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Review of Somewhere Between 1.7

No Deja Vu

So we found out in Somewhere Between 1.7 the other night that Nico is not a killer, just a "black-out" drunk, which we already knew (both attributes), and that Tom is pretty bad after all, though I still can't see him doing anything to hurt let alone kill his daughter.

I'll give this oddly acted show this: here we are after seven episodes and we the audience almost haven't a clue as to what's really going on. That's not easy to do in a narrative. In effect, it puts the audience in the same boat as Laura and Nico, the two lead characters.

What I don't get (and that's why I tried to go easy, and say "oddly" acted) is why the acting is so obvious, almost cartoonish. This applies to all the characters, big and small, up and down, including Paula Patton as Laura, who was memorable as Denzel Washington's love interest and focal point of the story in one of the best time-travel movies ever made, Deja Vu.

We're certainly not getting a sense of deja vu in her acting here in Somewhere Between, where, when she's not rattling off her lines, she's making obvious faces, and whose fault is that? The director's? And why would that be? To make Somewhere Between seem more like a comic book? I have no idea.

But the premise of the story is still intriguing, especially so because, somehow, we still don't know much more than the premise, which is why I keep watching every week, looking for more, looking forward to more.

See you next week.

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Review of Somewhere Between 1.7
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