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Intrinsic Magick

How it Works

Intrinsic magick is my personal favorite, and also runs in my family as you do not need to use tools for this sort of magickal act. Amber K states that you use magick when you use your “mind, body, voice, will, energy field, and emotions” (174), to create a change in reality. The Witch’s Pyramid is all about “imagination, will, silence, faith, love, and knowledge." You can use the mind, to imagine possibilities as well as increase focus. Senses allow us to feel or see the energies available to us that can make changes in our reality.

Intrinsic magick doesn’t require tools to save the imagination, brainpower, and will. You can call in the elements using sound, for example, or evocation, the calling of the lower powers such as elemental spirits, which are known as sylphs, undines, salamanders, and gnomes or any entity less evolved than a human being. Invocation is about calling in the higher powers such as angels, archangels, spirit guides, or various deities from any pantheon in my case. The invocation is to assume the god-form, and I have to take great care with this because of my schizophrenia.

My magick, however, manifests itself with acts. The mere writing of this article, the fact I take my medication consistently, including the fact I got up early today, going to therapy. You do not have to spend your life making offerings to deities but rather doing good works instead. Invitations of deity are mostly my speed because that means the deity can talk to you but you do not draw down the god-form. Prayer is about communicating with Deity or an aspect of Deity, where you ask for something but no power is raised rather, the emotional content can also be high if then for that reason, the power is raised and you can also call a totem animal or ally to assist you.

Other methods of intrinsic magick include vibrating names, affirmations, incantations, trance induction, recitation of names to call the power of the winds, commemoration, in which other magicians are called upon to assist in the working. Many dance forms exist that can also cause an altered state. Walking can become a meditative act, and often I do walk and think about something, mostly about what I want to get done in the near future. Yoga asanas move the whole body, as is the position where you cross your arms with your hands touching your shoulders, making you assume the Osirus position honoring the god of death and resurrection. Mudras are an aspect of the yoga artform and sport, where you have hand gestures or positions of the hands.

Amber K writes that shamanic healing or soul retrieval is possible with inner magick alone. Psychic skills like telepathy are all mental since I can use this skill if I want to with accuracy. But sometimes I find focusing on stuff really hard because of my schizophrenia, so in which case, I have to be careful with how I manage my abilities, especially precognition, and remote viewing. Using memory for intrinsic magick means you can access the Akashic Records, which I can do but I can’t do this on my own to access past trauma, so as to have a written record about all the bullying I went through, that I can publish in the form of a book. Visualization is about the ability to see something very clearly. I know this is a missing component in my practice. Imagination can be used to replay an incident that went badly, but then give it a new ending that suits you better. Magick can be done on the astral plane with virtual tools. There are many ways of using inner magick to get something done with manifesting good into your life. The biggest take away from Amber K’s chapter on Intrinsic and Inner Magick is to imagine your whole life 10 years from now. I suppose I can imagine getting my Ph.D. at UCLA and graduating with honors, I have trouble even imagining this as real but it is a possibility.

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Intrinsic Magick
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