The best science fiction art from Vincent Di Fate, HR Giger, and beyond.

Mickey Rivera2 years ago
Sci-Fi's Hired Gun: An Interview with Concept Artist Col Price
Wrapped into the folds of Col Price’s brain is a separate universe. As a UK based concept artist, Price makes a living off of it. Col is an artist of the mercenary variety. He put in 20 years of work ...
Futurism Staff2 years ago
Interview with Paul Franklin, Director of 'The Escape'
What does an Academy Award winning visual effects specialist do at the culmination of 25 years of career successes and a prolific filmography? If you're the UK-born Paul J. Franklin, you set your cert...
Best H.R. Giger Illustrations
In 2014, H.R. Giger died, and, thus, science fiction lost one of its greatest artists – but left behind were a multitude of H.R. Giger illustrations. Giger created some of the most exotic, darkest dep...
I was interested in sci-fi stories from the early age. In high school at lunchtime, while others were busy with physical activities, I was busy activating my imagination reading Greek mythology. It wa...
George Gott2 years ago
Reviewing 'Art, Collectibles, Decor and More' OMNI Auction
The iconic OMNI magazine has been out of print for over 25 years, yet to this day readers are still intrigued by the science fiction magazine's allure, pioneering expertise, and captivating ideas of f...
Hyper-Sexualized Dismemberment and the Art of Katrina Bea
I've been asked to interview a reclusive artist. An artist whose work I find to be exquisitely revolting. Work that, in my eyes, causes awkward hyper-sexualized repulsion in absolute terms. Like the p...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 11 (Pt.1)
Chapters 1 - 10 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories
Riley Raul Reese2 years ago
Coolest Sci-Fi Illustrators
If you ask me, no single genre of literature ever really comes close to the aesthetic awesomeness that science fiction does. Sci-fi illustrators seem to have an innate ability to make a book's fantast...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 9
Read Chapters 1 - 8 at: Deep Sky Stories
Storyteller IRT2 years ago
Dragon Tales (#2)
She ran through the forest, their words replaying in her head. “Strike it down” They had said. “We want it dead!” The lying 'hero's' had hummed their agreements as they were fed. She looked to the eve...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 8
Read Chapters 1 - 7 at: Deep Sky Stories
Storyteller IRT2 years ago
Forever Love (#1)
~*~ With the flower, she stood, waiting for her lover. A gift he usually gave, a symbol of forever. ~*~ I stood by the docks, overseeing the dark sea. Organs played in the background, breaking through...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 7
To Read Chapters 1 - 6, Go To: Deep Sky Stories and Illustrations.
Mickey Rivera2 years ago
Vintage Technology Daydreams: Byte Magazine's Extraordinary Cover Illustrations
In the late-1970s, a computer’s place was almost exclusively in the corporate office. With the exception of a few hardcore hobbyists, most middle class North American consumers were intimidated by the...
Orbs of Light
Orbs continue to be an inseparable subject of my art since I have noticed them first in some of the photographs taken by a friend at the November Full Moon gathering in my studio back in 2011. Curious...
Le Cirque De La Vie
Brought to you from the fifth dimension.
Kuwan Awar2 years ago
Tales of the Chromium Poet
Tr Yyr Sithera (The Cloud Crystal)
Mickey Rivera2 years ago
Some words with Zsófia Döme, Hungarian Treehugger and Illustrator
Zsófia Döme ( likes to get lost in the woods and draw the things she didn’t see, those things that imagination can’t help but see while surrounded by wild greenery teemin...