished by the principal and sent home early. My mother picked me up. She hated the Forsythe's so she only acted like she was scolding me in the car. However, what she was really doi...
John Ames8 days ago
A society is built of many things grown over time from the ashes of the past. Built upon generations of humankind from where life began in Africa to the first cities of Mesopotamia. Society evolved th...
E.K. Sandovala month ago
Human Parts
I was around seven, of course going to school in the Plasmeridia History School, Seraphobin district. Everyone goes to the history school when they are a child to learn the basic fundamentals of this ...
1202 Duece Lee10 days ago
Muladhara (Ch. 8)
The sad door moans as it opens into the lifeless one story home. The frightening woman I met just a few months earlier now drags her head in defeat. I rip the note from the door and follow Tilly insid...
Adizzy D13 days ago
Midnight Astrology
I love the stars, the planets, everything about the galaxy. I am always looking through my telescope late at night. The constellations of the stars always mesmerized me, they sucked me in. Everything ...
JC.W 16 days ago
Hole on the Moon
There are many unsolved mysteries in human history—the formation and rupture of prehistoric civilization, the occurrence of floods, the simultaneous rise of 10 suns, and the disappearance of the Sun a...
Daisy Rowley4 months ago
The Best Alternative Technological Sources for Future Energy Needs
Clearly the current methods of running industry, heating homes and transporting goods and people around the world are posing a serious threat on the ecosystem and now must be replaced by something els...
Shane Cook5 months ago
What Is Global Warming?
In this paper we will be doing a critique on National Geography’s article "What Is Global Warming?" National Geographic has been around for many years. There is not one author that wrote this article,...
WatchMojo a month ago
10 Things That Would Happen If the World's Ice Melted
A real life waterworld would be even worse than the movie. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the "10 Things That Would Happen If the World’s Ice Caps Melted." For this ...
Iggy Paulsen2 months ago
11 Chilling Top Secret Government Experiments That Allegedly Exist
Science fiction writers love a good twisted tale about science gone bad. Even the earliest sci-fi, like Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, started off with a scientist that pushed the envelope too far. These...
Toni Velagic7 months ago
10 Fantasy Authors You Need in Your Library
My first loves in life were books. Specifically fantasy novels. I would read them every day before school, after school, and before bed. You could always find a book in my hand. Fantasy as a genre has...
Valor Gosch3 days ago
Personal Responsibility
The air reeked of cigarettes and alcohol along with other substances of an illegal nature. The counters of the bar were filled with men and women from the worst of humanity, hunched over the stained m...
1202 Duece Lee19 days ago
Svadhishthana (Ch. 7)
I open my eyes to a city whose extravagance perfectly parallels the mundane nature of Angele Emerald. The tallest structure back there is the water tower, which is buckling under its own age. "Where a...
E.K. Sandovala month ago
Eyes flutter open. Sun shines through glass wall. The bed wraps itself around him, trying to hold him in slumber just a little longer, but today is a new day. His upper body flings forward in a perfec...
Lindsi Werner5 months ago
The Two Mysteries of Our World
This drawing I started was one of a kind for me. I had a friend come up to me and ask if I can make a tattoo design for her, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I truly love the experience tha...
Courtney Ford6 months ago
Jump into Animation
A computer-generated image is an image taken from one format and is put through different software to create a realistic image. You can also combine CGI images with other images to make them look even...
Edward Germana year ago
The Art of William Black
William Black is a professional digital artist specializing in science fiction, space travel, and the future. He has done commission artwork for unspecified clients. However he profiles and sells pers...
DJKay :)18 hours ago
The Blue Queen (Part 2)
Chapter 1 - Frost (Part 1) To the human eye, Ciara Frost was ordinary, except with an alternative sense of style. She had to admit as she walked down the street with people staring that her look didn'...
William Valleau2 days ago
The World of Yunghnar: Ukir's Khanship
In the old times, Ukir the First was a notorious raider across the easternmost coast of the Orcish Khanlands and across the sea to Niho. His son, however, has come to peace with the Niho people and ha...
Castellion's Values
Last time, the Castellion's and the kingdom of Celest lost their loved ones, and the powerful family made an ancient enemy, Orion himself barely had time to grieve over his children. Helen, his wife, ...
Matthew Kresal9 days ago
Seeking Answers "Somewhere In the Skies"
In the last seven decades, there's been a lot written on the subject of UFOs. Both for, and against, their existence, government cover-ups, where they're coming from, and any number of other topics al...
Erin Montgomery25 days ago
I Can't Breathe in This Mask
“Erin, watch where you’re walking.” “But I can’t see.” I was 4 years old. I was wearing the first Halloween costume I can remember. I was Isis from the old TV show about the “Super Friends.” I remembe...
Eric Pernella month ago
We ran hastily through the forest, our bare feet scratching and being stuck, like a pig, by any rock, twig or pointy object below us. We wouldn't be running if Carl hadn’t sneezed, god damn Carl, we t...
SKYLERIZED a month ago
Reason First: Is Scientific Exploration the Answer to Unreason?
The greatest scientific mind of all time, Albert Einstein, made a prediction that large events in space, like the collision of black holes, produced ripples, like a large American flag being shaken up...
The Voyager Golden Record: Humanity's Soft Place to Land
There's an X-Files poster on my bedroom door. You know the one: a grainy photo of a UFO blown up against a canopy of pine trees with "I WANT TO BELIEVE" written in block letters across the bottom. The...
Amy S2 months ago
Bizarre Space Conspiracy Theories
Because some conspiracies are just out of this world...
Flora Mayer15 days ago
Software Translators as a Threat to Human Translators
Machines are incapable of understanding the meaning of anything, and they, therefore, give the translation without a meaning!
Paul Levinson2 months ago
'Golem,' 'Frankenstein,' 'Westworld'
I talk about the evolution of the artificial being at the New York City College of Technology, CUNY, 27 November 2018.
Singster Jones 2 months ago
The Director
I don't remember the time before the Director was born. He controls our life, our conversations, our work, everything. You can't breathe without the Director knowing. He's like God, he's f****** every...
My Review of 'Upgrade'
Upgrade is a movie that's been talked about by a lot of reviewers last year. They were ranting and raving about how this movie was the sci-fi movie of 2018. I didn't hear much about it because it's an...
Paul Levinsona month ago
Review of 'Mirage'
A sad-sweet glistening star of a time travel movie—from Spain—on Netflix. Although Mirage doesn't break any new ground in time travel, it offers an endearingly memorable story, and takes its place as ...
Sean Patrick2 months ago
Spoiler Alert: Five Reasons the Ending Ruined 'Alita: Battle Angel'
Through the first two thirds of its run time, Alita: Battle Angel is genuinely entertaining. Newcomer Rosa Salazar has an engaging presence and she's backed up by an all-star team of Academy Award eli...
Oliver Whitea month ago
The Future of Solar Technology
Our current approaches to producing solar energy are not practical on a commercial or industrial scale, and if it is to survive in the energy industry new methods must be utilized. The methods discuss...
Tiffany Harper4 months ago
Three Ways We Are Already Using Machine Learning
You’ve probably heard all of the hype about how AI is here with us already, giving us things like instant machine translation and self-driving cars. However, as a regular person, it can be difficult f...
LC Douglass4 months ago
How Many Saints Are There in Outer Space?
According to physicist Michio Kaku, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) began with Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) in the 16th century. From Wikipedia: "[Bruno] is known for his cosmologica...