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High Mountain Pack

Chapter 1

I sat there on the mountain with my eyes closed, just taking in the smells traveling to me along the wind. I could smell the spring flowers that were starting to perfume the air. I could smell the scent of the incoming rain. But mostly I could smell him. His scent was unique to him. It was a smell that both, drew me in and made me want to flee. The thought of him being near made my stomach flip flop for many reasons. He was the most gorgeous man in the valley. Hell, possibly the whole damn territory. He was also the most powerful and beloved Alpha in the west side of the country.

Aaron was the Alpha of the High Mountain Pack. He was tall with broad shoulders and a strong chest. His hair was a silvery blond and his eyes were almost aquamarine in color that you could lose your self in. He was an amazing leader and a great person, but with him came a lot of responsibility. Every mature werewolf woman and many of the human women in the territory wanted to get their hands on him, but he still had not chosen a mate. Being mated for some just meant someone to take care of you and warm your bed. Granted the humans just thought he was a hot guy they wanted to claim. To me it meant so much more. Being mated to someone for life should be about truly wanting to be with them rich or poor, Alpha or not. 

I had only matured a couple months ago yet the pressure was already on to find a mate, settle down and make babies. I, however, did not want to settle in any way. I enjoyed being single and independent. I wanted to be able to travel and explore, not be tied down. The town, which was mixed with humans and were wolfs, thought I was nothing more then a dreamer and that once I found someone I would calm down. Most of the humans of course, didn't know what we were considering we looked like them. I matured when I turned 21 and in today's society that meant marrying age. 

As I sat, contemplating what to do, I could hear him approaching. My heart started to flutter. I couldn't figure out why this one and only man could make me feel this way. I couldn't help but be excited and frightened at the same time. I wasn't afraid of him at all. I was afraid of how just his scent or presence made me feel. I didn't want to feel this way. I didn't want to even think about him in that way at all. I wanted him to just leave me alone. I seriously thought about shifting and running as far as I could to get away from him, but I knew it would be in vain. He could catch up to me in an instant and he could run farther and faster then I could. 

"Hello, Aurora." He said, in a far to alluring voice. "What are you doing up here by yourself?"

"I'm just sitting and listening. I love the sounds of the woods way up here. It's peaceful." I said, hoping he couldn't sense my nervous energy.

"That is very true. I love it up here myself. I come up here to think and get away from everything sometimes." He said. "Sometimes I just need to be by myself, you know?"

"Yes, I definitely know. I can only imagine the stress you deal with everyday. I'm not sure I could do it. I have a hard enough time being me." I said, chuckling as I stood up. "Well I don't want to interrupt your alone time, so I will get going and let you relax."

"You are definitely not interrupting. In fact, I actually came up here to talk to you. Everyone is worried about you coming up here by yourself and asked if I could check in on you." He said, almost apologetically. "Apparently, your parents also think that your not serious enough about finding a mate. I personally am curious about how you are able to keep all the bachelors away."

"I just ignore them and as far as my parents and everyone else, I wish they would just let me take my time. I'm not ready to be mated. One, because I want to travel and see the world. Two, I haven't found the right male yet." I said. "What about you? Are they all after you to become mated too? There is definitely not a shortage of women that are throwing themselves at you."

"That's the problem. They all want me, but none of them want me for the right reason. They only want to be my mate so that they get the title of being married to the Alpha. Sometimes being the Alpha isn't what its all cracked up to be. Though, there is one that is starting to peak my interest. Problem is I'm not sure she knows I exist." He said.

"I'm pretty sure the whole country knows about you." I said, laughing. I can't believe he is talking to me about this. I feel almost jealous of this girl. I don't want to feel this way. I know I should just end this conversation and leave. "I'm sure she will notice you. Just don't let her get away if she is the right one. You only find one true mate. Or at least that is  the way I look at it. Anyway, I guess I should get back and try to appease the parents. Knowing them they will have 10 more bachelors waiting for me."

"That's great advice, thank you. Look, as much as I understand you parents standing, I hope you don't give in to easily." He said, with a wink. "If you ever wanna talk, I'm a great listener. And don't worry I can share my spot for thinking also."

Chuckling as I walked away, I fought the urge to turn around and go to him. "Thanks." I said as I started to jog down the path and back to the chaos that was my life.