Jordan secrist
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The Great White Wolf

The Blue Moon Saga

The White Wold

The White Wolf

As I lay there in the sun, I breathe in all the smells of the forest floor. The moss carpet growing along the bottom of the tree, the birds flying around in the tree tops, the small animals scurrying about in the bushes. The insects flying and crawling around the forest they have as their home. I small rabbit jumped out of the thicket about 5 feet away. He stood up on his hind legs and twitched his nose in the air to see what danger is around. I slowly rolled over onto my stomach completely and watched the rabbit through the bushes that separated me from him. He must have heard me because he froze and stared straight through the bushes. I dared him to make the first move and bound off through the forest floor as fast as his legs can carry him. I see his nose twitch and I knew the chase would begin at any moment. And with that thought the rabbit took off to the right to escape the danger he could smell in the air. I took chase and launched over the bushes to pursue my lunch for the day. I remember my mother always telling me not to play with my food and to just eat it. I always felt that playing with it always made it more fun to want to eat it. I chased after the rabbit for a short period to let him feel like he had one last victory before his decided death. I lunged at the rabbit and caught it between my teeth. I laid down on the forest floor and enjoyed my little snack. I laid down on the forest floor and continued to enjoy the warm evening sun. My. Life felt so simple and at ease in the small simple moment. I drifted off to sleep with the pleasant thoughts.

I woke up to the sound of a car driving on the road about 2 miles from where I lay in the forest floor. There shouldn’t be anyone coming to the house. I am the only one that lives out here. The closest person to me lives 20 miles out from where I live. That’s one of the main reason I chose to live out here. I stood and shook out my fur of all the debris of the forest floor and stuck my snout in the air to get a smell of who was coming into my territory. The smell was unfamiliar and I didn’t like that I couldn’t identify who the trespasser was. I took off for the house that was about 4 miles out. I knew I was going to beat the car before the tires even hit my gravel drive way but I wanted to make sure I was there with the advantage. I came up to the house in no time and headed to the back of the house where the dog door was. I walked through into the garage and up into the mud room. I shifted in the door way pulling twigs out of my hair from running through the woods. I walked into my bedroom and grabbed my clothes off of the bed and changed. I walked into my closet and moved the clothes on the back wall to the side to get to the safe. I unlocked it and pulled out my .22 hand gun. I grabbed an extra clip from the bottom of the safe and slid it into my back pocket. I knew the person was human in the car but better to be prepared than be unarmed in a difficult situation. I hooked the gun into the holster and clipped it to my belt and pulled my tank top down. I walked out of my closet and headed towards the kitchen to get a better view of the drive way. I could hear the tires of the car grinding against the gravel of the drive way. A black Honda Accord with black tinted windows pulled up to the house. Being a werewolf had its perks. I focused on the driver side of the car to see who was in it. A young man about late twenties with sandy blonde hair and green eyes sat in the drivers seat looking at the phone in his hand and his sunglasses dangling between his teeth. I backed away from the window when he opened the door to the vehicle and stepped out. I listened as he walked to the porch and stepped up. I met him at the door before he even had a chance to knock.

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The Great White Wolf
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