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Doctor Who: Doctor Her?

Can A Female Take Over The Role Of The Doctor?

Well then, the hints are slowly dropping that the next incarnation of the Doctor could well be a female. Yes FEMALE. In the Series 8 Finale we saw something new and different brought to [Doctor Who](series:200668) . A Female Master! After weeks of seeing Missy, she turnt out to be The Master. Now that we have seen a Female Master, which shows TimeLords can change Gender. Is that a hint to the 13th Doctor being Female? That is bringing us closer to it. Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat are all over the idea. But it is up to Moffat now.

Speaking to SFX Peter Capaldi has said 'There easily could be a Female Doctor'. That basically shows Peter Capaldi wants a Female Doctor after him.

A possibility of a Female Doctor occurred in 1980. That was with the 4th Doctor portrayed by Tom Baker. With Missy being a Female Master, that pretty much sums it up.

Who Should Take The Role If A Female Doctor Happens?

There are many actresses out there that could take up the role as the Doctor. Could Nicole Kidman be the Doctor? What about Jennifer Lawrence? Sandra Bullock? There are so many.

Well I am all over the idea. So are other people. Some people believe that the show will be ruined. Well each to their own. Drop your answer below if you want a Female Doctor.

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Doctor Who: Doctor Her?
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