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Joshua Gonzalez2 years ago
Son Of Titan
"The hell is that?" Mick turned to look at Oscar, sitting at the commander's station and focused on one of the screens in front of him, bathing his face in a green hue. "What?", the gunner asked. A sh...
Matthew Kresal2 years ago
Moving 'Beyond Earth'
For decades at least, the dream of a human colony moving our species beyond this planet has been a dream shared by both science fiction and science fact. It's an idea that has yet again come into vogu...
More Accurate Mapping of Space
Hi, all. I just wanted to offer a suggestion, if it wouldn't be too presumptuous of me to do so, aimed at any group/institution/university/etc. Seeing as humankind is going to be exploring beyond our ...
John Tuttle2 years ago
The White Hole—The Black Hole's Opposite
Humanity has always desired to learn more about its surroundings and tried to satisfy its curiosity. Particularly in the modern and ever-evolving age of ingenuity, human beings are constantly striving...
Anya Wassenberg2 years ago
NASA: Jupiter's Great Red Spot Up Close
NASA's Juno mission has begun to release the very latest images from its JunoCam, taken July 10, 2017 during its close flyby near Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot. It was Juno's sixth flyby near the ga...
Kal S. Davian2 years ago
Waning Hope
“Martin, this is Hope Base.” Martin jumped at the noise from his headset, losing his hold on the wrench. The tool tumbled from his gloved fingers and floated down to the moon's surface to land with a ...
Joshua Gonzalez2 years ago
Son Of Titan
Pitch black, to the point he wasn't sure if he had opened his eyes. He couldn't even see his hand right in front of his face. Slowly he could start making out the tiny lights on the control panels, th...
pionic 2 years ago
New Paper Depicts NASA's Plan For A Lunar Station
The race to colonize our solar system and beyond is in full swing. There’s already an agreement between China and the European Space Agency (ESA) to set up a moon station. Intended to team up with pri...
Anthony Pullano2 years ago
Nuclear Propulsion
“Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.” Robert Oppenheimer spoke these words in July of 1945 when asked about his feelings after the Trinity test, the first successful detonation of a nuclear we...
Anthony Pullano2 years ago
The Warp Drive: A Crash Course In Relativity
The estimates from the Hubble Telescope suggest that there are upwards of 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Each with millions upon millions of stars (the Milky Way is a smaller galaxy with around...
Matthew Kresal2 years ago
Carl Sagan's 'Billions & Billions'
More than two decades after his untimely passing, Carl Sagan's life and work continue to resonate. The famous documentary series Cosmos, which helped to make him the best-known scientist of his time, ...
Astronomers Take New Highest-Resolution Image of Giant Star Betelgeuse
Betelgeuse is one of the largest stars known in our galaxy, a red supergiant, and now astronomers have taken the highest-resolution image ever so far. They used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillime...
Devon Keogh2 years ago
A History of Gravitational Waves
14th September 2015. A 4 kilometer long arm forming part of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) changed its length by one ten-thousandth the width of a proton, due to a dist...
Sarah McDaniel2 years ago
The Mysteries Surrounding Black Holes
Black holes are probably the strangest thing in existence. For many reasons, they don't seem to really make sense at all. Black holes are formed when a star stars, which in their core contains nuclear...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 17
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Anya Wassenberg2 years ago
Solar Eclipse 2017
Solar eclipse 2017—are you ready for it? On August 21, 2017, for the first time in 99 years, a total eclipse of the sun will pass across the entire continental United States.
Anya Wassenberg2 years ago
Exoplanet Update: NASA Releases New Kepler Data
NASA released the latest data from the Kepler space telescope project. A total of 219 objects were identified as new planet candidates. More significantly, 10 of those were determined to be possible E...
G.F. Brynn2 years ago
Alex The Inventor-Chapter 16
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