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Extra Terrestrial Disclosure

When and what will they reveal to us?


Many ET and UFO phenomenon enthusiasts are convinced that someday the government will disclose to the public that both of these phenomena are real. When they are going to do this is unknown but with each new ET an UFO event the consensus is the day is getting closer.

All these followers and believers of this ET and UFO phenomena hope that by studying all the information that is made available to them they are staying one step ahead of the government. What they don't realize is the possibility they are playing right into the plan the government has laid out for them.

With a little bit of Earthling tradecraft, the average person can see right through what is really happening and realize in the present what is taking place and not need to wait for disclosure. There are some basic things they need to incorporate into their thought process to realize this:

  1. HETLAU control Earth
  2. Governments are Hextocracies
  3. Militaries are Hextaries
  4. War is a tool
  5. People don't die 
  6. Extra Terrestrial Master
  7. Earthling Slave
  8. EighT provide your own disclosure

Step one, the possibility HETLAU control the Earth. This is probably the biggest hurdle for everyone. Once you get past this concept everything else is easier to comprehend and builds upon it. The main problem and reason everyone can't see the hidden agenda taking place is they don't realize HETLAU. Rather the most forward-thinking individuals are basically stuck in SETI mode. Let's just search outer space for ET intelligence and when we find a radio signal we will get disclosure and try to understand what is happening from there. What appears as advanced forward thinking in the ET and UFO realm is not even entry-level ET intelligence level thinking and is just the result of the possibility of subliminal dissemination absorbed by society.

Step two, a Hextocracy is a possibility of what the government really is. Any organizational type, democracy, dictatorship, communist, or others is really just an archetypical Hextocracy whose sole function is to control the people. The easier to see method is where they are simply controlling the public via force. Then you have many intermediate level methods, intermediate in that it is slightly more complex to see the method they use to control the people. Then you have the most developed methods where a more elaborate ruse to get the people to believe they are controlling themselves. 

If this seems implausible then you probably have not even heard of the possibility of step one, much less realized it has been potentially taking place the whole time man has been on Earth, so your mind is simply not prepared to comprehend step two.

Step three, a Hextary is the possibility of what a military really is. Once you can see steps one and two, step three is much easier to see as the foundation is already in place and does not require such an extensive mental jump. Step three also is almost synonymous with step four, or goes hand in hand with step four.

Step four, the possibility that war is a tool for the ET/HET to use to develop Earth. The key to the development of Earth is war. It is the quickest, most organized method to ensure the large-scale development of technological advances and resource allocation to the HETLAU. Essentially, the HETLAU have been tricking Earthlings into fighting every war since mankind first started fighting them. By controlling military forces as Hextaries it ensures the outcomes of the wars are as planned. Planned relative to the HETLAU goals, not the cover stories placed in the media to conceal the hidden objectives. This is where the possibility of misdirection and subliminal dissemination come in.

Step five, the possibility that people don't really die. This one is beyond the grasp of most Earthlings and they will need to see it for themselves. Even then, they won't want to believe it. The more astute Earthlings will be able to pick up on it and realize it is part of the key to understanding how a powerful wealthy person can send himself or a loved one such as a son or daughter into war and lose them. Clearly, it would appear no HETLAU would make that sacrifice knowing they would lose them. What the Earthlings don't realize is the possibility that all the people born on Earth since the first caveman are alive on other planets. So HETLAU don't really risk losing anyone and this just makes them appear to be Earthling like everyone else. Dying on Earth really just means the possibility you are being moved to another planetary location in the ET system.

Step six, the possibility that Extra Terrestrials are our masters. You can see this right in the porpheme of the word MASTER - Mind fASTER. In other words, the Extra Terrestrials minds think faster or they think quicker, thus they are able to position themselves as masters to the Earthlings. To recognize just how advanced their thinking is you have to get your mind around the concept of them creating the planet through Celestial Astronomy, putting unaware humans (Earthlings) on it, and living among them to control them via Hextocracies, Hextaries, and war.

Step seven, the possibility that Earthlings are the slaves. You can see this right in the porpheme of the word as well. SLAVE - SLow behAVE. In other words, the possibility the Earthling minds are slower so they have to behave for their ET Masters.. It isn't that the Earthling minds are really slower it is just the possibility that they have been put on a planet and lied to the whole time they evolved (example told they originate from apes). Then as the Earthling reaches the age of adulthood where they would normally be able to engage their own level of critical thinking about concepts such as the ET and UFO phenomena, society is made of a false reality that prevents their evaluating it with their critical thinking but rather casts them as delusional or schizophrenic for challenging it.

Step EighT, provide your own disclosure. Once you learn to recognize the clues as to what is going on with things even as simple as the concept of bracketing where you look at the beginning and ending letters of a word you will see the HETLAU handy work all over the planet. You will literally be able to jump ahead of the thought process being imposed on the unaware Earthlings and comprehend actual reality for yourself. For example, hypothetically if the government claims they are performing disclosure by saying SETI found a radio signal you know that it just a breadcrumb for the beginner Earthling mind to feed on because actual disclosure would require the previous eight steps at a minimum to qualify.

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Extra Terrestrial Disclosure
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