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Peter Capaldi's Final 'Doctor Who' Episode Is a Tale of Redemption and Hope

Showrunner Steven Moffat has exclusively revealed fresh information on his final episodes for the science fiction series.

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Doctor Who Series 10 is almost upon us and everything is in place for Episode 1, titled "The Pilot." Series 10 of the hit #BBC series has already had lots revealed about it, including the return of the Ice Warriors, the Mondasian Cybermen and a shock character making an epic comeback! Not only that, Series 10 will feature an all-new companion named Bill Potts (played by Pearl Mackie), who will accompany #PeterCapaldi for his final series of #DoctorWho.

With all that in place for the spectacular series, fans have barely focused on the finale, which will air in July, and Peter's final episode, the 2017 Christmas Special. However, speaking to the Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner Steven Moffat has exclusively revealed fresh information on his final two episodes for the science fiction series.

So, What Should We Expect?

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Issue 511 of the Doctor Who Magazine (out now) sees Moffat reveal some grim details on what to expect for his last two stories before bowing out of the show alongside current Time Lord Peter Capaldi. The Series 10 finale will feature Missy (played by Michelle Gomez) and the original Mondasian Cybermen, last seen 50 years ago. You hear Cybermen and think the story will be epic and riveting, but what if it was described as a "bloodbath"? Well, that's how Steven Moffat has described it, anyway.

"I kind of do the angst in the series finale. You'll see how this pans out when you see the show, but finales are better at 'last falls,' and moment of reflection, and anguish, and bloodbaths — which it certainly bloody is!"

How Unique Is The Christmas Special Going To Be?

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

With Moffat only revealing little hints about the finale, it proves there's still a lot of information hidden for obvious reasons: spoilers! On the other hand, the 2017 Christmas Special is set to be a different and unusual theme, something you wouldn't expect at Christmas: a tale of redemption and hope.

"Whereas, Christmas Day isn't a great day to kill off a children's favorite. It can be sad — and it is — but to actually kill off lovely old Doctor Who is not what you want to see on Christmas Day. So, it will be a tale of redemption, and hope, and deciding to carry on, instead of being a tale of the Doctor falling."

With all that in place, Christmas Day is going to be a sad day for Doctor Who fans when they all witness the heartbreaking regeneration of Peter Capaldi. However, we'll all be excited when we see the thirteenth Doctor for the first time. But who will it be?

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Peter Capaldi's Final 'Doctor Who' Episode Is a Tale of Redemption and Hope
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