Working title for our syfy satire about the afterlife.

18 second teaser for Frackers feature film

One premise/motif of our feature film FRACKERS is that every being in the universe is a light being. As Einstein famously figured, "No energy is created or destroyed". We in turn came up with the idea that our light, the light that is us, is also eternal. This fun premise for a film does consider that even our eternal energy might change form, as light can be be both particles and waves, so can our energy break-down from waves into less desirable particles, not to be judgmental.  

The film is a comedy after all.

If all beings are light beings underneath, then prejudice is like hating a crayon because it's green or orange. FRACKERS is my baby nurtured for decades until, after 82 drafts, it is actually coming to fruition. My anger at the world's intolerance, self-aggrandizement has turned to thoughtful questioning and again into satire and out-right humor.   

We're all mortal, or all immortal. If immortal, then of what substance? If only mortal, then why worry about anything other than pizza and beer?    Do you like the name "Frackers?" Would "Star Frackers" be better for those mining light out of stubborn human suits?

Do waves of other dimensions effect how we behave? Marconi was locked up in the loony bin when he suggested that radio waves could be harnessed and transmit sound across the open air into a box that would translate the waves as they were sent.

Scientists will continue to explore whether deniers rule the political landscape or smart humans have the political reins. Cycles of populism will arise regularly where people cling to a status quo or a storied past of a flat Earth or Earth-centric galaxy where English is the universal language.

Our mission as scientists and artists is to go beyond and suggest, hint at and explore what can be then hand it off to the next generation. All art and science, creative exploration is an infinite game with no winners or losers.  Keeping the thing going is the goal, not the most points on the scoreboard. Finite and Infinite game theory explains Western and Eastern philosophy simply. 

Carse's book is highly enjoyable, thought provoking, and a short read, thank goodness. Might have to or want to pause as you read this book and examine your choices and what and when you play the games. Changed my life and my relationships very quickly and dramatically. Winning and losing kind of sucks.

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