Conversations with an Alien

Alien Interview

I came across a video I found on Youtube that caught my attention right away. I am a firm believer that there is another world outside of our world and possibly many more. Does this mean my faith is questioned? No, I still do believe in God very much, but I think that there is life among ours as well.

After coming across this video, I found it very disturbing and somewhat realistic at the same time. The interview states events that will happen when you die and how death doesn't exist which, in turn, is the creepiest thing I have ever heard of.

The fact that the alien says he is from the future and evolved from us makes me wonder how that could even be possible. Yet, time has shown how we, as humans, have evolved over time. I find it very worthy of a chin scratch to look further into this.

As there have been plenty of so-called sightings and lights in the sky, the movies have somewhat put the fear in people that aliens are only here to kill and take over. So, generally speaking, humans fear what they do not understand.

With so much fake stuff in the world today, there is no telling if this video is legit or not, but either way, there is still no true evidence of alien life on this Earth. I can say I saw an alien. I can even say I have filmed it, but the amount of hoaxes just kind of ruins it for everybody.

The truth is, I don't ever question my faith because God has been there for me all the time, but I do question what could really be among us in the world. If this video is legit, then did we create God as a security blanket when our lives seem empty or lonely? God has always been my safe spot in life and I feel the need to go to him for just about everything, from questions to thanking him for everything he has given me.

That he is just here to observe because evidence was destroyed from a nuclear war doesn't surprise me. Think of all the bad things that have happened over a course of time. Of course a nuclear war would be a future event. The world is so dead-set on destroying that destruction has almost become the way of life, which is very sad.

I got a very unsettling feeling while watching the interview with the alien in that he was forced to do the interview and that he was not even trying to harm the people who put him there. I felt kind of sad as he seemed to know how horrible life had gotten over time. His expressed words and realistic feel made the uneasy feeling a dramatic change in my views of life and time. My hope is that we can change the course of time and actions to prevent a horrific future, and that observing us was only one action the alien life force took and the other was to help us to change it.

If they keep him hidden away, he may never have the opportunity to change it. Will this forever be our destiny? Will we make this our reality and have a real nuclear war? For most of us, we will be long gone or floating among the universe. I have hopes that I will reach the gates of heaven. Most of us don't want to know the truth, just our reality. But what is our reality? Where do we stand in all of this? I think the truth is really out there.

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