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The Dismantling of Saturn by Pluto


A gate to the tower of Capricorn becomes the vestige of Aquarius. 

To live a life of exaltation. That was Saturn's only focus, and her focus gave her a sense of pride which masked the screaming monkeys that danced upon her frail shoulders. For it were these monkeys with whom she confided in among a sisterhood of Saturnian mind-folk — just as unusual as she. A sisterhood of control and restraint. 

But not so short was a little monkey that sat beside her. In fact, she had very similar qualities to Saturn that you would never guess by the weight of the red ice sitting at the bottom of a crystalline martini glassfuls she cradled between the lanky fingers of her left hand.

Saturn and her sisterhood resided in what was known as "The tower of Capricorn." This is where they would craft their sorcery, filled with creature comforts and incantations that mimicked suggestions given by Saturn's cousins Gaia and Luna.

The tower consisted of 657 floors, a winding staircase that protruded from six walls made of solid lead bricks coated in shades of silver and green. No element or universal force could ever break her walls down. For aeons her sisterhood thrived. Yet one day Saturn's sisters began to notice a detachment from their charming den mother. The atmosphere grew thin and the winds around the tower began to howl.

"What could ever be the problem Saturn!?" asked one of her sisters one stormy, acrid night.

"... I'm simply not well," said Saturn, "I'm distant and frail, I'm fatigued and you all work so very hard as I sit here waiting for that unnamed something to just appear. What ever will I do!?"

"Do not fret, Saturn. All we merely need to do is invest in our defenses..." replied the sister.

"Are my walls not strong enough? Are my thoughts not healthy enough? Are my spells uncanny enough?!" cried Saturn.

"Of course they are! Never mind those silly questions, why don't you relax for a while and I'll talk to the other sisters." 

She gave Saturn and elixir. The very moment it touched her lips she felt alert.

"Sister wait!" Saturn demanded.

"Oh no... what is the matter now Saturn!? Have I not mixed the right herbs with the proper remedy?"

"Perhaps not, but that is not why I'm so alert. I sense we have an uninvited guest. We must find them before they compromise our beautiful walls!"

Saturn's sister agreed to her plight and with every suspicion she had among her peers she would bring them to Saturn where she could deal with them herself. Years went by and the sisters grew just as frail and the paint of the lead bricks began to cover with rust.

Saturn grew even more tired. She began to lock herself in her room until one day one of her sisters knocked on her door.

"Saturn, what is the matter now?"

"All my things, all my power, all my sisters have completely faded."

Saturn's sister told her she had been in her room so long she wouldn't even recognise the tower anymore. So she encouraged her to leave her fortress behind and walk with her sister. They proceeded to walk around the collapsed tower and rebuild from the vestige.

"Don't you see, all your power, all your sisters, you've always had them. It was fear of failure that was never really there."

"Thank you, Pluto. What you have given me could never be destroyed," said Saturn.

And so they continued to rebuild from the vestige of Aquarius into the very happy and bright future.

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The Dismantling of Saturn by Pluto
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