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Doctor Who Minisode Idea: What If the Doctor Reverses His Regenerations?

Many people today are hyping out and are buzzing because they really want to see their beloved Doctor again. These are David Tennant and Matt Smith.

Many people today are hyping out and are buzzing because they really want to see their beloved Doctor again. These are David Tennant and Matt Smith. Now we last saw David Tennant in "The Day of the Doctor" which was the 50th Anniversary Special. Whereas we last saw Matt Smith in "Deep Breath" in Series 8. But Smith's last proper episode was "Time of the Doctor" where he regenerated. Many Whovians want to see these 2 again. I have the perfect idea!

The Idea

Now we always see the Doctors colliding together. For instance "The 3 Doctors", "The 5 Doctors" ETC. How about something different. We see 3 Doctors (10,11 and 12) but not in the same place at the same time. Do you see where this is going? The Doctor would get wounded and as normal he would regenerate. But something doesn't quite go right. The Doctor finds himself regenerating but in reverse. So for instance 12 (Peter Capaldi) would be wounded and would regenerate but it would be reversed. So 12 then regenerated into 11 (Matt Smith). Then 11 would get wounded then would regenerate and turn into 10 (David Tennant).

How Would This Work?

First of all a simple back story would be required. For example, there's a Dalek invasion happening on Earth, England for instance and the Doctor is out there to stop them. The Doctor does what he does and gets involved to stop the mighty Daleks. Things don't go to plan when he suddenly gets exterminated. Clara grabs hold of the Doctor and takes him inside the TARDIS. Knowing what is going to happen, she begins to panic as she doesn't want the Doctor to change face. There's a slight glitch somewhere as Clara recognizes a familiar face! Yes 11 is back! Clara is slightly confused but goes along with it as she loves the 11th Doctor.

The 11th Doctor defeats the Daleks and sends them off to where they belong. The Doctor would then turn to Clara to say he can't stay like this. They go back to the TARDIS, the Doctor puts on a headset and flicks a few switches and presses some buttons. Suddenly flashing lights starts on the head and regeneration energy breaks out. Clara backs away and takes cover. The regeneration energy stops and well that didn't quite work either as a different face of the Doctor is in place. The well known 10 (David Tennant) has appeared. The regeneration has reversed again.

His first line could be "Oh. That's not right". Clara would look confused at this point.

Now we are stuck with 10 in the TARDIS. Clara, still confused wants to know what's happened. She's seen this face before but just the once. The Doctor would hang about in the TARDIS for a bit trying to work out what happened in the process and why he's still regenerating in reverse. He comes to realise that he had a switch on the headset on reverse the whole time. He puts the headset back on but with the switch saying forward on it. The regeneration energy fires out again and the Doctor changes face again.

The Doctor is back as 12 again. So basically he has just cheated death again and did a 10th Doctor but regenerated and didn't change face.

Minisode or Full Special Episode?

This would work best as a Minisode. This is mainly because there isn't a big enough back story to it. It's short and simple and would work best as a charity Special. Mainly because of the humor and that we haven't had a charity special in ages. It would be ideal for something like, Comic Relief, Sport Relief or BBCs Children in Need. Not much work or effort needs to go into it either.

Please Note

  • As it would be a charity Special, It WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT be part of the Series whatsoever. The regenerations WILL NOT count as it would be for charity and is a bit of fun that hopefully viewers would enjoy.
  • 9 (Christopher Eccleston) WILL NOT appear due to him saying that he doesn't want anything to do with Doctor Who anymore, Hints why he wasn't in the 50th Anniversary Special.
  • This will not be part of the Series.
  • Sounds cheesy I know, but I like the idea.

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Doctor Who Minisode Idea: What If the Doctor Reverses His Regenerations?
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