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Extra Terrestrial Misdirection

Just Like Sleight of Hand in a Magic Act

Where is your focus?

When trying to understand Extra Terrestrial misdirection there is no greater analogy than that of a tennis court. Imagine Earth is the actual court itself, and the possibility of Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU) are the net. The trick for the HETLAU is they need to keep you from looking at the net each day so you won't see that they are here on Earth. The way they do that is by putting themselves in play each day via all the events that take place.

So imagine the two tennis players are HETLAU, the ball is an event, the net is the entire group of them right in front of you, and you, an Earthling, are sitting front row at center court. So, just like in a magic act, the magician must use sleight of hand to keep your focus away so you won't see how he performs the magic act. The HETLAU use misdirection to keep your focus away so you won't see them living in front of you on Earth each day. So, just like in a tennis match where you constantly watch the ball go back and forth, from side to side, you focus on the ball and on the players hitting it, not on the net.

Think of each event that is taking place on Earth each day as if someone was saying: "look over here, Earthling, now look over here, Earthling." Just like in the tennis match, the Earthling keeps laser focus going back and forth between the extremes of the court but doesn't stop to look at the center of the net.

So, to give you an example: notice how, each day, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un posture against each other over nuclear weapons and the possibility of war. The Earthlings sit there each day, looking at Trump, then looking back at Kim Jong Un, listening to them call each other names like rocket man and dotard.

What the Earthlings are failing to do is stop looking at them and look at Area 51, the F-18 UFO intercept, the fact that UFOs don't fly, and demand an explanation. Instead, the Earthlings would rather read articles where Donald Trump says his nuclear button is bigger than Kim Jong Un's. All the while, the possibility of a Hextocracy and Hextary function like well-oiled machines, and subliminal dissemination goes on undetected.

Sure, a nuclear war, or any war, for that matter, is not something anyone wants. When you have the possibility of an Interstellar Spacecraft base sitting smack dab in the middle of your country and the government won't even acknowledge it exists, at some point you have to put two and two together and realize F-22's can't defeat Volutes (UFOs), so let's stop the nonsense and see what is really going on.

Back to the tennis analogy—at the end of each event, just like when the ball is no longer in play, the Earthlings have an opportunity to analyze the event to see the HETLAU. Just like the ball hitting the net and play stopping, there is pause for a moment and you can reflect. The HETLAU know this so that is why they bombard society with so much nonsense. There is no way any individual has the time to stop and figure out what is going on.

Step back and think about it for a moment. Do you ever realize how much worthless information is pumped in front of you each day? Did you ever stop to think this is being done on purpose to prevent HETLAU from being discovered? It probably never even entered your mind, and you probably never even had a chance for it to enter your mind because they are doing such a good job of misdirection.

You would literally have to lock yourself in a room with no distractions to try to step back and reflect on what is happening. Why would you want to do that when some portion of the nonsense they are projecting forth each day probably appeals to you? The worst part of it is they have figured out how to make even portions of society that appear to have value actually be nonsense.

When you finally get to the point where you actually understand what is going on, you can actually see the possibility that every event on Earth is either misdirection or subliminal dissemination. The events that would be misdirection are helping them accomplish their goal without Earthlings being aware. The events that would be subliminal dissemination are them pushing the envelope, helping you understand a little bit more about what they are doing without leaving the envelope and making a mistake and revealing to you what is going on prior to disclosure taking place. 

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Extra Terrestrial Misdirection
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