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Made in DNA2 years ago
Screaming Metal (Part 010)
"Yeah, it seemed like they were kind of half-joking," Deshel shrugged. "More concerned with the mood interruption the noise made." "But the transmissions are real, and they emanate from this junkyard,...
Mo Darasi2 years ago
What Is Time?
This article was written by a friend of mine and I. What is time? Why does our life revolve around it? And why are we always running out of it? These are just a sample of the questions we ask ourselve...
Matthew Lovett2 years ago
The Man They Called Gallows
Of all the men on this red moon, nobody ever put the fear of God into a man’s heart quite so much as him. The man they called Gallows Sullivan. Gallows and his hardcase coyotes would ride all over San...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 12
Read Chapters 1 - 11 at: Deep Sky Stories
Robosexuality: The Science Fiction That Predicted Humans Falling In Love With Robots
Twenty years ago, if you would have said that there would be people out there who have robotic girlfriends or digital girls, most people would have laughed. However, nobody's laughing today. The deman...
RJ Saxon2 years ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Nine)
An interactive/reality game of life or death.
Mo Darasi2 years ago
A World With No Rules
Human beings have existed for a long time. We started as primitive creatures merely seeking survival over all other life forms and now, we reached heights in intelligence and technology that would see...
Edmund de Wight2 years ago
The End of the World As We Know It
A booming sound drew my eyes to the enormous windows that made up the western wall of the apartment. Two blocks away I saw water explode upward around the wide tower of the Seaview Apartments; the wav...
Jemima House2 years ago
Are We Becoming Robots?
What about old-fashioned mutual voice-into-ear communication then? I thought to myself having spent the best part of an hour tricking the phone network provider’s labyrinthine system to put me through...
Andrew David2 years ago
This Earth Is Hell
“And death shall have no dominion” -Dylan Thomas I’m sending out this message to anyone in the proximity of this planet in the hope that people will stay clear. I... I am all that’s left of our crew. ...
Dr. Williams2 years ago
Star Quest
Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars in other words, let's reach our true destiny. A take on Frank Sinatra's hit. But, that movie "Inters...
Donald Towner2 years ago
Mr. Latham Won't Change His Mind
No Matter How Perfect the World Is
Dirk Hanson2 years ago
Why Humans Aren't Built For Space Travel
(Originally appeared on the Dana Foundation website, November 18, 2014, as “This is Your Brain in Space.”) When Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, made his historic flight in 1961, Soviet scienti...
Dr. Williams2 years ago
The Energy Equation
In a year that has already seen it's share of misfortunes not only for countless millions of Americans but millions more the world over along comes pre-summer inflationary trends in the price we pay f...
RJ Saxon2 years ago
Keyboard Killer (Chapter Eight)
Chapter Eight His shoe felt damp, but not damp from sweat, but blood. He had no time to put on his socks, the only shoes that were available to him at that moment were his stiff dinner shoes, his heel...
Shane Phillips2 years ago
OPERATOR By Shane Phillips This was supposed to be an easy mission. They usually were, and even when they weren’t, she was always notified in advance. But as she tried to peek around the corner of the...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 11 (Pt.2)
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Dr. Williams2 years ago
The 21st Century Challenge
The die has been cast, the gauntlet thrown, do we dare pick up the challenge or do we retreat to our safe haven of complacency? For too long we have ignored the warning signs of what we have done to o...