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How to create science fiction and technology projects in a simplistic, easy manner.

Janae Nivens2 months ago
Witchcraft 101
Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I am a woman who performs witchcraft for the benefit of myself and others. Recently, I performed a money spell that has worked in my favor fairly quickly, and would love t...
Donald Jefferson4 months ago
Some Useful Tips for Novice Futurist Writers
Novice writers have a lot of creativity and potential in them. At first, though, this potential isn’t refined. The good news is that there are ways that it can be improved into something great. Here, ...
Piotr Mazur4 months ago
How Can We Protect the Environment?
Our enviroment was (partly) destroyed, we all know that. The media keep telling us that climate change is a manipulation. The question isn't if climate change or plastic pollution are real; it is "wha...
Jerome Shaw6 months ago
Psychosomatic Movement
Learning the Power of the Subconscious Mind
Yvonne Glasgow8 months ago
Fortune Telling Oddities: Bone Throwing
You can tell your own future, or someone else’s fortune, with nearly anything. Seriously. A plain deck of cards was used by Gypsies a long, long time ago before the first Tarot cards even existed. Tea...
Tom Bakera year ago
The Quick and Dirty Method for Becoming a Psychic Reader
Anyone can become a psychic reader. There are numerous phone services that can be applied to work for as a consultant or representative. You can give readings on the Net, out of your home or even by e...
Emily Heana year ago
Writing Science Fiction
I am by no means an expert at writing science fiction; I have only just started writing my first science fiction novel, but I have done a lot of research and practice to get me to this point. Science ...
Marshall Barnes2 years ago
Paul Sutter (the "Spaceman") Makes My Points For Me: Why Most Physicists Know Nothing About True Time Travel Science
I think we could all agree that if someone is going to speak or write on something, then they should at least know what they're talking about, right? Well, a couple of months ago, I wrote piece for Fu...
Aaron Dennis2 years ago
Swords, Spells, and Serpents, Oh My!
A few years back, I attended a local writer’s conference. We talked about all aspects of writing: grammar, dialogue, character development, punctuation, world building, blah, blah, blah. At the end of...
Jared Rimer2 years ago
Screen Reader Usage: Part 4
Welcome to another article here on Vocal. This is part 4 of the screen reader series. In this article, I would like to talk today about using a Mac computer using access technology called Voice Over. ...
Kelly Hawks2 years ago
Top 10 Ways to Survive an Alien Invasion
Living in a world where, at this point, anything can happen, you must be prepared for every scenario. If Earth was taken over by an alien race, it’s important to keep your head on straight, or else yo...
Jared Rimer2 years ago
Screen Reader Usage: Part 3
Welcome to another article in the series dealing with screen reader usage for the blind and visually impaired. This time, I would like to cover how someone who can't see can use a screen reader to bro...
Phillip Woodford2 years ago
The Law of Attraction and Getting What You Want.
The universe we live in is made of energy. Everything we perceive is energy in some form or another, even our thoughts. All energy has a vibrational frequency, vibrating at a specific rate. We as bein...
Jude Goodwin2 years ago
What is Astrology?
If you type "What is astrology?" into google you'll get an answer something like this: Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influ...
Casey Parker2 years ago
Sinister Dexterity (Or, Let's Get Sinister)
You've been using your right hand all your life. Well, with the exception of the ten percent this whole article is backward for. Next time you do something you've grown to consider a single-command op...
Marlene Affeld2 years ago
Dancing with the Fairies
Fairies, also known euphemistically in literature as “wee folk,” “people of peace,” “good folk,” “fairy folk,” “fay” or “fae,” are described as magical gossamer forms of spirit. Fairies are included i...
Casey Parker2 years ago
Hypothesis. Thesis. Synthesis.
Clickbait articles are a dime a dozen. We've all become used to ignoring the all too common phrases "one weird trick" or "[insert profession here]s hate him!" - sometimes even both. A trusted colleagu...
Emrys Snow2 years ago
The Mysterious Mysteries of Astral Travel
Don't you find it to be a bit strange, that this universal (super awesome) gift we possess that allows us truly great freedom and self-exploration, is thought of as just bullshit hippy nonsense? Well,...