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The Extra Terrestrial Enlightenment Is Working

Enter Light End Mind - Stop the People from Thinking

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article titled "The Enlightenment Is Working." "Don’t listen to the gloom-sayers. The world has improved by every measure of human flourishing over the past two centuries, and the progress continues."

It tries to make a case for world getting better set in motion by Enlightenment from the 18th century. It lists statistics such as wars on the decline with fewer people getting killed by them. The number of nuclear weapons has fallen. The number of democracies has increased. Fewer environmental disasters. Reductions in poverty. Even life expectancy continues to rise.

In the article, it makes a presumption that

"We can only understand where we are if we know how far we've come."

To an EA with no understanding of the possibility of HETLAU, it seems to provide a rational explanation for the developments and apparent progress taking place on Earth.

The problem is to EA unaware of the possibility of Hetlau, it only accounts for the past and present. The future is inferred to be unknown and so it is not possible to be evaluated in the equation of what is taking place on Earth.

What EA with an understanding of the possibility of Hetlau are aware of is that the possibility exists the future can be known. Granted you will not be able to predict with precision that a certain event will take place at a certain time. The possibility exists that you can, however, take a big-picture view of events on Earth and to some degree of accuracy chart where things are going.

It is no different than looking at the construction process taking place on a building. If you have the blueprints you can look at how far along the building progress is and compare it to the blueprints. From that, you can estimate what is going to happen to finish the building and how far they are from completing it. Understanding the possibility that ESH are completing the ETA to build out Earth like a technically advanced planet gives you an idea of how far along they are.

Note the word technology using wormation:

TECH = TEK (substitution)
TE = ET (reversal)

The key is to understand the ETA. The possibility exists that Extra Terrestrials live on planets in what appears to us to be highly advanced forms of civilizations. Similar to what you might see in the possibility of subliminal dissemination being enacted upon the EA through the TV and movie industries.

Knowing this is a possibility all you have to do is realize the ESH placed EA on Earth in a barren state as cavemen. Then through enlightenment from day one, they have been using techniques such as mind walking and EPMS to get the EA to essentially build the Earth back up to the technically advanced standards of those Extra Terrestrial planets and their civilizations.

Knowing that possibility is the "plan" enables EA to essentially see the future on the big picture scale. So the statement:

We can only understand where we are if we know how far we've come

really should be interpreted as the possibility exists of:


"The apparent progress we appear to have made is really no progress at all since we are unaware of the EMSR and the hidden process that we are constructing an ETA on Earth, the ESH are the only ones making any progress."

Using EARTH methodology and wormation you can see in the words surrounding the process that the possibility exists. Seeing the construction of an ETA allows an EA to see the big picture and scan from the past to the future and then make more accurate assessments of the present.


So what appears to EA as increased knowledge and awareness is really the possibility of the ESH placing information into our minds as in the term "enter light" and then essentially shutting down our ability to think critically for ourselves as in the term "end mind."

In other words, the EA think they are thinking critically for themselves but they don't realize the possibility exists a being with a higher level understanding of how the mind works and group psychology or herd mentality, has simply maintained an overarching script that is being blindly followed.


So to infer something opens up the possibility of an information error causing one to act. In other words, if you always knew what was going on you would never need to "infer" anything. The possibility exists concepts like inferring were taught to us by HET to get us to easily comply with objectives we might have otherwise raised concerns over.


The possibility where events whether external such as EPMS, or internal such as thought projection get EA to unknowingly follow an overarching script that has them unknowingly constructing an ETA.

In summary, the possibility exists what appears as progress and enlightenment to EA is really just the inability to see the ETA and compare it to the future. A complete understanding of what is going on allows one to see the past, present, and future as one continuous explainable process.

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The Extra Terrestrial Enlightenment Is Working
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