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Chelsea Bartell18 hours ago
Why We Have to Get Serious About Our Planet
This morning, the Starbucks barista noticed the writing on my reusable cup, which read, “Saving the turtles," with the most adorable little turtle that my boyfriend drew. She goes, “I love this so much! Go you!” Naturally, we started talking about the environment and the uprising of reusable straws. I know that all of you have seen at least one Instagram ad, I know I’ve seen my fair share. I felt compelled by the interaction to share this: We are guests on this Earth. We are not made of her soil...
Jen Moose8 days ago
Our Planet
I recently watched a Netflix special Our Planet. In the series, it talks about how humanity is destroying the planet. It talks about how different parts of the world are affected by global warming; fr...
Oya Aydan12 days ago
The Message—Go Vegan—Take Over The World =)
A lot is going on in the world now. Times have changed recently. You all live in a different world at the moment. It's not like the past where you could go do whatever you want, waste and use all the resources around you. A lot of people are having hard times to survive and to have the necessities to live. Your climate is changing. It has been warming up in the last decade increasingly. This affects all life and balance of your world. Climate change, pollution, disasters, poverty, and many other...
Nancy D12 days ago
Carbon Footprint
Want to save the world? You can help save the world by reducing your carbon footprint! Yours, and everyone else's life choices have a large impact on the environment and the climate. Carbon dioxide an...
Jack A. Sibley13 days ago
Climate Crisis: Argentina and the United Kingdom
In February 2019, I went to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. I was shocked to see the way things were in the capital, small things from free plastic straws in convenience stores, to huge bins w...
Benjamin Smith22 days ago
The Number of Plastic in Our Oceans Will Give You Chills
So if eight million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans every year, then that means 560 pounds of plastic goes into our oceans a day. So to put that into a visual, Canada is only 8030 KM long...
Neil White25 days ago
Go Green With These 5 Tips
Although April 22 (also known as Earth Day) is long behind us, it is still extremely important to take care of the planet and appreciate it every single day. One of the most life-changing things a fel...
E. Ballona month ago
Get Inspired: Sustainability Podcasts to Listen to Now
I always write a lot about sustainability because it is something that we should all be concerned about, however it is also all very overwhelming. Sometimes it feels easier to just bury our heads, and...
Carlos Guerraa month ago
Mega Tsunami Threatens US East Coast
In the last decade, people around the world have undergone a wide scale of record-setting natural disasters. The tsunami that rocked the nation of Japan in 2011, the biggest hurricanes the modern worl...
Eada Hudesa month ago
All You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Homes and Why You Need One?
Energy efficiency is a requirement nowadays. With the growing world, the environment has been facing a lot of changes. Energy efficiency is now the only way to a sustainable future.
EmmaWilliams a month ago
3 Alternative Energy Solutions for Energy Efficient Buildings
A reliable power supply is very important to commercial buildings, big houses, or any building for that matter. We all have experienced occasional power outages with its terrible inconveniences. Some ...
Dion Garciaa month ago
#WaterIsMedicine, What's Your Water Story?
My water story is simple: water is my medicine. Water has shifted my understanding of aliveness. I value being able to drink high-quality clean water. I celebrate the opportunity to experience the joy...
Trevor Feelya month ago
You Are the Bee's Knees
Hello and welcome! Today we're going to talk about Bees, honey bees in particular. So what's all the buzz about? Did you know that bees are responsible for almost all of the food and vegetation you an...
James Robison2 months ago
Celebrating Life: the Challenge to Preserve and Sustain a Balanced Ecology
“In the end, we destroyed the heaven that was called earth. The earth had been beautiful until our spirit moved over it and destroyed all things.” These lines came from Bernard Backmann’s work entitle...
Aron Frishberg2 months ago
Why We Need to Change
Global Warming, we hear so much about it in modern politics and news, how the earth is getting warmer and warmer by the day, how the sea levels are rising, and how animals are dying. But I feel we are...
Kevin 2 months ago
Pros and Cons of Going Solar
Having a house is a big responsibility. It can help to have investments that you do not have to replace often. One thing in a house that needs to be checked is the wiring. If the house is older than 5...
Paisley Hansen2 months ago
Easy Ways to Save Money and the Environment
In order to avoid spending money unnecessarily, you should reduce the amount of television you watch. Reducing the amount of television you watch saves you money, because you use less electricity at h...
angie _2 months ago
Saving Our Planet
We have one home. One. This Earth is literally all we have. We are killing it. Yes, global warming is a real thing. It is killing us slowly, but surely. Scientists affirmed that we have approximately ...