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James Robison7 days ago
Celebrating Life: the Challenge to Preserve and Sustain a Balanced Ecology
“In the end, we destroyed the heaven that was called earth. The earth had been beautiful until our spirit moved over it and destroyed all things.” These lines came from Bernard Backmann’s work entitle...
Aron Frishberg7 days ago
Why We Need to Change
Global Warming, we hear so much about it in modern politics and news, how the earth is getting warmer and warmer by the day, how the sea levels are rising, and how animals are dying. But I feel we are...
Kevin 8 days ago
Pros and Cons of Going Solar
Having a house is a big responsibility. It can help to have investments that you do not have to replace often. One thing in a house that needs to be checked is the wiring. If the house is older than 5...
Paisley Hansen9 days ago
Easy Ways to Save Money and the Environment
In order to avoid spending money unnecessarily, you should reduce the amount of television you watch. Reducing the amount of television you watch saves you money, because you use less electricity at h...
angie _9 days ago
Saving Our Planet
We have one home. One. This Earth is literally all we have. We are killing it. Yes, global warming is a real thing. It is killing us slowly, but surely. Scientists affirmed that we have approximately ...
Holly M13 days ago
What Will Happen When Earth Gets Hotter: Every Degree
A novel (one that I think everyone should read) called The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells, serves as a guide to understand the details of climate change. An issue that is spoken about ofte...
James Jamithon15 days ago
Sustainability: Our Future
In light of the recent Australian federal election, many of the Australian youth are left thinking to themselves: is it even worth it when the privileged refuse to listen to the current global climate...
Vanessa Kaszyk21 days ago
Why Are Bees So Important to Our Planet?
Why are bees in danger and why should we take action?
Catalina Grace22 days ago
Please Start Helping the Bees
In the past 15 years, the bee population has declined eighty-seven percent. Habitat loss rates are at an all-time low, mainly because of deforestation and excessive use of pesticides. Bees pollinate e...
Catalina Grace22 days ago
Is Plastic-Free Living Possible?
In the past week, I have been thinking a lot about the environment. I mean I have been very concerned for a long time, but now that it is summer and has been getting warmer, I've been outside a lot. I...
Paige Roden23 days ago
50 Small Things You Can Do to Save the Turtles (and the Planet)
The media has been recently flooded with campaigns and adverts all aimed towards reducing our waste and plastic consumption, and rightly so. With plastic production at its peak, millions of tonnes of ...
Gary Robertson23 days ago
The Banks of the Nile
If the weather gets worse and continues to get worse (and it is and will continue), what are you going to do to protect yourself from high winds, flash floods, earthquakes, and other such catastrophes...
Prince Musangoa month ago
We Can't Live Without Fossil Fuels
What if everyone on the planet said “no” to their gas-powered cars right now? And not just cars–gas dryers, water heaters, gas stoves, lawn mowers… What if we stopped burning fossil fuels all at once?...
Lisa Behra month ago
Effectively Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Many people may think that to reduce your carbon footprint you have to do many fancy things like missing out or changing your whole lifestyle. This is not true, however, you still might have to change...
Miranda Shepard2 months ago
10 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste
Climate change is, finally, taking the centre stage position that it deserves and plastic pollution is one of the hot-button issues. After all, scientists and environmentalists say that, if we don't c...
Raven Wade2 months ago
A Simple Guide to Living Green and Saving Money
With climate change threatening the future of our home, it is crucial that everyone do their part to protect and regenerate the earth. This means: limiting waste, recycling, composting, eating more na...
Megan Andresen2 months ago
Rethink: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Earth Day 2019 is a great day to start thinking about your everyday life. Every single day should be Earth Day. Cheers to the Earth! Unless it is affecting your everyday life, you’re most likely putti...
Mimo le Singe2 months ago
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