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Non Pagans Are Suspicious

Pagans Aren't as Bad

We pagans are an altruistic lot, what with giving each other rides to covens as well as events. We pagans do our best to help our species as much as the rest of humanity does. But then there are some people who are perpetually suspicious of good intentions. The sorts of people who are cynical and don’t lift a finger. I’m contemplating volunteering at a soup kitchen sometime soon. I need to do something with my time other than writing. So yes, I have to go volunteer at places like my local mental illness support group branch.

Pagans do things to help others without expecting much in return or so I’ve noticed. They like helping people. It is usually a part of a personal code of ethics for us. Friendship is seen as something positive, in particular if you make friends with somebody outside of your race. Pagans are a very sweet group of people in addition. They are quite beautiful if you stick it out being around them. But then there is also drama in our community because if one person does something pretty dreadful like break confidentiality, these people are ostracized.

We feel duty bound to change the world. This means we work hard with what we’ve been given. We pagans do the work just like the other 5% of religious folks. Altruism is a huge central tenant to many religious people, not just pagans. We do, however, go after monsters. We like to fight back against unfairness with everything we have. Pagans are very passionate about social justice issues. Many of us use our magick to have an influence over things, as witchcraft is a tool to work your way out of oppression. A person who is amagickal is a person who doesn’t know about magick, who can’t conceive of the subject, and who doesn’t have intuition to use at all.

Most people use the term Muggle to describe non-pagans, which comes from the Harry Potter. I have coined the term “amagickal” to mean that the “amagickal” person that is fully somebody who cannot use their imagination. Some people have no imagination at all. They can’t imagine much of anything. Amagickal people don’t see their power, they can’t access it. They are content with the way the world is and they don’t think it needs improving. Pagans and other religious people can see the oppression around them. We feel it our duty to the Gods to fight the oppression.

We feel our sacred duty is to serve humanity. We need to right the wrongs and do what we can to bring justice to a very messed up and unjust world. We believe in fighting for justice. This is why we use magick for this to give us courage to continue the good fight. Justice is necessary to experience since so many unjust things happen to everybody under the circumstances, anyway. At an event recently, I couldn’t donate for dinner. I didn’t even have time to cook much.

I didn’t donate this time even though I try to donate as much as I can. I usually cook as well but like I said, time got away from me the day of. I get nervous when I participate in rituals, so I try to do minimal roles in the ritual. My friends who run my coven know that I need to take my medication prior to or during participation since magick sets off my bipolar symptoms. Doing something for somebody without expecting anything in return is a religious value common to all faiths. This is why when somebody non-religious does something like that I wonder at the reasoning behind their actions. I appreciate my religious community very much since we are inclusive and diverse in addition to our altruistic streaks. 

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Non Pagans Are Suspicious
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