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Don't Kiss Me (Ch. 5)

A Fantasy Novel

Copyright © 2018 by S.M. TOZER

A 17-year-old, Raven Fields, never being kissed before is a bit abnormal nowadays. Though in Raven's case, he's never been normal and he knows it because of his succubus mother. With a human father, he has a chance to be normal as well, but if he ever exchanged fluids with another before his body matured, his whole world would change. Growing up knowing he could never feed, even by mistake, takes a tole on a once so bright young lad.

All his hard work goes to waste on his 18th birthday. When Raven is kissed by the girl he likes before his birthday passed. He believes that maybe there was nothing to worry about until he finds out one crucial detail about a succubus that was hidden from him by his parents.

Links: Chapter One and Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Only a few seconds had passed by but Raven lost all concept of time unable to fully grasp what was happening. When he finally registered what she was doing he became so startled that he almost violently pushed her away. Uncertain if it were out of fear or just plain disgust because of what she told him moments before, he didn't care. Though he was sure it was a mixture of both, fear of what he would become and the unpleasant feeling of her tongue passing through his lips. At the very moment he felt her tongue touch his own he shoved her away pulling his mouth from hers.

The taste of alcohol only made the suffering worse since he couldn't just easily wipe his mouth of it. The first time he kissed a girl he 'liked' had just become a living nightmare. She was drunk and trying to get the attention of his best friend, who of which already quickly misread the situation and didn't even give a second glance. Being able to just imagine the words he'd say 'Good for you, finally grew a pair' made Raven all the more upset with the situation.

He felt so defeated by every event that had happened and was ready for this day to be over so he could go back to the dorm. He pushed her the rest of the way back finally getting her away from him so he could breath fresh air that was less tainted with the smell of liquor.

"Jewels, stop," he demands, furious at her while she went to push back against him once Carson had looked over their way again. 

Raven only wanted her to get a grip and just leave him alone at this point.

She started letting out tears as she was trying to get sympathy from him, only making him angrier than before. He snarled about to raise his hand to her not caring that she were a woman at this point. Everything he had worked so hard to avoid might have just gone to waste and he was sick of others pushing him to this point and acting like the victim. Just before he goes to slap her he noticed something strange, the whimpering had faded and quickly.

He looked down at her and found that she had done something even more unexpected, she passed out. She became unconscious before he could say or do anything more that may have soiled his name.

Raven was somewhat thankful for this fact now that he had a chance to think about what he was just about to do. He let a sigh escape his lips running the very raised hand through his bushy red hair wondering if she were really that drunk.

Shaking his head thinking about the night he felt a sudden pain in his stomach. Enough to make him reach down and hold it for a moment as if that would soothe the pain somehow.

Like a wave hit him the room rolled and his vision blurred. 

"Ugh," he groaned feeling really sick like he was going to throw up.

He knew he needed to get out of there even if the party wasn't over yet. Standing up he found himself dragging his feet as he stumbled from the secluded area out towards Carson for help. He wondered if there was such a thing as contact drunk since he didn't even have a sip but he felt like he had drunk as much as Jewels.

"Hey," he mumbles out trying to get Carson's attention as he bumped into one of the girls spilling alcohol on her dress. 

"S...sorry," Raven stuttered as he was trying to keep from falling.

"Hey, buddy what's up?" Carson's voice sounds sincere as he approaches Raven worried wondering why he were over by them and running into people which was unlike him to do.

Raven glanced over the heat in his face giving a hue of red under his freckles he had trouble looking Carson in the eyes as he tried to focus. 

"I'm not feeling well, I'm going home," he mutters while shaking his head once more trying to clear his vision pointing back at jewels.

"She passed out if you can call one of her friends to get her home," he adds before looking back.

Carson stared down at him confused but didn't hesitate as he placed down his cup on the pool table. 

"Okay, let's just pay and wrap it up, go lay down while I see the girls off in a cab," he said while taking out his wallet pointing to the couch ready to end the night.

The girls began to whine, making Raven glance away irritated as he wondered if they even remember why they were there. 

"No, don't let me spoil your fun, I need to go pick up my mail anyways," he spoke lightly and started to walk away. 

Before Carson could reply or stop him the girls held him back quickly as expected not wanting him to end the party just yet.

Carson looked down at them as he was about to tell them to let him go but when he looked back up Raven was already leaving him behind. 

"Hey, don't lock the door to the room, I won't be out much later!" Carson yells to Raven though he was only ignored as Raven walked out the door shutting it behind him.

One of the girls lets out a relieved sigh as the door shuts. 

"Glad he's gone, and she was getting on my nerves," she stated, catching Carson's attention.

"Yeah, he was just boring but she wouldn't give up," the other adds, making Carson even more confused with what they were talking about as he thought they were all getting along just moments ago.

"What do you mean?" he asked while he pulled his arms free from them stepping back.

The original girl pointed to Jewels who was still unconscious on the couch. 

With a click of her tongue, she began to explain, "Passed out girl has a total crush on you, like it's cute that she'd set her sights so high but I mean get real she was annoying."

His brow narrowed looking over to Jewels thinking about what the girl said. He had never realized this before but he knew they were right now that he thought about it a little harder. He lets out a sigh wondering if that was why Raven left so suddenly.

Knowing this was his fault for trying so hard to push them together he felt responsible for what just happened. Glancing away from the girls he took his card from his wallet to go pay, "Leave" he muttered to the blondes taking out his phone as well to see if he could find someone to get jewels for him.

The girl clicked her tongue as she gave a scoff, "Excuse me?"

"I said to leave," Carson spoke up even clearer than before then looked over to them to clarify if they didn't understand, "I'm done for the night, I got to find Raven, so go home."

The girls look at each other for a moment then take the initiative to cling to him stopping him from calling anyone, "Forget about him, you've done your charity work for the day."

As she reaches up to his phone her words bother him more than her actions as she insults Raven yet again. 

"I said, go!" he yells, shoving her off his arm.

The second he realizes he had not only raised his voice to her but shoved her off he regrets everything but it's already too late as the damage had already been done. Because of her drinking, she couldn't keep balance and stumbles back on her heels falling to the floor hurting her ankle in the process.

He reaches down to help but is cut off by the friend having her hand slapping across his face. 

"Asshole!" she screams at him before assisting her friend from the floor.

The two help each other out of the lounge as if they were running from some predator cursing his name as they do this. Carson balls his fist in anger of what he had just done cursing as he glanced back over to Jewels. Being the only one left in the room with him he let out a sigh rubbing his face where it stung having never been slapped before. He knew he messed up this time but Raven was more on his mind than his 'Ladies Man' title.

Next Chapter Release: DEC.19