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Beautiful World: Transgression


SOURCE: https://www.peginc.com/tag/hell-on-earth-companion/

My name is Lorien; Lorien Delgado if you must know.  I am who leads the rebellion.

This story I'm about to tell you is a story of my own. A story of my life that I will tell you from the memories that haunt me every time I close my eyes. They run through my thoughts constantly– forever burned in my mind. I'm unable to escape the tragedy, pain, and sorrow I beheld. For my story has no good end.

Oh, how I long for the days of my youth to return.

Days when I had all I could ask for. Although back then I may have seemed ungrateful; I truly and genuinely am thankful to have had the chance to witness the freedom and peace that was left. For now, I live in a time where such things do not exist. That is why I fight! That is why I lead the rebels and the rebellion! These are people of all different religions but one creator and they trust me to lead them. I am of those who believe in God. The one and only True Divine Father, Our God. Creator of heaven, Earth, and all things.

That is why they sought to take our lives.

They bade us join them and if we refused we were sacrificed to their Gods. Beheaded and killed like cattle. The ancient order sought to seek a way to bring hell to earth. Unfortunately for us, they have succeeded. Now earth crawls with devilish creatures. Creatures who have rebelled against God and many people who have turned their backs on God. They are all damned. Condemned from the gates of heaven for their wicked deeds. This beautiful World I once had known has gone into transgression.

In our English Bibles, 'transgression' has a very specific meaning: intentionally breaking God’s laws.

This means there is a willful nature to our actions. We know something is wrong, yet we do it anyway. We know God forbids it, but we disobey. We don’t just fall short of the mark while making our best efforts. We determine to do what is wrong. This is self-will. This is pride. This is rebellion.”

It saddens me for many other survivors and I have lost so much.

Yet our faith stands strong and we continue to fight this war until the day God shakes the earth with the power of Heaven. The corrupt will try to hide but all will be shown before God. God’s Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Now, I will start my story not in the days of my youth when everything was sweet, but in the days in which all this had started.

I hope you are prepared, for my story holds much tragedy, pain, and sorrow. For my story has no good end.

Image source: zdislav beksinski https://www.wikiart.org/en/zdislav-beksinski zdislav beksinski 


Stay tuned for Chapter One. It's coming soon.

SOURCE: You can find this quote

“In our English Bibles... --This is rebellion.”

and more about transgression on this site.

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Beautiful World: Transgression
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