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I Am...


If you lived in the 90s or heard 90s music, you know the artist Jewel. She has a song called "What If God Was One of Us." She was ahead of her time. More than she knew.

I grew up during Woodstock '96, Lilith Fair, and Ozzfest. I have always been the "strange" kid. The one who figured out who she was at 13 when The Craft movie happened to come out. Yes, I know, ironic.

Now at 33, I am a High Priestess with no religion. Yes, I stated that correctly. No religion. I am not atheist or agnostic either. I know too much to belong to 1 religion, to any religion. I have seen things in my life that never cease to blow my friends' minds. 

I hear people's thoughts, I talk to the dead on a regular basis, and I fear the human race much more than things on the "other" side. My husband and my mother like to say I have always had "one foot in, one foot out."

This is my "normal." Every. Single. Day. I am psychic with all "Clair" abilities. I know this sounds insane, but I have been this way since the day I was born. 

My mother said I have always talked to things others cannot normally see. I feel others' feelings immensely. It used to be to the point I could not stand up for myself because I had "too much" empathy for people. Yes, there is such a thing.  

I am neither a "black" or a "white" witch... or any other color you can think of. I have studied it all, learned it all. I am a weaver. I can't go by a book because it never works (even though I study them for information). I can't use tarot or oracle cards...never met a deck that "liked" me.

I walk the "other" side regularly. For those who are curious, it is just as dramatic as this side—maybe even more so. 

Now the world is starting to really see what I have seen my whole life. Things I hade been medicated for for over 20 years. I stopped the meds two years ago... and now here we are. I am not sure what to make of everyone seeing it, or being able to work with it all. That is a type of Majik that some should not ever touch. Is it even considered Majik if everyone sees it now? Occult in itself means...hidden knowledge. Now things that have been hidden for eons are awake, aware, and physically manifesting.

So my question to you, as a reader, is... do you believe the Gods walk with us now? 

Imagine... all the Gods and pantheons that have been worshipped since the beginning of time being in human bodies. Walking among us like this is the last trial before deciding how the world will change. The best way to determine a course of procedure is by observation. 

Maybe the world isn't going to end. An Apocalypse? Maybe. Change, yes. Not the end of a planet that has been around for eons, but a change of humanity and a massive shift of power and how we view authority, climate changing, maps changing, water changing. 

I believe the written "word" by theologians, religious figures, etc. had some of it right—maybe all of it, from their point of view. I do not remember ever reading that Earth would ever become non-existent though. Think for yourself. Come up with your own conclusions. In a world where everyone wants a collective; to fit in, to have a "rational" explanation for everything, maybe we need to re-evaluate what exactly rational means. Rational and irrational, at its' core meaning, is all a point of view. Good or bad, black or white, logical or illogical are all perceptions based on our own personal reality. YOU create your own Universe, your own reality. The greatest thing a human being can do is to stay open-minded, adapt to your surroundings, and if you can't... then move. No one is a tree and sometimes we are put in certain locations to learn lessons and move on.

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Vega B
Vega B

 I am happily married to my very best friend, and we live in Denver, Colorado. My passions are healing, the occult, history, religion, theology, and psychology. I write all from personal life experiences and all my writings are non-fiction.

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I Am...
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