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Do Extra Terrestrials Polymorph Themselves on Earth?

Morphing vs. Polymorphing


The title of the article should really read "Extra Terrestrial Morphing and Polymorphing." The possibility of being able to take yourself out of one body and place yourself in another body is a concept that is beyond strange for EA to try imagine and comprehend. The possibility of polymorphing oneself is the key to how the ESH are able to maintain an advantage over the EA so polymorphing is the one the garners the most attention.

Morphing and polymorphing work together as a system so you really need to understand both processes equally. The hardest part to get over is the possibility that a being doesn't die just their bodies die. Once you can mentally get over the possibility of that, everything else is fairly straightforward to understand.

So to begin with, let's try to understand the process of someone morphing themselves. The key to morphing yourself is you take yourself out of one body and place yourself in another body that is of a similar image. Essentially, the test is that another person should not be able to recognize you have placed yourself in a new body. The likeness of the image should make you appear as the same individual. 

Humanoid Morphing

Humanoid Morphing

So in the picture above, you have a conceptual view of what the possibility of someone morphing themselves in a Humanoid body would look like. Remember:

Morphing — new body, same image.

If someone was to morph themselves in a non-humanoid body, they are referred to as an Xbeing, short for eXtra terrestrial being. So, an Xbeing morphing themselves would look like this:

Xbeing Morphing

Xbeing morphing

The term Xbeing is a difficult term to understand because HET are Xbeings. In other words, all Extraterrestrial beings are Xbeings. The problem arises due to the possibility that Hetlau won't identify themselves and the EA have to quantify Humanoid Extra Terrestrial beings as Humanoid in order to be able to distinguish between Humanoid Extra Terrestrial (HET) and a Humanoid Earthling (HEA or EA). It sounds stupid and complex and unfortunately, it is. That is the result of what happens when HET choose to live among you and not disclose they are here. The EA have to bear the burden of the intellectual overhead in order to quantify the system to make it comprehendible.

In that one basic mental exercise lies the key reason why EA are having such a difficult time trying to comprehend what is really going on on Earth. The possibility of the willingness of HET to live among the EA on Earth and not reveal their presence here means the EA have to raise or elevate their intellectual awareness level to that of the Extraterrestrials. That is extremely difficult when you have been educated properly and it is next to impossible when the possibility exists society has lied to you during your whole life and the whole historic period of life on your planet.

Back to the picture above, if two Xbeings morph themselves, you get the same definition as you do when two humanoid beings morph themselves.

Morphing — new body, same image.

The secret to Extra Terrestrial power on Earth is polymorphing. When an Extra-Terrestrial being polymorphs themselves you get 
Polymorphing — new body, different image.

Xbeing Polymorphing into Humanoid Being

Polymorphing is the hidden secret behind how control of Earth really works. Extra Terrestrial beings are able to place themselves in Humanoid bodies so they appear as EA and can walk among us on the planet. This allows them to rise to power in any discipline on the planet, Government, Military, Business, Entertainment, Technology etc...

With polymorphing, a 3-foot tall alien with almond-shaped eyes and antennae could come down to Earth and be Abraham Lincoln. Extra Terrestrials could also appear as different individuals throughout history. For example, the possibility would exist Christopher Columbus could come back as Ben Franklin.

Add to all that the possibility of being able to disconnect their nerve endings so they don't feel pain. These abilities would give the Extra Terrestrials endless opportunities on Earth and the EA would be none the wiser. These concepts simply exist outside the imagination and comprehension level of the EA and give the Extraterrestrials an advantage that can not even be evaluated for all the additional options it provides for them to succeed at war and controlling the EA with slavery.

In summary, we have seen how the possibility of the processes of
Morphing — new body same image
Polymorphing — new body different image
are possible for Humanoid Extra Terrestrials.

Polymorphing combined with the ability to disconnect their nerve endings are key to the Humanoid Extra Terrestrials being able to rise to power and perform unimaginable and incomprehensible actions on Earth. This is key to why the EA are unable to figure out and understand what is going on on Earth.

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