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The Beginning of the End

A Story from a Satanist's Perspective

A screaming comes across the sky as he begins to descend from the heavens to the earth in a flash of light so bright that it should have blinded us all right then and there if it weren’t for our brains and vision being clouded with the evil that was about to rise. A loud explosion was heard from the ground as his brother comes forth from the depths of Hell to finally do as he has wanted to do for so long. He rose up wearing armor as black as the night sky with hair that was both glowing and dimming in the light all at the same time. He brandished a scythe that was clearly handmade to do his bidding and destroy anyone who got in his way. He rode in on a chariot just as dark in color, the chariot was lined with gold and pulled by two excessively large black Clydesdale horses with flames coming out of their eyes, and engulfing their manes. As people look around some of them begin to collapse upon the ground in a flash of light and others became dressed in full armor black as night with gold trim outlining it and weaponry that only could have been created from pure obsidian. Those that collapsed were soon seen in the sky flying down with angelic wings, and dressed in armor made from white metal with silver trim, and they are prepared to fight for what they believe in. I was one of those dressed in armor still on the ground preparing myself for a battle that, little did I know, would bring the earth to an end. One that would make the world either a better place entirely or one that is even worse than it already was. This was it, either it would be the last fight or the first battle, but either way I knew who I had to fight with, and the choice wasn’t even mine to make, but then it hit me like a fast approaching train with no hopes of stopping; my brother is up there.

I realized this fact after I noticed that he was not by my side walking along with me. I had to fight on the opposite side of my brother, the man I would trust my life with was now being ordered to end it. It then flashed into my mind all the memories that him and I had together. The good ones and the bad. I was trying to wrack my brain on why we could possibly be put into this situation, and then that same train came back for round two of realization, I worshipped Satan since we were teens, and he, he worshipped God. “You must show him no mercy for he is a worker of the enemy. He is one of God’s mere play things now, he is not the brother you thought that you knew he is just a body with no mind bent on destroying this planet and everything around it, whereas we, we together will make it great and build it anew, we will work as one, and because of that it is your job to save it and him from the clutches of the enemy. For he would sooner kill you now than make friends with you. Let alone call you his brother.” Now I know how those two felt fighting against the ones closest to them. Then I felt a feeling of regret and sorrow that I hadn’t changed my ways sooner that I hadn’t done anything to stop this from happening. I had failed my brother and this, this was the last failure I was ever going to have the chance to make.

A screaming comes across the sky and I feel myself begin to collapse and just like that I am in the sky with wings larger than that of the biggest bird in the world. Then I look towards my left and see him dressed in white armor riding on a flaming chariot drawn by horses with manes made the reddest flame I had ever seen. He was holding a sword that was twice the size of his body and yet he was still able to hold it as if it were nothing. I looked down to the people below me and saw that they were all wearing armor now as well and they looked like they were ready to fight those who got in the way of what they were doing. I turned to my right to see if my brother were here, but just then I noticed him still on the ground looking around scared and confused. I then heard a deep booming voice filled with confidence and power was heard echoing in my head and it said “You must show him no mercy for he is a worker of sins and despair. He is one of Lucifer’s tools now, he is not the brother you thought that you knew he is just a body with no mind bent on destroying this planet and everything around it, and it is your job to save it and him. For he would sooner kill you now than make friends with you. Let alone call you his brother.”

I looked up from the spot where my brother was once standing to see him above me just as dazed and confused as always, he looked so innocent… as if he had no idea what he was supposed to even do. He is looking around just like I was at first, I now know though that we have been separated and are now part of a war, one that was inevitable and was unpreventable. It has been written that this would happen since nearly the dawn of time and now it was here, and my brother my only friend and I were stuck on opposite sides of this terrible thing that was happening, and the world as we knew it would never be the same...