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G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 9 (Pt.2)
Chapters 1 - 8 can be read at: Deep Sky Stories
Matt Cates2 years ago
The No-Kidding Coolest Planets in Science Fiction
Warning: This list of coolest science fiction planets will probably offend someone. Odds are 99-to-1 I left off someone’s favorite fiction world, so sorry ‘bout that but please keep the hate to a mini...
Riley Raul Reese2 years ago
Best Dark Fantasy Books You've Never Heard Of
Dark fantasy is a genre that's as addictive as it gets. There's something about the dark, morbid, and twisted allure of these books that gets people hooked instantly. This genre is one filled with vam...
Brian K. Henry2 years ago
I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter
Here's a brief excerpt from my Young Adult Paranormal novel I Was a Teenage Ghost Hunter. In this segment, the protagonist, 16-year-old Devin Mulwray, is exploring the old Rousten Manor in the dark wi...
Nick Brown2 years ago
Rewatching... Doctor Who: The Macra Terror – Part 3
Saturday 25 March 1967 Crabs are unlikely creatures to use as an enemy, even in a sci-fi fantasy series. I can only see glimpses, so it's difficult to tell how convincing they are but it's hard to ima...
Felicity Harley2 years ago
Excerpt From "The Burning Years"
Peter, my maker, has recently told me, “Inanna, the burning years are about to kick into full throttle.” When I heard this from him, I knew none of the wars and fights and various ideologies and belie...
Kevin Wortman2 years ago
Sera held her head in one hand, elbow resting on the bar, her fingers entwined in her short flaxen hair, almost as if she were about to pull it out. Her eyes spoke of a weary ferocity, all the more st...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 9
Read Chapters 1 - 8 at: Deep Sky Stories
Storyteller IRT2 years ago
Dragon Tales (#2)
She ran through the forest, their words replaying in her head. “Strike it down” They had said. “We want it dead!” The lying 'hero's' had hummed their agreements as they were fed. She looked to the eve...
Victor Acquista2 years ago
Zolark of Desire
Writing prompts provide ways to challenge creative expression. In this Space Western microstory, the prompt was an imaginary word, “zolark”. Zolark of Desire “Shut up, Bill.” The big miner continued u...
Nick Brown2 years ago
Rewatching... The Avengers: Never, Never Say Die
"I've killed him again!" Friday 17 March 1967 Ah, one of my all time favourite episodes. A close up of a pair of smart shoes. They are soon muddy shoes and we see a tall man walking towards a main roa...
From the 5th Book, "Hegira," The Prologue, "Decision on Vandeventer"
She remembered. It was a Saturday morning over 30 years ago. Must have been early Winter, steam billowed from car exhaust. Sitting alone, in a diner on Vandeventer Avenue, a plate of eggs and bacon in...
Adam McCaulley2 years ago
The Elevator to Everywhere
[Hi, I'm back. If anyone has anything they would like to say you can contact me @Amccaul1976 on twitter or email me at [email protected] Again if you have something nice to say feel free to let m...
Rich Monetti2 years ago
'The World’s End' is Not the End of the World for Simon Pegg
The first years after college, getting the boys back together for homecoming was almost as seamless as lining up the next keg. But as the years progressed, bringing the past full circle fell victim to...
Roy Huff2 years ago
The Storm
“Dad, what are we going to do?” “What we’ve always done,” Peter replied. The city’s silhouette filtered through the window panes. Narrow glass tunnels joined mega-structures connected into a massive c...
From the 4th Book, "The Far, Far West," The Prologue, "Descent Into Darkness"
It was the land of the dead, the underworld, the abyss; the land beyond the edge of the world, where the sun never rose, where light was choked out. It was the Land of Darkness. Closing her eyes, she ...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 8
Read Chapters 1 - 7 at: Deep Sky Stories
Storyteller IRT2 years ago
Forever Love (#1)
~*~ With the flower, she stood, waiting for her lover. A gift he usually gave, a symbol of forever. ~*~ I stood by the docks, overseeing the dark sea. Organs played in the background, breaking through...