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Is Stormy Daniels Extra Terrestrial?

Read her name: STORy Misdirection Yes Definitely ALIENS

Stormy Daniels

Is Stormy Daniels extra terrestrial? Probably a better question the EA should be asking themselves is, Is the Stormy Daniels' story a case of Extra Terrestrial Misdirection?

As we have done so many times before we use wormation from the EARTH Methodology to read the information surrounding events. We are looking for hidden clues left behind demonstrating ETI by the Hetlau as they follow the ETA. The hidden clues left behind reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

People understandably want PROOF (PROVE OFFICIAL). What they don't understand is that proof is a porpheme for prove official or prove the statement you are making is credible. In other words, they want corroboration from a person in a position of authority.

The problem is three-fold:

  1. Facts are factious or artificially created or developed
  2. Corroboration is disclosure
  3. Proof is prove official or corroborate
So unfortunately once you know what is going on it all points to the same the thing. All the people who don't believe in the possibility Hetlau are implementing a Hextocracy and Hextary are just waiting for disclosure. Once you learn that facts, proof, and corroboration are just a fancy way of saying disclosure you either wait for it or go get it.

It's basically like the concept of a secret. A secret is only a secret as long as no one can figure out what the secret is. Once someone figures out what it is then it no longer is a secret. More importantly, you do not have to wait for disclosure to hear what the secret was. Most importantly, you do not have to wait for disclosure when someone has already translated what is going on and revealed what the secret is. All you have to do is comprehend it.

Slightly more complex but along those lines, is realizing the possibility exists that you need to resolve all events as misdirection and subliminal dissemination. Next and more importantly, realizing you can end contentious ET and UFO phenomenon related debates with the Rule of 1 as the fastest way to get "there." The "there" is the revelation that repeating patterns provide a preponderance of evidence.

So would it be any surprise that reading STORMY DANIELS name says:

In other words, does the possibility exist the whole Stormy Daniels porn star affair with the President is definitely just an Alien misdirection story? Yes!

Just stop and think about it for a moment. If the possibility exists of Hetlau and in their ETA they are implementing continuous calls for  misdirection which is:

  1. Focus on an event
  2. Waste inordinate amounts of time
  3. Waste inordinate amounts of money
  4. Prevent us from recognizing Hetlau
  5. Allow Hetlau to accomplish their goals
First off would the possibility exist that if Hetlau have been here the whole time then the President would really just be a mouthpiece for them. How much of an actual office is the Presidency with HET walking among us on Earth the whole time?

Second and more importantly, if the possibility exists ESH are:

  1. At war with us (Why)
  2. Using us as their slaves (EMSR)
  3. Having us build infrastructure for them (ETA)
Then calls for continuous misdirection to keep us from realizing this should be fairly commonplace and what better a place to look than events surrounding the Presidency. Certainly, the salacious headlines of an affair between the President and a porn star would captivate more interest than being diagnosed as suffering from a delusional disorder or schizophrenic break from reality for claiming the ET are HET and UFOs are CTVs and Volutes.

Third and most importantly, imagine looking back in history and the possibility existing that everyone is wondering what happened and why they weren't able to realize what was really going on. They will have to think we were having the information translated for us but it seemed to bizarre to be true and events like the President having an affair with a porn star were far more tempting to spend our time analyzing.

Now if you were an ET trying to implement the ETA can you see how events like this would accomplish your goals and objectives? Do you really think anyone would believe it if they went around saying the President and a porn star are faking an affair to keep everyone from realizing Hetlua have been here the whole time? Yet a lot of people would probably be willing to believe the President had an affair with a porn star. Even if they didn't they would at least rather talk about that than the possibility of Stormy Daniels being an extra terrestrial.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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