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Extra Terrestrial/Humanoid Extra Terrestrial

ET / HET is ESH.

ET and Humanoid ET
As you progress down the road of trying to get past learning about the ET and UFO phenomenon you will notice that the terminology starts changing. The reason for this is EA don't understand ETI natively. In order to facilitate the upgrade in intellectual awareness, it is necessary to create new terminology using ETI with a slant towards EA logic. This makes it easier for the EA to understand what is going on.

In addition, over time as more and more people become aware and start using the correct terminology, it will become apparent who understands what is going on and who doesn't.

For example, the terms ET and UFO are being archived as legacy terminology. Why? Because they prevent you from understanding what is going on. The new terms HET and CTV allow you to have a better understanding what is going on. They also allow you to distinguish when you are speaking with either an EA who does not know what is going on or an EA or HET that does know but won't admit it.

This basically is the bottleneck on the planet that is preventing disclosure. The possibility that HET and "EA in the know" are walking around fully cognizant of what is going on and won't explain it to everyone has the planet in a state of illusion. Basically, the possibility exists that the vast majority of people on the planet do not understand what is taking place each day and are living with the possibility of a false sense of reality.

The terms HET and CTV are designed to not only inform the EA who want to know. They are also designed to bring disclosure about quicker. The possibility that ET / HET put the terms ET and UFO in play to perform subliminal dissemination require a counter maneuver to place other terms in play. The ET / HET don't want this because it will bring about disclosure sooner.

In fact, if you pay close attention, you won't even need disclosure because you will already know what's going on before it even happens. The key to accomplishing that goal is to focus on using the new and correct terminology. Also, you want to understand how and why the terminology is evolving because it will increase your level of ETI awareness.

So this article is a good example. You can see from earlier in the article the term ET / HET was used a few times. You may also have noticed you were running across it in other articles. Most people aren't even familiar with the term HET. So while they are just starting to pick up on it you are already moving further ahead.

The new term that is going to represent ET / HET is ESH. Why ESH? Because E stands for ET, S stands for Slash ( / = Slash = S using symbolism as a conversion factor) and H = HET.

It probably sounds too simple to even be necessary but that is the key to learning what is going and also making the change happen. Most people will want to keep using the term ET and think they will be able to figure out what is happening because they believe ET is the key terminology. What they don't realize is ETI is fluid and constantly changing.

So for instance, when they see the term ESH, they won't know what it means and won't be able to figure out what's going on unless they start learning about Hetlau.

Also, you're seeing concepts developing in real-time. Most people have heard of symbolism but they haven't seen it used with ETI. So most people wouldn't understand how you can say / = S unless they had learned it.

Bottom line, you are learning what is going on at the cutting edge. So remember ET / HET = ESH.

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Extra Terrestrial/Humanoid Extra Terrestrial
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