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James E. 2 months ago
The Switch—Part 1
I woke with a strange sensation. Oh no, I really gotta pee. Ugh. Why do I have to wake up? I ask myself. It was then I started to realize what the strange sensation was and where it was coming from. S...
Troi Speaks2 months ago
The Creative Process Is a Distant God
Oden lives in a box. All white, flat, smooth walls and no windows. A constant dripping sound though there is no place for water. There is a desk and chair and on the desk there is an open notebook. Th...
Brynne Nelson2 months ago
Cinderella (Chapters 7 & 8)
Chapter 7 I felt my jaw drop. My Mama had been there for me for most of my life—how could she not know me? Yet I could see the cloudy confusion in her eyes; she was sincere. I snapped my mouth shut du...
Gwen Burgett2 months ago
Jade Cyris: The Move
“Jade? Jade, wake up.” Jade groaned at the name and slowly opened her eyes. “Come on, sweetie, wake up.” Jade sat up in the car and stretched. “What? What is it?” Jade looked over to her mother, who’s...
Senketsu Red3 months ago
Red Dawn
The Red Dawn will only appear in the most dire of circumstances. It was Mother Nature's way of saying we have destroyed the planet and she will make it anew. The only ones to survive were the people w...
Nicole Fenn3 months ago
The siren’s melody had her in a trance for as long as she’s laid eyes on the sea. It was love at first sight. The vastness, the mystery below the reflection of the setting sun; it was all so tantalizi...
Gareth Read-Ellis3 months ago
Keep Calm, eh! Part 2
With Leo doing the reanimating thing in the basement; I’m left with some time to work in peace. Once the elevator hits the landing on Leo’s floor I’ve already got a checklist of things that I want to ...
G.F. Brynn3 months ago
Read it Like a Book at: Deep Sky Stories & Illustrations
Michael Delving3 months ago
The Assassin's Guarantee
Trevan spotted the man easily when he stepped foot into the tavern despite the smoke from the many pipes and tallow candles. The man wore expensive black leather armor with sparkling metal studs, two ...
Tony Martello3 months ago
Where Springs Spew Blue
Where Springs Spew Blue PART I After swimming and surfing from sea to sea on his one thousand year quest for love, Proteus sends a request to Poseidon for help on his journey. “Neptune, I have surfed ...
Nicole Cormier3 months ago
Casino Kingdom
In a time long ago lived a mighty king in the Casino Kingdom. His name was William. He was a fair and just king or at least he tried to be. He always surrounded himself with three guards, Richard, Dav...
Brynne Nelson3 months ago
Cinderella (Chapters 4-6)
Chapter 4 Years pass like the falling of autumn leaves; each may be examined and declared individual and exquisite, but only rarely do they mean much on their own. Only when watching as a storm of lea...
Brynne Nelson3 months ago
Cinderella (Chapters 1-3)
Chapter 1 I have heard the stories that the common people tell about me—some near the truth, but as time as gone on the tales have become increasingly absurd. Poor princess, someone said recently, thi...
Stephanie Miller3 months ago
Double-Edged Blade
A male warrior ran through the trees, thinking he could escape in the open field on the edge of the woods. He could still hear her haunting words running through his head, sending chills down his spin...
Gareth Read-Ellis3 months ago
Keep Calm, eh! Part 1
"Ahh! C'mon!" The pick-up that splashed me keeps going, its shitty muffler sounding like a smoker laughing at me. I can hear Mom's voice... 'You're so dramatic; nothing was laughing at you! That muffl...
Melinda Dawson3 months ago
Blood on the Horizon
In the old myths it states that at first there was nothing but a great void that stretched across the universe, but then to the north of the darkness there soon formed a region of mist and ice, and to...
Emma Paysinger3 months ago
Highest Treason
Darkness and silence, but no... Is that whispering? Silence and then... Yes! I can hear voices. Why can't I see anything? Where am I? I could hear voices, but nothing they said made sense. I was being...